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Major Church Outings Imminent, Da’Shen Say

The Da'Shen have announced the major world religions are about to be comprehensively exposed!


This afternoon, mighty warriors/healers/scholars and mages, the former evil witches known as the Da'Shen, part of the positively aligned ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals of the Liberation Forces, broke in on my meditation to deliver a bombshell. The major religions of the world are about to be exposed for exactly what they are, what they know and hide or destroyed, what they're really about and whom they serve. No, this isn't the long expected NWO move intended to discredit and destroy existing religions to bring in the, ahem, true faith of the NWO–Satanism. Instead, it may be thought of as a kind of extension to the Great Awakening occurring here in the US and abroad as a result of the multi-year (and antedating President Trump) IW (Information Warfare) operation conducted by pro-Constitution high level patriots in US Military Intelligence and commonly known as Q or QAnon.

The Q operation could be thought of as Deep Throat of Watergate times at least 1000, but its objective was and remains exposing–for all time–the Deep State, which, in historical terms, is but an eye blink in time. What the Da'Shen are talking about is exposing the fundamental, jealously guarded secrets and nature of the major religions of the world, some with aspects tracing back thousands of years,  as part of the greater program of the liberation of humanity by the Liberation Forces. Though no date was given regarding when this exposure campaign created by the Da'Shen would begin, was told it was imminent. It will start with a few damning revelations and rapidly expand from there, and I have no idea how these information bombs will be dropped.

It's possible JKI may be part of the information seeding, but right now, my only involvements are passing the word the outings are going to begin very soon and to say that I've recommended that these releases be made aperiodically, for that has a stronger impact and imprinting effect than, say, once a week. This is exactly how the rightly notorious murderous UFO control group MJ-12 has handled its program of always deniable controlled leaks on UFO matters. It also wrong foots what will certainly be determined powerful opposition. Shall provide further coverage as this breaking story unfolds. Not only will this exposure campaign have dramatic impact by itself, but the synergism with the ever swelling public awareness of Seditious Conspiracy, Treason, Crimes Against Humanity, genocide, Human Trafficking, Pedophilia, Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, Adrenochrome, Ritual Satanic Abuse, vast Official Corruption, Biowarfare and many more will blow both categories of exposure wide open, as each feeds upon and grows the other.


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8 months ago

Between 3/17/2021 and 3/20/2021 Bio weapon threat be on alert of unusual crop dusters spraying over lots of people during events. These sick greedy power hungry group has threatened to sacrifice during an alignment of some celestial kind. Same stupid ritual please share any information rv or otherwise.

Arnold black
8 months ago

What can us lightworkers and starseeds do Can I psychiclly contribute and topple this evil system? I pray you guys succeed on your mission.

arnold black
8 months ago

Is this war of good vs evil spanning this universe or is this a multiversal war? How deep is this evil?

Muhib Awan
8 months ago

Pattie brassard who is a lightwarrior claims that the war has been won and we the leadership has been taken down. Is this true?

Muhib Awan
Reply to  John Kettler
7 months ago

The silver legion claim a group called alternate or the Illuminati started this mess. Patti’s group wiped them out. Is it true evil is a fractal virus inserted during the creation of this universe? Is darkness part of creation?

Muhib Awan
Reply to  John Kettler
4 months ago

Tanaath admitted tolec was compromised and they don’t work together with Drake anymore from what I’ve seen. I don’t trust drake at all. What is his role? Is he disinfo?

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