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Understanding Q Strategy! New Series Begins Soon

.       Get Ready For Q Strategy Made Simple!   In order to understand Q Strategy, it’s necessary to first understand what Q is and is not. Q, generally and wrongly called QAnon, is a very hot topic these days, not least because there is so much misinformation about it, disinformation and outright […]

“China WILL Pay!” Vow Liberation Forces After China Says It Will Nuke Japan

Liberation Forces Outraged–President Xi Jinping and Chinese Communist Party Their Targets BREAKING JKI EXCLUSIVE Moments after my watching an clip. of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) video originally aired July 16. 2021 announcing Japan would be nuked continuously if it intervened militarily to prevent the Chine from retaking Taiwan, the Liberation Forces (positively aligned […]

Mysterious Crewless B-17G Landed Itself During World War 2!


Crewless B-17G Lands–The Unsolved Aviation Mystery! It’s a documented fact that, on November 21, 1944,  a crewless B-17G Flying Fortress (the same type in video keyframe with nose blown apart by a direct hit from flak) of the 91st Bomb Group, somehow landed itself. To be clear, only in the last few years has it been […]