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Mercury in Retrograde 2020–Huge Decisions & No Time!

Mercury in retrograde–as if 2020 wasn't crazy enough already!

What's worse than normal 2020? Mercury in retrograde from mid-October straight to Election Day! In classical mythology, the Roman god Mercury (Hermes in Greek mythology) is the messenger of the gods and is thus tied directly to communications and related matters. Mercury in retrograde thus is tied to communications going awry and even worse. Many have learned the hard way to be extremely careful what they say and how they say it, and quite a few people habitually operate on the premise that no major decisions, be they relationship, life path, business or major purchases, should be made while Mercury's in retrograde, yet the paradox is that crucial decisions are having to be made, made amidst levels of chaos and havoc, natural and engineered, the likes of which I've never seen before.  So great is concern over domestic rioting and related matters, including many forthright statements (now denied) made by the Democrats  that they wish to ban guns, that there has been a stampede to gun dealers.

And who's leading the charge? First-time gun buyers  of a Left orientation who've belatedly realized that defunding the police means no one to save them when the Antifa/BLM/ mob attacks, not to mention the usual criminals, and now find themselves wishing they hadn't backed waiting periods. “What do you mean I have to wait 21 days to get my gun?!”

Essentially, the gun-haters increasingly are becoming the gun-embracers, and are doing it under the acute stress that only a well-funded, well-organized and murderous domestic insurgency can provide. That's what you get when George Soros uses multiple front organizations to support his systematic ruthless attack (via Antifa and BLM) on the US, with China working hard to supply arms. Mercifully, such disasters as Antifa and BLM being able to almost instantly convert semiautomatic AR-15s into fully automatic weapons were stopped. This time. How much has gotten through that wasn't?

According to gun store proprietors, 80% of gun purchases in the last few months have been first-time buyers. The resultant gun sales have been so enormous they've depleted stocks of both retailers and their suppliers. As far as firearms go, the hardest weapon to get and the one most urgently sought is the pump (or pump action) shotgun–iconic, and terrifying, because of the unmistakable sound it makes when you chamber a shell.  This brief video shows both the normal and Hollywood ways of doing this, and there's no mistaking that gut-clenching sound known worldwide through Hollywood films and TV series. It's one hell of a deterrent and generally causes the perp to urgently relocate, resulting in the happy outcome of no shot/s fired yet the attack ended.

Am sure you'd agree that being a first-time gun purchaser is a big deal, but this isn't some taking up target shooting whim. Instead, it's buying a weapon which may well have to be used in the gravest extreme and by a shooter who almost certainly has had no tactical training, either. If there's any good news on the weapon familiarization front, it's that there are tons of videos available to teach procedures and tactics on the one hand, plus hordes of video game players who have gobs of synthetic experience in highly demanding realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

Buying a firearm and ammunition for the first time–under conditions in which things might come unstuck within hours–is exactly the kind of thing which long and bitter experience shows shouldn't be done with Mercury in retrograde. But so dire is the situation now that positive action must be taken forthwith or risk having no such option to exercise later, for want of guns, ammo or both.  Worse, there may not be a firearm option available even without supply considerations, depending on your living arrangements.

If you thought you knew stress before, imagine how you'd feel if you were planning to use firearms as a key part of home defense, only to suddenly be told you couldn't? What is your backup plan, what do you need and why?  And for extra fun, try dealing with someone who expects the cops, National Guard, or both will take care of any potential attack, so no action by that person is needed. Human inertia is a bad combination with a fast-breaking situation, but the time to prepare is now, since it can't be done when the crisis hits your home.

There's more to survival than weapons, to include food, water, shelter, cooking, hygiene and more. Here, again, people are doing things they normally don't, unless they happen to live in areas subject to extreme weather, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and such. Disaster supplies of every sort are flying off the shelves of physical retailers and from the warehouses of online ones. If things start to become unstuck, then the odds are that what you need you won't be able to find.

Also, more and more people have realized how quickly a food crisis can occur, so there's been an explosion of interest in making and storing survival food, using recipes and techniques, sometimes millennia old. Did you know there are multiple ways to keep raw eggs edible for months without refrigeration, such as coating them with mineral oil? Did you know that you can make a soup you can put into your pocket and go–no container needed? It's called portable soup or pocket soup. Learned about both of these through Art Rude's excellent The Lost Super Foods. If you decide to buy it, you'll be presented with a dizzying array of upsells you may wish to take advantage of or simply stop with just the book. It's great to know such things and better to be able to do them, but for many, emphatically including myself, it's super stressful having to do this sort of thing on a crash basis. It's also stressful having to rapidly figure out and execute sourcing and buying needed foodstuffs and equipment, not to mention expensive in some instances. As a general rule, it's better to be well prepared and not need those resources than to need them and not have them. You'll survive the outlays for being ready, but if you aren't at least somewhat ready, you may not survive at all!

There is a great deal more to say, and an entire array of matters in a slew of areas yet to be discussed, but this is a good stopping point. As I close for now, please, please, take any and all steps you deem appropriate to prepare for survival in the face of the insurgency, disruption of food, fuel and medication delivery, possible local, regional and perhaps national power outages.

END Part 1

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