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Liberation Forces–Status of Post

Originally posted on September 5, 2014 @ 8:47 PM

Liberation Forces–Series Coming!

Liberation Forces of the World War II kind! American forces assault Normandy, France on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via US Navy.

Liberation Forces. The ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals). “When will you put out something on the Liberation Forces.” Why is there nothing on the Liberation Forces?” “I don't like this Ukraine stuff!” “Not interested in military things.” “You're spreading fear about…” Believe me, I've heard it; I've heard you!  You've also read, I hope, what I've had to say over in Comments as to why you weren't getting what you were essentially demanding. Loudly. A few readers have gone way past that, conducting outright character assassination of me, but rather than banning them, I've instead put forth a great deal of effort to educate and inform them, but also for the greater purpose of passing the word to anyone else who read my unmissable lengthy replies in the threads where this particular excitement has been occurring.

Despite the transition of the Ukraine Crisis to the outright invasion of Ukraine by Russia, top down paralysis of US foreign policy by a highly risk averse leader, a burgeoning and very real threat from a homegrown Muslim ISIS and its declared Caliphate of the Islamic State (IS), a still dark missing tanker with enormous damage potential and a string of other matters not yet addressed, I've put in a lot of buttbreaking (talking so sore I was semi crippled and couldn't sit either without significant pain or at all) and backbreaking work on the huge and growing post (currently 4471 words) which presents the latest, finally, on what's happening with the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces!

After nearly eight (8) hours of writing (wrote nearly 3000 words today–no idea how–in pretty much one go), after writing 1000+ yesterday. I've got the job around 2/3 done. I think. Given such an enormous word count, there seems no alternative but to turn this leviathan into a series. You may now cheer. What you most likely won't cheer about ,though, is what's going to happen if we don't start seeing that donation thermometer start to rapidly rise. Why? Because Karl and I, in our own ways, have worked like men possessed for years now and spent ourselves practically into oblivion. On a variety of levels.

We can't keep going the way we have! Unless things start to turn around on the fiscal front, which is what keeps this site up as it presently exists, and may even allow us to do other  marvelous things, you're going to see some sort of modified “pay for play” system implemented. There'll be free content in every post , but there won't be unlimited free access anymore to all the posts, or their full contents, especially the latest post! Karl's got the bad administrative news prepped and ready to go. So far, I've managed, barely, to get him to hold it in abeyance. We're not messing around here; we can't. That's why I put forth a special appeal to my readers in the spook and military communities. That's why I'm likewise appealing to you! Time now for some recalibration.

This isn't, and never was, a single topic site. Home page clearly states that. Speaking of Home page, you'll now find it, and the massive extension I had to create so that Home page would load in this lifetime, holds a plethora of goodies which may well gruntle all of you to one degree or another, as well as expose you to other wonders of which I doubt you've heard. Well worth your time! Returning to my theme for this paragraph,there is no reader entitlement to seriatim coverage of whatever topic floats your boat. Be the subject covered the Liberation Forces, ETs/EDs, UFO matters, Area 51 black programs , black ops that never happened, the paranormal or cryptids. What you get is a function of what's hot, what I think requires prompt coverage, how much information I have on a given topic and, pay attention, what I'm allowed to talk about, be it from Here or There. You see, at any given time I'm sitting on deep background material, which informs what I write by giving me a much fuller picture, but which I may or may not subsequently be allowed to release. Embargoed categories include, but aren't limited to: certain military capabilities, operations planned or in progress, certain exotic tech, and information which would blow sources and get them (and me) killed. See Urgent Warning on Home Page menu if you think I'm kidding. I've had death threats. Some of my sources, if found out, would be dead in less than half an hour!

With the above firmly understood and burned into your brains, let me give you some excerpts, starting with why you haven't gotten, for a very long time, an update on the Liberation Forces. This is my explanation.

“If you imagine an Earth, say, double its perceived size (includes astral fields and such), densely seeded in every layer, visible or not, with mines–mines capable of obliterating the planet–all of which are interconnected. That's what the Liberation Forces face even after breaking Reptoid control here. Understand, though, that the Reptoids are but the minions, the creations of the Vampires. Call this mining to the Nth degree the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) problem of the ages! Now that you have the tiniest of handles on the EOD end of the problem, please get that problem is being worked not during a war, but in war after war after war. This is why I've had so little to say on ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals), for people in mortal combat; people who've been terribly wounded, or even killed and painstakingly restored to life (the Liberation Forces can do that) and undergoing months of rehab don't have time for interviews and such!”

Here's something from a laundry list of threats the Liberation Forces have been, and are, dealing with. My writing is in Italics.


The next immediate threat was the insects (huge Praying Mantis type creatures) who had lost their worlds through an exploding sun or other catastrophes. The major creators have created worlds and a solar system for them. The Insects were behind the chemtrails in a grand attempt to destroy the atmosphere of occupied worlds so they could inhabit planets. As previously reported, the chemtrails have lessened, and are thinning out, get less frequent. The insects said
they could not turn off the timer, but diluted the substance.”

Further insights on what to expect.

Consciousness Dampeners, Monsanto and Fires

21,000 consciousness dampeners surround Earth.

Per the Liberation Forces via the Ground Contingents, Earth is booby trapped, on an all but inconceivable scale, by fiends whose magnitudes beggar description. Think of there being an immensely powerful force, which, despite its awesome might, knows, in its darkest of Dark awareness, that there will come a time in which certain things, all bad, will begin to occur. They know that, because Earth is the interdimensional key to entire universes seen and unseen, they must hold onto it–or die trying.

 Of Magick

Some of you may recall Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Transcendental Meditation™. His worldwide, high profile group used to sometimes do mass meditations , focused on things like reducing crime or bringing peace. And claimed measurable success.

That may seem crazy on the face of it, but when you get right down to it, how, really, does it differ from prayer; from blessings; from visualization or from curses? It doesn't! Each and every one of those things amounts to focused Intention.To the deliberate direction of the Will to achieve some specified goal. As such, they are, by definition, ritual Magick, whether for good or ill. That Magick shapes reality and causes things to happen. Let me explain.

Now you have both explanations and your excerpts, part of the fruit of considerable effort to bring you what you've so acutely craved. Understand, too, that I'm now going to attempt to bang out a quick update on the tanker. If I hear any grousing about that, I shall be most wroth. Additionally, you are looking at around 1400 words–produced with considerable energy and time which could've gone into working on the real post!



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Could you discuss more about the 21,000 dampeners around the Earth? How can we stop their effects or get rid of them, who is making them and putting them up there?


$30 MILLION German bank account, if you can prove who shot down MH17. Make a claim so Karl doesn’t have to live under a bridge.



Entity (Wifka) a German Fraud Investigation Company offers $30 million, if you can prove who,shot it, and who Authorized the shoot down of MH17.

Whistleblowers were advised to take great care and use a lawyer to contact them.

Article from The New Paper


This news agency is aying a Russian mother’s lobby group is crying 15,000 sons and husbands have “gone incommunicado” while on military exercises near Ukraine in the past 2 months.