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Living Pterorosaurs Amaze & Bedevil! 1

Originally posted on September 15, 2017 @ 7:46 PM

The word “pterosaur” is the generic term for all flying reptiles from the dinosaur era, with which they are coeval. That said, they are not dinosaurs but lived/live on their own taxonomic branch, as it were. Just learned that. Paleontologists have formally stated they became extinct, along with the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. Unfortunately, for the paleontologists, the pterosaurs never got the memo. Indeed, it could be fairly argued they are all over the place! The video above describes but one of many such sightings. Not only does it cite three different sources, but in the comments are numerous statements by others who have seen them, in a variety of locations, including Idaho, Montana and Missouri in the US, as well as Holland and Malaysia. In the last case, it was a close range sighting with the observer seeing two sitting in trees. Observer was close enough to hear their cries!

It matters not in the slightest whether or not you the reader believe pterosaurs exist outside of fossils in museums and sedimentary rocks, for they care not a wit for what you do or don't believe and simply are. In a world where pterosaur RC (radio controlled) models now exist, it is altogether too easy to dismiss all sightings as being RC pterosaurs. But RC pterosaurs do not try to steal fishermen's catch and have to be fended off with sticks by frightened and angry men trying to bring in food to survive! Also, there were a bunch of sightings decades before these unusual RC models ever existed.

Pterosaurs Are Among Us–And They Bite!

Cryptids (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc.) have long been of interest to me, so much one of my earliest posts I did on JKI was about, so help me, the fossil evidence for unicorns. There, among others, I cited the work of some lightweight named Leibniz. Many of you know him, for he invented that mathematical bane of your existence called Calculus!

Got back into this flying reptile business recently when someone sent me a link to a Nick Redfern piece on His fascinating article was about pterodactyls over England. Nor was this the first time he addressed the former, and not just in England, either. In the article, which was certainly Out there by most people's lights, he came up with something farther out than that. In his “Pterosaurs of the Ghostly Kind” he asked whether we might be seeing ghosts of these cryptids! Let me clear imaginary or ghostly creatures do not battle live humans for fresh fish. That much I know for sure.

Remember Malaysia?

Recall that in the top paragraph I reported a direct sighting at close range of a pair of pterosaurs in trees. Location was Singapore, Malaysia. Guess what? Malaysia is where pterosaurs are also fighting the fishermen for their catch! Immersed as I am, via reading, research, contacts and direct experience in Out There matters, I would be willing to bet that such a face to face  encounter would be pretty traumatic even with that sort of preparation.

In Part 2 I plan to go into considerable specifics regarding just what sort of pterosaurs are battling those poor (to be taken in several different meanings) Malaysian fishermen. Their descriptions of what is bedeviling them are so clear, specific and identifiable from the fossil record they brook no possibility whatsoever of misidentification of some bird, for they are unambiguously and absolutely not birds. They are pterosaurs!

END Part 1





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