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Kissinger Offered US 10 Million Chinese Women by Mao In 1973!

Originally posted on October 12, 2018 @ 1:04 PM

Artist's depiction of the Eye of Sauron from 

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two monsters discussed, it seemed appropriate!

Kissinger, Population Control, Spies and Crime

10 Million Chinese Women as Trade Incentives (also Chinese Birth Control and US Population bombs)!

Came across a statement about Henry Kissinger's February 17, 1973 buried discussion with China's Chairman Mao about this shocking offer recently on Tumblr and couldn't believe my eyes. Turns out my eyes worked fine, and this wasn't some BS story. Here's the same story from an archival source. Should tell you before we continue that Dr. Kissinger, to whom the offer was made in his capacity as National Security Advisor to give to President Nixon, was and is a Rockefeller man since ~1950 when he received $50,000  to become his minion. That's $523,000, in round numbers, these days. Kissinger's ascension to the heights has been a stupendous boon to Rockefeller and the globalists in general, often doing his evil behind the scenes, sometimes unknown even to the presidents he served. He is both a traitor to this nation and humankind, selling out the first and engineering global genocide, too. Remember, the Georgia Guidestones unambiguously show the NWO goal is to reduce the global population to below 500 million and keep it that way forever! Kissinger is arguably one of those who've spearheaded decades of work in support of that ghastly goal and all it represents.

Nor was what in law is called the Offeror a peach, either, since he was widely, and rightfully, deemed to be, one of the most evil, democidal (killing own people) and genocidal people ever to live. That darling of the Left was responsible for, depending on how you run the math, tens of millions of deaths. 

This, mind, doesn't count any deaths but those in China and Korea, utterly ignoring what havoc Mao caused overseas via supporting Communist revolutions overseas and the direct and indirect fatalities they caused. The estimates do factor in state violence against its own (democide), overt external genocide (Tibet) and famine.

With the players, if you will, now in mind, think about that offer, particularly from the perspective of what the clueless and/or lying keep calling American democracy. It isn't, and never was, a democracy. Rather, it's a constitutional republic. Thank goodness!  Even so, try looking at this situation carefully. Kissinger is there in China to damage or break the Sino-Soviet bloc as a means to help neutralize then burgeoning Soviet influence and military power. China is fearful of being gobbled up and wants trade with US and protection from next door neighbor Russia's expansionist drive. Kissinger is there as an envoy of a nation intimately associated with liberty and is offered, as de facto property of the Chinese state, therefore disposable by it, 10 million Chinese women. It doesn't matter what their family ties are, how long in the area or what their aspirations are, for they are not given any say so in the matter, and if they resist, the full weight of the Chinese state comes down on them and their families. From a legal standpoint, these women would've been chattel slaves given to one of China's greatest enemies.

Intelligence Aspects of the Proposal and Related History

They would also have created opportunities for intelligence operations on a scale that beggars description, there being no scenario in which MSS (Ministry of State Security, China's KGB equivalent) wouldn't have thoroughly seeded the ranks of those force emigrated  women with its own intelligence officers. And if that weren't bad enough, you have the whole loyalty to family, clan, region, the country angle to use to get even those not operatives to help in all sorts of ways. MSS has extraordinary expertise at this and is perfectly willing to squeeze relatives in China to get US nationals to cooperate. You have but to read any number of accounts of naturalized Chinese and Chinese-Americans arrested for espionage to see the proof. There's also the nightmare scenario for counterintelligence officers: children born in the US brought up as second generation (and beyond) spies! Also, as we saw with Castro's Marielitos, whose ranks were awash in hardened criminals, it would've been reasonable to expect, not the best China had to offer, but the worst, albeit, not obviously so at the beginning. “Holy Communist crime wave, Batman!”

This multi-generational spy production plan was precisely what was depicted as happening late in the cable series “The Americans,” and the Russians nearly did it to us for real. Fortunately, we had recruited someone higher ranking than him in the KGB and who told us enough the rightly feared FBI counterintelligence agents  were able to get on Rudolf Herrmann's trail and eventually catch him and turn him, then putting him and his family in the witness protection program. As if that wasn't enough of a story, he saved some of the money the US government paid him and in 1986, three years before the Berlin Wall fell, tried to return to still-Communist Czechoslovakia, but it don't go at all well.

Summing Up

You now know a major Cold War story that was buried for quite some time and is not generally known. Additionally, you have analysis indicating what the significance of that offer was, as seen from Mao's perspective and our own. Finally, you also now have some awareness of one of the great spy stories of the Cold War and its bizarre finale.


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