Our First Poll – And The Winner Is…

After six months, we've closed our first poll. The overwhelming winner, by a wide margin (and perhaps not surprisingly) was ETs-EDs! Second place went to Secret and Suppressed Technology, and third to NWO-related subjects. The public has spoken! John has gotten the word, and will factor it into his future scribblings (typelings?). Click here to see a breakdown of the votes.

Thanks to one and all for the participation!

Karl the webmaster here. John and I have been talking about running polls on JKI for the longest time. When we first started talking about it, it was not easy and/or inexpensive to do so. There were paid solutions — but who wants to pay a monthly fee for something you only use occasionally? There were free solutions — but I tried them and they sucked. Anyway, in the years since, a number of enterprising souls have jumped into the fray, and we've finally found a platform which will allow us to gather some good intel without having to pay through the nose.*

So please, support us in our first poll, and help John better understand what kind of stuff you, the readers, want to see from him here on JKI. You can pick up to three answers (so choose wisely), and even enter you own ideas if you don't see what you're really interested in on the poll.

* To be clear, we are using the free version of the plugin. It links out to other sites (e.g. Facebook, so you can share if you want to). If you are uncomfortable with using the polling software, then feel free to leave a comment for John below.

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