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Nazi A-Bomb vs. Russia–Kursk, 1943! (Updated)

Nazi A-Bomb?!

Nazi A-Bomb strike at Kursk was intended to be 30 KT, twice the yield of the Hiroshima A-Bomb. Atomic cannon test shows 15 KT burst from 7 miles away. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons via DOE.

“Nazi A-Bomb attack against Russia? 1943? Really? Are you insane? There were only two nuclear attacks made during WW II, and the U.S. made both of them: Hiroshima, Japan and Nagasaki, Japan. We (the U.S.) invented the A-Bomb, and we're the only ones ever to conduct nuclear attacks, right?”

That's official history, but the truth's infinitely more disturbing. You see, the Nazis, specifically the SS, under the ruthless General, Doctor of Engineering, Hans Kammler, designed, built, tested, then used a Nazi A-Bomb, in combat trials, in mid 1943. The place? Kursk, Russia, during the titanic Battle of Kursk that marked the last German strategic offensive in the East. The map shows the disposition of forces when the battle commenced and will be referred to later.

German A-Bomb Zone! Map 27b (right) Battle of Kursk, showing disposition of forces. Image Credit:USMA West Point

Nazi A-Bomb: Notes on Sources

The gobsmacking story of the Nazi A-Bomb is one that's been dragged, kicking and screaming, from the mists of history. It's been unearthed from once Top Secret or higher intelligence documents; from captured, long-suppressed enemy records; from searching analysis of obscure German patents and strange reports. This unearthing and revelation has been made very much against the interests and desires of multiple nations. The U.S., you see, defines itself in terms of being the first nuclear power on the planet and the sole nuclear power to ever make nuclear strikes. Germany isn't served by adding a horrific first nuclear attack to its endless list of crimes against humanity during WW II, and no one wishes to credit the terrible Nazis with getting the Bomb before the presumptively virtuous forces of democracy (U.S. and U.K.). And Japan, which cries (nuclear) “Rape!” at the drop of a hat, certainly has no desire to be shown to have had a successful atomic device test shortly before the war ended!

This all but incomprehensible story, as seen here in the West, really became a big deal when Joseph Farrell burst onto the scene with his seminal Reich of the Black Sun (hereafter, ROBS), a book so utterly devastating to the Standard Model of History that after reading it, I was in a veritable daze for two weeks! At a stroke, everything I thought I knew (via reading and Dad), had been taught (in Grades 1-12 and specialized college courses), or even read in classified nuclear weapon documents during my former career as a professional military analyst for Hughes and Rockwell, went not only straight out the window, but clear off the planet!  ROBS presented a cogent and compelling case that modern nuclear weapon history (vs the largely unknown ancient atomic warfare) as we know it was and is a convenient mutually self-serving fabrication. That book, though, was but a fraction of what was out there, for much of the key scholarship wasn't in English, but in German and Polish. Researchers, such as Friedrich GeorgIgor Witkowski, Edgar Mayer, Thomas Mehner and Rainer Karlsch, have painstakingly put the pieces together, but even they lack the keystones to their informational arches.

Those keystones lie in recently obtained period diaries, documents and clandestine photos (some radiation fogged) from WW II German nuclear weapon designers, as well as what they told their children during and after the War. These were the Operation Paperclip personnel and their progeny. And we have Russian academicians from the prestigious RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) and its Soviet predecessor, who knew/know the Nazi A-Bomb killed Russian soldiers wholesale at Kursk.

Nazi A-Bomb–The Short Course

As detailed in ROBS, the SS, under General Hans Kammler, apparently conducted two successful tests, the first at Rugen Island in the Baltic Sea; the second in Ohrdruf, Germany. The first (night of October 11-12, 1944) was analogous to the later (July 16, 1945) U.S. Trinity test, whereas the second (March 4, 1945)  was more akin to later U.S. nuclear weapon tests to determine nuclear weapon effects.

ROBS (Chapter 4) marshals and presents the awful evidence. Not only were these tests awful in the ordinary appalling sense, but the second (possibly also a third) was evidently a live fire test on a specially created town with 20,000 hapless Jews in it! We have period accounts of the whole range of nuclear weapon detonation phenomenology (Hans Zinsser's declassified testimony, ROBS); we have eyewitness accounts (Luigi Romersa and Clare Werner, ROBS and link)  concerning both tests and have pertinent Nuremberg Tribunal testimony (extracts in ROBS), too. For those who prefer watching over reading, please see the Military Channel documentary, “Messenger for Mussolini,” in which both Romersa and Werner are interviewed on camera. Now, suppose Kammler is in a real rush and can't wait for formal testing. Germany's in a do-or-die struggle in the East, and something simply must be done about the Red Horde. And there's this “little” strategic operation called Fall Zitadelle” (Operation Citadel) pending. At Kursk!

There isn't the time or space here to cover the long-suppressed history of the German A-Waffe or Atomic Weapon, but a few key points must be hit. While the Germans did, it seems, do some of the things the U.S. did, they also pioneered the self same highly efficient and compact ultracentrifuge technology whose alleged repeated export by Germany plagues nuclear proliferation to this day. In turn, this permitted the clandestine establishment and operation of the deep black facility known as Der Riese (The Giant). This turns out to be a huge understatement. Why? Not only was Der Riese intimately connected to the mind-rending Die Glocke (The Bell), but it amounted to a one-stop shop for the Nazi A-Bomb. Uranium ore was reportedly mined there by Jewish slave labor, the U-235 separated and concentrated there (Germans got better U-235 concentration than we could= more powerful A-Bomb), and the Nazi A-bombs built there. By more hapless Jewish slaves who got whopping radiation doses and died agonizingly. All the Der Riese nuclear weapon complex and Nazi A-Bomb material is via the Operation Paperclip sources, as are the Nazi A-bomb details. With an entire giant underground complex in which practically everything needed to build the Nazi A-bomb was on site, no wonder the SS systematically dynamited the entire thing as the war's end neared. And that's without factoring in the The Bell!

Nuclear weapon experts tell me that most of the roughly 10,000 lbs our first nuclear bombs weighed came from lead shielding to protect first, the weapon handlers on ship and ground, and, then, the B-29 flight crews from lethal radiation doses. That's how Kammler's boys were able to build a 30 KT Nazi A-Bomb which weighed roughly 1/5 (about a ton) of our A-Bomb and had twice the designed yield!  Assembled with no thought for disposable slaves, likely transported in a special lead case by rail, then moved to the forward area, the Nazi A-Bomb was carefully guarded. Until the time was right and the weapon removed from its critical lead shroud by more Jewish slaves. The details are still confusing, but the overall evidence is compelling. Contrary to Joseph Farrell's belief that the Germans employed a FAE (Fuel/Air Explosive) at Kursk, Jim Marrs adamantly insists that there was a nuclear attack at Kursk and makes a strong case to support his claim. Armed with new information, I can now confirm that Jim Marrs is right and Joseph Farrell is wrong. Call the Nazi A-Bomb insider information and the Russian academicians the swing votes is this vital matter of hidden history, history of the greatest import!

Nazi A-Bomb–World's Nastiest VBIED!!!

VBIED (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device). A commonplace on the news from both Afghanistan and Iraq, a life shattering nightmare to those on the receiving end, the VBIED AKA car bomb/truck bomb is considered one of the new weapons of warfare. Really? What if Kammler's atomic toy split the summer sky at Kursk after being first driven to Russian defensive lines?! Yes, driven!

The plan to get the Nazi A-Bomb to the Russian lines was diabolical. You see, the weapon was left, likely in an innocuous looking wooden crate, in the back of a truck or maybe a halftrack. A mere foot in diameter  and eight feet long, it wasn't particularly remarkable, so excited no interest among the Polish Jews allowed near the readily operable vehicle. Unsurprisingly, the slave laborers, presented with the chance of escape from death by overwork and starvation, fled in the conveniently available vehicle. And so, flying a flag of truce to avoid getting shot by their planned Russian rescuers, they unwittingly drove a 30 KT Nazi A-Bomb to Russian lines and relative freedom. Briefly.

Things didn't go quite as planned, in that the detonation was only 5 KT, rather than the planned 30 KT. Even so, it hardly mattered to the luckless escaped Jewish slaves or an entire Russian rifle regiment. Those closest to the massively radioactive surface burst were vaporized, the next group incinerated, and the blast- and debris-torn survivors left with ghastly burns and sores. At first, the Russians thought it was some sort of gas attack (no Geiger counters deployed), but that was hard to reconcile with the reports reaching a thoroughly perturbed Generalissimo Stalin saying “Bodies rained for hours.” Both Farrell and Marrs discuss aspects of this overall event, but the Russian view is reaffirmed and amplified by the Russian academicians, who know the Nazi A-Bomb strike is all too true and have long known of it. Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin's revived Soviet-style information controls have blocked even the Russian academicians from accessing relevant archives from the wartime General Staff and State Defense Committee.

This “bodies rained” statement was simply impossible on the face of it. But who can be blamed after being pelted from above by the remains of comrades after the strike, first from the explosion, then the incredible suction triggered as air rushed in to the fill the vacuum, whipping the bodies and bits therof aloft into the mushroom cloud, from which they quickly fell? Since the Germans understandably had no embassy in Russia, the word was passed to them via Sweden. It boiled down to “Use that weapon again, and we'll commence unrestricted chemical warfare.” Knowing the Red Army had huge stocks of chemical weapons and had trained for decades to use them, this was a highly credible threat–to a German military whose transport, for all the Blitzkrieg and “everything's motorized” mania, as seen by the public then and now, was 90% horse drawn!

Nazi A-Bomb–Where was it used?

From a military analysis perspective, it seems reasonable to seek to determine where the world's most potent VBIED was probably delivered. I believe the answer lies in Map 27b above. There, if you look at the bottom edge of the second red box (force list) and go to the far right, you'll find the military symbol for Hausser's II SS Panzer Corps. SS black project weapon to support a key SS ground attack! Makes sense, right? So, I feel reasonably confident in asserting the Nazi A-bomb VBIED strike took place on the Voronezh Front, commanded by General Nikolai Vatutin, in the sector of II SS Panzer Corps. When the attack occurred and more precisely  where (position reported in ROBS and elsewhere makes zero sense) are presently still unresolved. 

Nazi A-Bomb Summing Up

The above is my attempt to present, in fairly nontechnical form, a detailed explanation for the existence and implementation of not merely a Nazi A-Bomb program, but of repeated tests and at least one known combat use–Kursk, 1943! How's that for hidden history?!

Nazi A-Bomb Update (July 23, 2013)

Since the initial post above, further information on this apparent first modern era nuclear attack has become available, providing valuable military and historical context. The consensus of those from the Operation Paperclip side of the house is that the nuclear strike took place south of Kursk and on a Sunday. This nicely fits what my analysis indicated was the likely location. Since the German offensive phase ran July 4-July 17, this limits the Nazi A-bomb attack to either the jump off of the attack on July 4, 1943 or to the following Sunday, July 11, 1943.  The new data indicate the attack was made “when both sides were weary and exhausted, ” so that means it must be July 11, by which point II SS Panzer Corps had driven well into the Russian defenses, but both sides were badly cut up. That was when the attack was made, with the goal of forcing a breakthrough amid a more fluid situation than when the German offensive first began.

Further, the word's been passed that the target was “artillery,” with the likely victim's being the Rifle Division's DAG (Divisional Artillery Group), a potent force of around 30 guns. The twin objectives in striking that target likely consisted of removing the deadly threat and hitting deeply enough that German troops wouldn't be affected by their own nuclear weapon. Remember, unlike the callous Cold War testing the U.S. used on its own soldiers and sailors, leading to wholesale deaths later from radiation exposure, the Germans were winging it, with little to go on but calculations. Still, they actively sought to protect their troops.

The weather on July 11, 1943 was awful, with German records reporting it as rainy with gusting winds, making for tough going for the advancing forces, which had to deal with a tenacious, dug-in foe and the mud from the downpour. Not good for advancing armor! The weather figures prominently into later events.

The Germans did manage to avoid the blast and primary radiation from their atomic weapon, but didn't fare so well afterwards. You see, they so unhinged the defense that their forces wound up advancing smack into what was hoped would be a relatively safe area. It might've been, had the weather been decent. As it was, the rain acted as a very effective radioactive fallout concentrator, swiftly bringing back to earth and nearby what would otherwise have been far more dispersed and downwind. For those Russians in the strike zone who survived, not only were there prompt casualties and delayed ones, but the critical guns which remained couldn't be used, for the thermal effects, shock and, perhaps, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from the Nazi A-Bomb's fission reaction detonated all the ammunition in the area, leaving the dazed, burned surviving Russian artillerymen with nothing to shoot!

The Germans were “quite happy with the results” of their strike. According to the Operation Paperclip contacts, though, the Germans had numerous tank crew radiation casualties as a result of entering a highly radioactive region close to the presumably avoided, smallish (few hundred foot diameter) crater proper. They say that lots of tank crews went home ill. Today, we'd call their condition radiation sickness. Back then, there was vanishingly little understanding of radiation hazard issues. Essentially, the German armor went into an area where not only the ground was radioactive, but so, too, the filthy rain which fell and kept on falling.  Indeed, the nuclear burst's vacuum phase sucked so much debris up into the mushroom cloud that it rained and rained thereafter. This isn't surprising, considering the tremendous concentration of condensation nuclei the debris particles created.

With luck, yet more information may surface, but the latest batch has greatly aided in fleshing out what really happened and why. Am hoping to narrow down the actual Ground Zero (where the Nazi A-Bomb went off), but may or may not succeed in this.


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.


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