NWO Boomer Down! NWO North Korean Corvette Explodes!

NWO Boomer Down!

NWO Boomer Long Overdue, Presumed Down! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

NWO Boomer Presumed Lost-Missed Multiple Radio Check-Ins; U.S. Navy Asked To Help With Search!

The NWO boomer was warned, NWO-controlled Israel was warned, but neither listened to the ETs/EDs. Now, that NWO nuclear powered ex-French ballistic missile sub is gone, having missed as many as four mandatory radio check-ins. Somewhere in a 100 nautical mile long x 40 nautical mile wide swath of the Arabian Sea, lies the NWO sub, under 1500 feet of water, less than her crush depth. The U.S. Navy has been formally asked by Israel to assist in the search, but is not expected to employ a task force to do so. Once located, which sources expect to take one or two days, the safe bet is there will be neither missiles, nor reactor compartment, nor crew found in the NWO boomer, for the ETs/EDs beamed out all of them. The crew may or may not be returned eventually to Israel.

NWO Understands Only Force, So ETs/EDs Begin Broad Unmistakable Demonstrations

Not only is NWO Israel now reeling from its worst naval disaster ever, but NWO bully boy North Korea and new leader Kim Jong-un got a harsh lesson today, too. One of North Korea's corvettes abruptly exploded as it was attempting to enter South Korean waters, evidently intent on wreaking merry havoc with South Korean fishing vessels. The ETs/EDs indicated they aren't going to permit North Korea to take advantage of all that NWO war fever in the Middle East, and any further attempts will be punished severely. All told, today saw something around 150 NWO personnel either “disappeared” or killed. Multitudes of NWO personnel will soon join them.

NWO–Now Facing Comprehensive, In-Depth Strikes Across The Globe

The ETs/EDs have now shown they are willing to take direct, lethal action against the NWO, not just its “toys.” The hell the NWO types have visited on planet and people will now be repaid. With interest! NWO communications will collapse, NWO buildings, tunnels and underground structures will blow up, catch fire, collapse or simply vanish. Data files will be wiped out-no matter how many backups exist or where, to include deep underground and orbital data storage, electronics will be “fried.” Every NWO attempt at armed aggression will be repulsed–and punished.

Demonstrations will begin which will conclusively show the public the NWO is NOT in control anymore. Objects of great size and import will disappear overnight, only to reappear in the most confounding locations. Some will simply collapse.

“Lucky” NWO troops here from other countries may find themselves teleported someplace awkward, while others may be “disappeared” or killed in all manner of impossible to ignore ways. The order to leave was ignored, so down comes the hammer! The American and other publics will be fascinated by the would-be NWO occupiers' UN marked equipment, which will be spread far and wide so that people can see for themselves what was planned, especially since the damning evidence of what was planned will also surface. And much like Auschwitz exists as a memorial to horror, one of the detention camps will be left intact in each country, the others destroyed utterly, wherever they may be. Every aspect of the NWO is fair game, and that most definitely includes senior leadership operating ever behind the scenes. NWO “eyes” will be put out, “ears” stabbed and “limbs” lopped off. NWO weaponry, no matter how advanced, will be rendered useless or destroyed. The NWO, in all its disgusting aspects, will be vivisected, said vivisection broadcast live worldwide; the NWO's heart, if one can be found, will be torn out, and the head resoundingly lopped off. The remains will then be incinerated, and the ashes hurled into the Sun.





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