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Life in Hell, Pt. Whatever

Originally posted on April 24, 2015 @ 12:45 AM

This is just a quick update from the glorious reality that our fearless namesake deals with daily.

As if multiple wars, earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions aren't enough for an empath and earth sensitive to deal with, there's this…

For some reason, JK's internet access – dodgy at best on the best of occasions – has completely gone south as of two days ago, and last I heard, nobody knows exactly why. Given that he shares access with several other people and is at the mercy of a lackadaisical (and gleefully sadistic) landlord, there's no telling how long it will be before usable internet access is restored.

And since there is no JKI without JK, this poses a bit of a problem. Keep your fingers crossed. Send kind thoughts. Pray.

Right now I'm looking into either a wifi hotspot or separate access for John so that he and we don't “get to” experience this wonderful situation again. But even if we go that route, it will be a week or more before that can be set up – assuming it works at all in the redneck outback of Plano, TX.

Hopefully I won't need to post an update, but watch this space.

That is all for now. 🙁

– Karl the Webmaster


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5 years ago

Hi Karl

It seems like site is having some glitches and problems.
It’s not possible to leave comments on last three or four articles, “Comment” section does not appear.
Been trying with Firefox and Chrome, none works.

5 years ago
Reply to  Webmaster

Karl Thank you for fast reply. Yes, that last passage you wrote hits it. Comments would not show by default, just by clicking on them. And sometimes you have to do it few time, to see them. I visit this site everyday, but had little time to comment. Just one of those phases in life, when you get to tired from all the other things, so you don’t have the energy to comment. I do have a few topics that could be interesting to John, things that are happening in Europe, but not so much covered by media. Something I… Read more »

5 years ago

Happy Mothers Day to every mother in this universe. This song is for the ones that are scared like myself, by HOWARD JONES. Thank you Howard we need inspiration to keep going.

John Kettler
5 years ago
Reply to  Grateful


You are in gross violation of the two comment/day rule Karl imposed on you after you went hog wild for a protracted period earlier. Specifically, I counted five (5) for May 9th! Do not be surprised if Karl suspends you for a bit as a result. Additionally, your comment logorrhea/diarrhea, if you will, isn’t exactly helping encourage comments from other readers. Karl has remarked this looks like it’s being run exclusively for you.

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