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Mysterious Photos Still Baffle–Some for Nearly a Century!

Originally posted on June 20, 2016 @ 11:57 PM

MYSTERIOUS–3-D text. Image Credit: Mysterious-Master-X on Deviant Art.


Mysterious Photos Offer Opportunity to Expand Our Minds

Mysterious photos, in this age of digital FX, will likely produce yawns among many, but is this really justified? Being able to create, with some apparent degree of instant credibility as to appearance, just about anything now, in no way negates what was imaged then, sometimes almost 100 years ago. Nor does it somehow magically nullify the evidence of a security cameras triggered by fire alarm sensors over a decade past. What is, is, and it is up to us to get our heads around these mysterious photos and what they signify.

Be the topic one of the most heavily researched cryptid images ever (of Bigfoot, in a still taken from the famous Patterson film), a UFO photo even the notorious Condon Report could not explain away, the dead photographed with their still living shipmates or a 1941 photograph clearly showing someone rocking shades and a camera, not to mention a graphic T-shirt, assuredly of now, not then, there is value in looking at such things, contemplating them and seeing how much we can expand what is left of our minds to accept the seemingly impossible–and follow where it leads! Some are already there, as evidenced by well over a million YouTube visits to just one such video. Here is what someone else had to say about mysterious photos.


‘The art of photography allows us to view a captured moment in time. When that moment captures something that the human eye doesn't pick up, then things become very interesting! Sometimes there are reasonable explanations, yet other times there simply is not. Check out these 20 photos for which a logical explanation is simply absent.

The Hampton Court Ghost

It was 2003 when security footage captured this. A fire alarm sounded and guards checked all doors. They were all locked and bolted. When reviewing footage, this is the image that was seen. Nobody knows what it is and how it triggered the alarm.

Naga Lights

All over the Mekong River was where these fireballs were seen in Laos and Thailand. They were the shape of basketballs and seemed to have risen from the water, shooting into the air, and then vanishing! The best scientists could come up with was possible escaping gas, but no one has been able to confirm any explanation.

Freddy Jacksons Ghost

This was taken in 1919 and is of the crew of the HMS Daedalus. Freddy had died two days prior to the photo being taken, yet everyone who saw the photo, confirmed that indeed it was Freddy.

Have to include the famous Bigfoot photo! This is 8mm film frame footage and its one of the most famous Bigfoot film captures ever. Naturally many have claimed it to be a hoax, but there has never been a real, substantiated explanation that has surfaced.

The Black Knight

It was a black object that orbited Earth for supposedly 13,000 years. Many claim the Black Night as an alien satellite. Here is a rare photo that was captured of the Black Knight and nobody can rationally explain it away.

The Solway Furth Astronaut

An astronaut appears to be floating above a little girls head! This was captured in 1964 and the person who took it said he could simply not explain the figure in the image. It was not there when he took the photo. Kodak had since confirmed that the film had not been altered in any way.

Babushka Lady

She was photographed a number of times during the John F. Kennedy assassination, this old woman who was wearing a coat and scarf, looks to be taking photos herself. Yet when the FBI put out a search for this woman, nothing ever came up and she was never identified.

Battle of Los Angeles

It was 3 months after Pearl Harbor when this rare photo showing a firefight occurring right over Los Angeles was captured. Search lights flood the sky and the only explanation was a seemingly far fetched one where trigger happy soldiers were shooting down a weather balloon. Many in the UFO community believe that the truth lies more with the idea that a spacecraft was shot at.

Skunk Ape
Bigfoot in the swamps of Florida? Indeed that has been the legend. While it seemed a myth, in the year 2000 a woman sent in this photo to police, claiming that she had photographed the nasty smelling beast called Skunk Ape as it had wandered on her yard a number of times. Nobody has yet been able to explain the photo.

The McMinnville UFO

This is one of the earliest UFO photos which is known. In 1950 LIFE magazine ran the photo and said that it depicted an alien space craft. The photo is still being debated today.

The Specter of Newby Church

In 1963, this photograph was taken in North Yorkshire, England. A minister took it and the photo shows a hooded figure showing up at the altar. But Rev. Lord claims he did not see it when he took the photo, and experts state that indeed it is not because of double exposure that the image showed up.

The UFO Painting
This was painted in the 1400s and appears to show a very odd object in the sky which is glowing. Art experts are clueless, yet UFO experts very much claim that indeed it is a UFO being depicted and this serves as an early example of UFOs.

The Falling Body
Imagine looking at a photo after processed and seeing this. The Cooper family indeed were shocked as a body seems to be falling from the ceiling. Double exposure has been said to be a possibility, but the Coopers swear it wasnt double exposed or tampered with in any way.

Modern Time Traveler
The year is 1941 and the event is the opening of a bridge in Canada. But here we have a guy who looks nothing like someone in 1941, plus he is holding a modern made camera! Time travel experts believe this is proof positive that there are time travelers out there.

Brown Lady

A phantom dressed in all brown with eyes gouged out? That is what a houseguest in 1835 reported seeing. Fast forward to 1936 and a professional photographer captured this image which seems to depict what the houseguest saw.

Hessdalen Lights
For over 80 years these lights have been reported appearing in the skies above Hessdalen. This photo was taken in 1980. Everything from holes in the space time continuum from alien spacecraft has been speculated.

Tadpole Monster

This was seen in Australia and captured by a French photographer. It was six feet below the surface of the water. It spans 80 feet. The photographer claimed that it appeared to be a creature in solid form, and it had a noticeable wound on its neck! The creature has since not been seen.

The Phoenix Lights

These were first seen in 1997. Five big lights seem to be moving in unison. There were actual eyewitness reports saying a huge airship was hovering over the sky that same night. The Air Force says it simply was weather balloons.

The SS Watertown Ghosts

A freak accident occurred in 1924 where two crew members aboard the SS Watertown died. Crew members reported seeing their two dead shipmates hovering around the ship, and the captain ended up taking this photo.

The Loch Ness Monster

This is the classic 1934 photo that was taken, but even before this the legend began, and it still persists to this day. Some explain this to be a toy submarine, but a prehistoric creature living in this Scottish lake has been the more popular explanation.

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