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#MindControl Season Opener For Hit Cop Show

Originally posted on September 29, 2018 @ 4:53 PM


Refers to #CIA #MindControl

 involvement in tech described

#MindControl was the potent theme for last night's Hawaii 5 0. If you missed it, and don't want to know what happened, read no further. The rest of you, come with me!




#MindControl & The Isolation Tank

“Cocoon” trailer for New season of Hawaii 5 0

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#MindControl also figured in an episode from the original show. Now, I didn't know then whether the writers knew about the episode or were deliberately going retro (they were) when I saw the person in the tank, but recognized the repeat immediately. The plot, you see, was what launched the 1968 series (watched rabidly), and you can read about it here. The time now episode bore the exact same title, but in Hawaiian. The fidelity of the writing and scene reconstruction may be gauged by this.

Modern audiences expect super tech, and last night's show delivered. In truth, it was way too much for me, but doubtless had the tech mad drooling. Either way, the #MindControl assault by stimulation deprivation on lead Steve MacGarrett's brain was real enough to be credible, and I've no doubt claustrophobes watching the show were coming unstuck, starting with the molded in place (not shown but alluded to in terms of installation) headpiece with its ports for air supply hoses. This thing had to be cut off the head after he was fished out and was, I'm sure, no fun at all to wear. Turns out that in both shows, the FX people did their homework on the mask, as you can see in this great article showing the original “helmet” and providing a summary of the work of the inventor of the isolation tank, John Lilly, his remarkable discoveries and experiences in his isolation tank. Sadly, there's a lot more to John Lilly, and it relates directly to the CIA and #MindControl. MK ULTRA, anyone? LSD (developed by Sandoz for the CIA), anyone?

Absent knowing those dreadful things, how is the isolation tank connected with #MindControl at all? Technology, in and of itself, is often neutral, with it's perceived goodness or badness being a function of who uses it and for what. In the cases considered in the shows, it was unambiguously bad, for it's being used by intelligence agents of the Chinese government to torture information from the protagonist, information which will be used to identify and kill CIA officers running foreign agents. Such activities are part of the lifeblood of intelligence and generate HUMINT (Human Intelligence). This also falls under the rubric of “Sources and Methods,” so much in the news these days. For example, Chinese penetration of Hillary's nonsecure email server has reportedly resulted in the wrecking of US spy ops in China, with some 12 executions to date!

This Isn't Theoretical, People!

Said it that way so you'd pay attention. The tank works as advertised, and I say that from direct experience, having been in an isolation tank several times. Unlike in the shows, there is no wet suit, no suffocating helmet, and you are on your back, swim suited or naked and floating effortlessly on water saturated with Epsom salt. A womblike environment. It's skin temperature, and the walls are far enough away you can't touch them. It's quite humid in the tank, too, but what you really notice is how almost utterly quiet it is (could hear a pump gurgle now and then). Living in Los Angeles and surrounds, this was alien to most  of us, and was confusing all by itself, but some bailed even before that–claustrophobic reactions as soon as the tank door was closed or shortly afterwards!

My experience in the tank was initially most unsettling, for with no external stimuli my brain began racing, and it took a lot of quick work to calm it down. No idea how people who hadn't had some of the personal growth and metaphysics training I did dealt with that phase. My brain, though I didn't know it at the time, was not neurotypical, and was, since conception, far more reactive than most because of Aspberger's Syndrome. Consequently, it took little to flap me. Good thing, then, I had the tools to calm myself when my nerves started coming unstuck over my immediate surrounds and being unplugged from external stimuli.

But balance was restored internally, and so began the real experience of simply being. Have to say I became so relaxed that sleep nearly claimed me. Eventually, there was a distant, faint sound. Took my brain a seeming age to bestir itself, chew on this unexpected intruder and realize it was the recall! One of the attendants coming to get me out after what seemed like the world's shortest half hour. Was so limp, help was needed to extricate me–under protest. What emerged was pretty much a boneless blob on the bench for some 15 minutes before recovering. Let me say, after that experience of veritable nothingness, rejoining the world was like leaping into a tornado. Resetting my brain to function in it wasn't fun, either. But how does this relate to #MindControl?

The answer is twofold. The first aspect is one of making the mind receptive. This underlies the mindless state induced in many by TV programming, chanting, hypnotic trance, etc. All of these, like it or not, are forms of #MindControl. How receptive does the isolation tank make the mind? Judge for yourself. At the isolation tank facility, there were some odd looking tanks which had big bulges atop the head end. Why? They housed closed-circuit TV monitors and were used to train high performance athletes, such as pro sports and Olympic contenders, by allowing them to see, over and over again, the perfectly executed play, run, ski jump or what have you. The brain can't differentiate between the many times repeated imaginary and real, so this synthetic experience, if you will, becomes not just memory, but muscle memory for the athletes. This is also the underlying basis for RED FLAG, the Air Force's program to artificially “age” combat pilots by sending them on 10 as close to real as possible combat missions, this being the survival hump for pilots in real battle. Imagine, then, what the right inputs might do to a person's resistance to interrogation and eliciting willingness to cooperate.

The second aspect is more extreme. It involves, with or without drugs, keeping someone in an isolation tank to the point where the psyche breaks into one or more shards, which you know by now are called “alters” and are the very stuff of #MindControl. Such techniques create the CIA's Unabomber and NSA's “off the shelf shooters” which have caused so much havoc in the US. Pressed far enough, as noted in last night's episode, with a long enough stay in the isolation tank, the person is utterly destroyed. Naturally, the threat of being reduced to a vegetable is itself one hell of a lever on the interrogation subject!

Summing Up

There is #MindControl information all over the place–provided you pay attention. The two show episodes which form the basis of this post admirably prove my point. If you watch TV, watch proactively. What themes are being presented, how, why? What conclusion is presented; what behavior is being sought? How do you feel? What do you think about after seeing it? What is the ostensible message? What is the meta message?


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