ETs/EDs, IGY–Making Time Fly!

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ETs/EDs Prank The U.S. Military In 1957 ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals played a joke during IGY ( International Geophysical Year). It wasn’t funny at all once the data were analyzed. Indeed, the prank by the ETs/EDs has had such profound impact that it reverberates through the U.S. military to this day, and it’s cost American taxpayers a […]

Extraterrestrial War Vignettes!

Extraterrestrial (Extradimensional, Extratemporal) Warfare   Extraterrestrial warfare has nothing to do with that cute little guy in the Spielberg movie, E.T. Rather, we are talking about an extraterrestrial war sometimes raging in dozens of dimensions simultaneously, of Dark Forces of staggering size, unparalleled ferocity and determination, of Liberation Forces coming from different timelines,  different universes […]

Bin Laden–The Man With Two Strange Deaths!

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Bin Laden–Twice Dead? Bin Laden. To most Americans, Osama Bin Laden, their arch enemy and the man responsible for 9/11. To the better informed, Bin Laden was a key CIA asset (cover name while in the States for CIA sponsored Stinger missile training, Tim Osman) until a patsy was needed. He was a hero to […]

Drake–Exploring The Perplexing Disconnects

Drake–Spooky & Overt Simultaneously?! Drake. This site is deluged, to the point of disruption, with questions and comments about him. “What do you think about Drake?” “Can we trust Drake?” “When will he make another announcement?” “Is Drake okay?” “What about the Plan?” “What’s the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) view of him?” Commenters seem to be […]

BEK (Black-Eyed Kids) Exposed–Breaking & Urgent!

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BEK Info Pours In–Why You Should Care!!! BEK information recently received indicates a real and potentially mortal threat to anyone who encounters them. How serious? They eat souls and destroy that which makes us who we are! The importuning kids with the solid black eyes (not tied to any known condition, per a California opthalmologist), […]

John Kettler Announces Big Changes at JKI

John Kettler’s Message To The Troops After much consideration and conversation, we’ve come to the conclusion that major changes need to happen here at JKI (JohnKettler Investigates). The reasons? Chronic comment overload, consequences of recent injuries, and the loss (duration unknown) of the stellar services of Sunfire, who so beautifully and astonishingly handled the bulk […]