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Life in Hell, Pt. Whatever


Originally posted on April 24, 2015 @ 12:45 AMThis is just a quick update from the glorious reality that our fearless namesake deals with daily. As if multiple wars, earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions aren’t enough for an empath and earth sensitive to deal with, there’s this… For some reason, JK’s internet access – dodgy […]

The Latest Crisis… Split Tooth, No Dental Insurance!

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Originally posted on September 23, 2014 @ 4:43 PMUPDATE 9/29/2014 12:46 a.m.  Following a very long day (don’t ask), John returned from his trip to a superb community medical outreach center of a renowned hospital. That center offers an array of services for the body and mind, including a complete dentist’s office. The charming dental […]