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Nazi A-Bomb (and Zombie PSYOP?)! CIA vs JKI!

Originally posted on August 9, 2013 @ 7:34 PM

Nazi A-Bomb Piece Blows DCI's Gasket; Info Demands Result!

Nazi A-Bomb

Nazi A-Bomb (and Zombie PSYOP?) JKI posts ruin DCI's day. Major flap ensues! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via CIA

Nazi A-bomb! Why would my extremely controversial previous post on the Nazi A-Bomb generate so much upheaval in the DCI's (Director of Central Intelligence) and D/CIA's (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency) dual-hatted office at CIA HQ in Langley, Virginia? It wouldn't have hit a nerve unless there was something there to cause such a reaction, and there was. The supposedly fictional Nazi A-Bomb not only existed, it was used in Russia near Kursk in July 1943, and the U.S. later dropped Little Boy, a uranium gun-type fission A-bomb, on Hiroshima, Japan with confidence that Little Boy would work, despite having never tested that design. Why? The Nazi A-Bomb used in the Battle of Kursk was a gun-type uranium fission A-Bomb! Of course, that was on the heels of a post in which I outed the CIA's and Army Intelligence's carefully crafted, saturation coverage receiving,  Zombie PSYOP campaign. I leave it to my readers to determine, after reading the pertinent posts, which is more disturbing.

Whether it was the Nazi A-Bomb, or the Nazi A-Bomb on the heels of the Zombie piece, it's now blatantly obvious that the DCI is paying exceedingly close attention to me personally and to JKI. So great is his angst, and so clueless is he about me and my site, that he recently sent out a peremptory demand to the  Intelligence Community and to the Joint Chiefs ring (E-Ring) at the Pentagon  for the following information.

“Who or what is a John Kettler, and what is it a front for?”

It would be funny were it not so pathetic. Remember, the DCI, John Brennan, is a career CIA man, and who I am and what I do aren't secret in the Intelligence Community. Indeed, my work's regularly read at the CIA, the Pentagon, NSA and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), to name but some. There are those who read these posts by choice, and others “by direction,” a phrase which means their bosses order them to read these posts. Then, there are those who would read at work but can't. Their work computers are blocked. Why? Material in the posts exceeds their clearances!

Note the mentality at work here. For starters, the briefest recourse to my site would pull up my bio, complete with a photo. As can be readily observed, I am quite human and am no robot, android or similar. Therefore, I'm a who, not a what!  Don't know about you, but I find it disturbing that the man who honchoes the entire U.S. Intelligence Community (which by a legal figleaf he doesn't, but really still does) can't find my bio on my Home page!  Is this the dreaded Peter Principle at work?!  If so, the nation's in trouble!  Oh, wait. It is.

The CIA, to those who've been paying attention over the decades, is notorious, and justly so, for mind control (MK-Ultra), assassinations (including the Kennedy brothers JFK and RFK), large scale narcotrafficking, global scale bank fraud, CIA proprietaries like Air America, co-opting journalists, gunrunning and destabilization operations. An incomplete list! I cover some of this in a post I did on black programs. Readers should be particularly disturbed by highly sensitive insider information indicating that the CIA (known in the spook community by the derisive term Christians In Action) is the prime suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing! This is domestic terrorism of the most homegrown sort, with the clear goal of stampeding the American public, under the guise of increased safety, into giving up yet more of their rapidly eroding and few remaining liberties. On trading liberty for security, Benjamin Franklin had this to say: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Given the above, it's supremely ironic that the DCI dares to accuse me of being a front. If so, this is the most ill conceived and poorly financed front in all of history! The conventional term to describe such a tiny effort would be to call it a shoestring operation. JKI doesn't so much as gust to shoestring level. What a typical CIA station spends on office supplies annually would allow JKI to radically expand operations!  Mind, that wouldn't sit well with the DCI. A front operation? Really?!

Nazi A-Bomb! The DCI's Witch Hunt & Yet More Angst!

Since the first Nazi A-Bomb post (later updated) was released, new information has poured in, of which the most interesting is that the DCI has returned headlong to the devoutly-believed-in-the-Agency practice known there as “fluttering,” but to the rest of us as polygraph examinations. Why? The DCI is desperate to stop a veritable torrent of embarrassing, even explosive, information about what's really going on from reaching the American public and the world. He understands that a site's true impact can't be measured by page views, but by those made aware of the information revealed and how they act in response. The DCI can't begin to imagine how ramified that information flow is, nor how far afield it reaches. Let's just say it involves Disclosure, as in UFOs and their known and unknown occupants!

Not only  are the above officials and senior officers holding high clearances being fluttered, but also those with access to highly classified information, such as those doing certain defense work. Taking polygraph tests, whether periodically or on demand, is a mandatory requirement associated with holding high level clearances. Word is that the questions include such obvious ones as: “Who is John Kettler.” “What do you know about him?” “Whom does he work for?” It's safe to presume that after these, the questions get more detailed and demanding: “Have you ever met John Kettler?” “If so, where, and what was discussed?” “Did you, at any time, ever to reveal classified information to John Kettler.” “If so, what were the nature, extent and security classification of the information revealed?”

Unfortunately for the freaked out DCI, his attempt to stop the leaks a) increases the number and severity of leaks, b) validates the leaked info, c) weakens him and his position and d) ultimately can't get around the hard limit imposed by JKI's access to what may be called nonlocal data and resources. That such access exists is readily demonstrable by the JKI series on the all but unknown UFO War, of which this is an example. And now, more on the Nazi A-Bomb story!

Nazi A-Bomb–Unexpected New Validation & Further Details

Since the earlier post was made, yet more information has arrived via another well-informed Russian scientist, who, like the others, wishes to remain anonymous and alive! The first item was most reassuring: “He got it right.” The next item had to do with the vexed crater and the hunt for it. There was a crater from the 5 KT (kiloton) surface burst, and some thought it might've been used as a convenient mass grave, but the explanation of what happened was far more prosaic and less gruesome. The mud from the heavy rains filled it in! We still don't have a good location, but it is known to have been <150 kilometers (93.2 miles) SSE of Kursk, in the sector of II SS Panzer Corps. This places it just below the latitude of and well to the west of Prokhorovka, the site of the (mythical) “greatest tank battle in history.”

That same scientist expanded on what happened to the DAG (Divisional Artillery Group) of the Rifle Division (identity still unknown) which got nuked. Not only was the remaining artillery entirely devoid of ammunition, which had exploded, but the surviving guns were useless. They were described as being “melted, warped,” which is why Stalin was shocked to be told “It's not gas.”

In closing, it turns out that what was held to be solid evidence (via intercept) of German use of nuclear weapons (note plural) in Russia during WW II, isn't. The images of the presumed MAGIC decrypt (Post #53) are of a carefully contrived fake which sensitive sources believe is a disinformation effort that includes some truth. The purpose of this faked decrypt is unknown. While some of the markings are right, the message structure is wrong. That and the fact the depicted document doesn't exist at the National Archives under the citation given. There is a document there, but it bears the classification COSMIC, the highest NATO classification, and a U.S. nuclear information security marking as well. Said document pertains to intercepted communications between the Stasi (East German KGB equivalent) in East Berlin, German Democratic Republic and the Center, KGB HQ in Lubyanka Square, Moscow, U.S.S.R.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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7 years ago

John, is this alert to be given any credence, or is it pure
unadulterated fear porn, bearing in mind their fiscal year
begins October 1…



7 years ago

Thanks John..
See video of UFO capture..not a SAT as it moves irregular

Reply to  flightwing
7 years ago

Let there be peace on this day is the video link of above ,which i meant to show you..he has come in for attack by Chinooks now..

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