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Originally posted on December 19, 2012 @ 3:06 AM

NWO Plot or Awful Coincidence? Are These Shootings Centrally Orchestrated & Planned? If So, Why?

NWO--Why We need to end it--before it ends us! Image Credit: nixseraph via (Fair Use)

NWO–Why We need to end it–before it ends us! Image Credit: nixseraph via (Fair Use)

There's an old rule in the intelligence business which goes like this. “If something odd and disturbing happens once, it's unusual. If it happens twice, it could be a coincidence, but may not be. If it happens three times, then it's a pattern.” For example, how many school shootings have we had? See for yourselves!

But what if the “coincidence” is itself part of a larger and known pattern, say, Manchurian Candidates? What if the very much known to exist Manchurian Candidates are creatures of the NWO (New World Order) and are, likely unknowingly, working for it by fomenting panic and psychological trauma? What if these are organized destabilization operations designed to create an outcry for “solutions to the gun violence problem,” as it's being politely phrased? What are the odds, that in both shooting cases, the purported shooter is the son of someone with insider knowledge of the burgeoning, bank cartel threatening LIBOR Scandal, someone with inside knowledge who, supposedly, is about to testify? That's exactly the case. Or is it, perhaps, merely the meme we're supposed to accept?

The already cited LIBOR Scandal Wiki offers this telling quote

“This dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets.” Andrew Lo, MIT Professor of Finance

In other words, forget the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac meltdowns, the looting of the S&Ls, the grotesqueries of derivatives, the wholesale removal of financial controls on banks, the insane mortgage and credit practices. Forget all those and more. The LIBOR Scandal eclipses them all. Because it does, it threatens to destroy the banking empire which underpins global control of us.

With distraction desperately needed, there's nothing quite like a traumatic, highly covered national tragedy to derail, postpone or at least bury the devastating revelations coming out of or to come from the LIBOR Scandal testimony before the U.S. Senate. That such a tragedy advances a larger agenda of the Masonic motto Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos) and facilitates the full blown imposition of the NWO, with its global genocide (nearly 90% of us slated for destruction) and techno slavery, in ways even George Orwell's 1984 could never have envisioned, is a bonus. There is a wealth of material out there arguing all sorts of connections between recent mass killings and LIBOR, as seen, for example, on the Fabian4Liberty video.

There's a countering meme out there, one that holds there's no valid connection between LIBOR and GE Financial's Peter Lanza.  In her post at the link, Susanne Posel presents a scathing rebuttal of such a connection and traces the original story back to Sorcha Faal/David Booth, together with the claim it's not only been uncritically repeated by the alternative media and parroted by government controlled (CIA and NSA) entities, but that this brouhaha is derailing the real issue–a headlong drive to ram through severe gun control under the guise of preventing another such tragedy in the future. Fabian, as shown in his video, clearly understands this is a key issue. Anyone with basic research skills can quickly identify the turning point event in each country where the population was subsequently disarmed. In the U.K. it was Dunblane, Scotland. How many times is the NWO going to be allowed to run the same play, from the same ghastly playbook, at our expense?

I'm not going to bother to catalog the incredible number of so-called coincidences attending the 2012 massacres, with the latest in Clackamas, Oregon (happily, unless you were one of the victims) quickly shut down as a result of a psyop which caused the shooter to kill himself. Investigative Reporter Jon Rappoport's got that covered and in terrifying depth, together with some astute arguments as to what LIBOR possibly relates to, and it's much deeper than the financial scandal of the age. Rather, it seems to be a fundamental new scheme of control made possible by surveillance means and arrangements inconceivable to the average person, but shockingly real.

NWO–Total Electronic Surveillance Available Now!

According to my highly sensitive sources, the NSA has a new facility operating near Salt Lake City, Utah that's ~one billion (1,000,000,000) square feet in size! It has the capability to monitor and record EVERYTHING we do electronically: phone calls (landline and cell), GPS, E-mails, financial transactions, videos, every sort of social networking, Internet use, etc., happening within our borders and going in or out of the country. Was specifically told capabilities included “recording forever” said data. My sources bluntly and unhappily characterized this situation as “the death of privacy in this country.” This is not one huge building; it's a complex mix of surface structures, underground facilities and links to other facilities, with everything tied together with blazingly fast and extremely wide bandwidth connections. For comparison, the official Pentagon office space figure comes in at 3,705,793 square feet.

And what are the “justifications” for all this highly illegal and unconstitutional wholesale violation of us? Simple. The War on Terrorism and the War on Crime. Both are winnable, but probably won't be, barring a sea change, because the very forces which could and have stopped them in the past are busily engaged in fomenting them as “justifications” for yet more repression and increasingly overt tyranny. It's very easy to bring about Ordo when you're the ones creating the Chao in the first place!

“If it bleeds, it leads” has long been the credo of the highly controlled, though a bit restive lately, mass media here. And there's nothing more tasty than a shocking, national PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)-inducing killing of hapless innocents. Guaranteed eyeballs for weeks if not months. That's where the MK/ULTRA programmed assassins come in, the Manchurian Candidates of which I spoke. Or maybe not. “Why not?” you ask.

Here's why. My contacts tell me there are no such operations going on in this country now and haven't been for “forty or fifty years.” Before breathing any sighs of relief, understand the next thing I was told. “These days, it's mostly through the movies and television.” This Dismantle the Beam dissection of film and TV imagery shows exactly the kinds of things I was told. If you think that's a fluke, consider Madonna's mega occult Superbowl Halftime show. And before both of those, we had the Summer Olympics! There's also the desensitization to violence, rewarding of violence and other factors at work in the media, but also in some of the exceedingly gory (FPS) (First Person Shooters) and elsewhere. I don't necessarily agree with everything Michael Grossman says (particularly, gun control), but overall, his argument is hard to ignore. And it's but part of a much longer analysis, of which his views are but one part at the link. The above are without bothering to address the dumbing down of America, electronic mind control, chemical mind control via food additives, systematic identification and exploitation of  vulnerable individuals, the unbelievable scale of prescription issuance for known violence associated drugs and so forth. This is a post, not a book!

NWO–Liberation Forces Discuss What They Know About NWO Assassination Schools In U.S.

Since it's always a good idea, if possible, to obtain other views, I “talked” to/intuitively communicated with two senior commanders of the LF (Liberation Forces) about their take on U.S. assassination schools. They affirmed there were no such schools here. When pressed, they said there are no U.S. sourced schools for assassination here, but that there were such facilities both off planet and out of our dimension. This provides phenomenal physical and information security. In the first case, I'm under strict instruction, from my sensitive terrestrial sources, from one Ground Contingent and from the LF, to say nothing of the extraterrestrial location. I can say, though, that extremely damaging LF operations mounted against bases there are directly related to the recent mass shootings. How? With their desperate struggle to retain power failing more daily, the Psychopathic Dark Forces are seeking to wreck the country by paralyzing normal operations. As one of my terrestrial contacts observed, if people are afraid to send their kids to school and won't shop at the mall because it's also too dangerous, the country ultimately can't survive. I can't provide the second part because no one has told me in which dimension the other-dimensional Manchurian Candidate training takes place. Even if I knew, I might still not be allowed to say, since that would reveal how much we know about an exceedingly sensitive area. Whether transport goes by jump gate, star gate, UFOs, some combination or a different method altogether is unknown to me, too. No matter how you slice it, though, there's a war on!

I hope this post helps you, the readers, begin to question whatever meme is being promulgated by the government or other powerful forces who historically haven't had our best interests to heart. There's a legal principle, cui bono (Latin for “To whom the good/benefit?”), which we all need to apply when examining ANY message from the mass media. Count on this: If you're told something's being done “for your benefit,” “to combat terrorism,” “to fight crime” or similar bromides, be warned and act accordingly. That goes double if combined with the word “democracy.”

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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7 years ago

Glad to hear your problem is being worked out!

As for destruction of their regeneration facilities, one can only hope……those and the cloning facilities…

here is yet another report connecting the Ct shootings to high treason and some insight on who id driving the agenda to dis arm Americans – a very bad idea – if only people would bother to look at history….thought you would enjoy this and would look forward to any comments you might have on it:

7 years ago

Hi John….sorry to hear you are still stressed by your roomie……..sounds like you really need to get busy finding new living arrangements….my sister had issues and recently found a wonderful house where she rents a room and now enjoys peace and quiet…she found it on Craigs List of all places! Might be worth a look.

I wanted to pass this interesting piece along to you because I have been wondering how these old monsters (like Bush & Kissinger) keep on going despite their years…maybe alien help as mentioned here. What do you know about it?

7 years ago

Is the MK/ULTRA programmer is the same technology of brain invaders, the agencies use microwave tech to put thoughts in someone’s brain and make you feel like somebody is crazy? This is mind control, are the (LB) forces will destroy this tech which is wind powers also, they are invading people’s brain, please elaborate on this, happy holidays John.

7 years ago This was written in November before Sandy Hook….the test is here and now, Obama is on a mission and it is not a mission from god, IF Americans allow this Lenin copy to make a move to confiscate guns, ban guns, out law guns…in ANYWAY remove guns from the public domain, then it is all over….he didn’t sign NDAA and (un)Patriot Act two for the fun of it…..this aricle certainly got my attention…all 4 parts, right down to WILL YOU SURVIVE IN FEMA CAMPS?, I hope you are correct, John….you say that awareness is sweeping the globe vis internet………’s… Read more »

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