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Kindling, Social Media and Censorship Part 1


Kindling from you triggers awakening in others!


Kindling & How it Connects to Social Media & Censorship

As used here, “kindling” will be used as both a verb and a noun. Most people think of it in terms of an essential ingredient for building a campfire, usually easily combustible materials such as paper, dried twigs and such. What I'm presenting here is most definitely related to fire, but not the physical form. Am talking about nothing less than awakening consciousness in others by showing them your own higher awareness, whether it be anything from showing that seemingly good officials are, in fact, rotten well past the core, or attaining full-blown enlightenment and all that means. The more authentic you are in being yourself and sharing you hard-earned knowingness, the more effective you'll be at kindling others.

But what is the kindling?” you ask. Kindling is what happens to those around you who have long been asleep  (variously, believing that things are as they appear; that Third Plane Reality is all there is; that we are alone in the Universe; that no other dimensions exist; that anything paranormal or occult is impossible, etc.) when they enter your sphere, whether physically, by something you've created, by one or more energetic connections, to name but some.

Thanks to this energetic and metaphysical phenomenon of kindling, one person can cause an impact of unimaginable vastness, for its behavior is fundamentally viral and almost impossible to contain, as current events show more and more each day as SM (social media) media censorship rapidly expands, becoming ever more intrusive and limiting. But unlike the long list of pathogens, this one spreads nothing but good–for the good. Kindling almost effortlessly defeats any and every dark strategy designed to divide, conquer, enslave and ultimately massacre us. Massacre? What else would you call global depopulation to a permanent level of under 500 million people?! That's 90+% of everyone alive right now! It's all there on the elites' utterly in our face, carved in granite, proclamations to the world (and monument to their all-surpassing hubris) know as the Georgia Guidestones.

The internet was originally invented by the Department of Defense organization known as ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) to provide a communication system so robust and ramified that it would survive and work even after nuclear attack. The early form of the internet thus was called ARPANET, and it was used chiefly by the military and various educational and scientific entities, but a series of developments soon moved this exotic creature into the public realm via the invention of the first killer app, as the phrase goes. That was email. Email enabled anyone with an account, a computer or access to one, to login to a server and connect globally, and things exploded from there. Via a bunch of evolutionary, sometimes revolutionary, changes, the Worldwide Web was born and to use an old word, eventually begat social media, which started out small, soon hit critical mass and then went off like the proverbial bomb, changing the information world forever and creating almost unfathomable wealth and power for those who invented and controlled it. Websites are all well and good, but SM didn't require mastering computer code or finding someone who could, for like email, all it took was having an account and access.

Why was SM so important, so high leverage that it fundamentally upended the internet? It was immediate, so instant that it could directly affect things in almost real time, limited only by how fast the message (text, video, audio or any combo) could be assembled and sent. No more were the voices of the People subject to the long-established controls over the media, media loaded with operatives from the CIA, secret societies and more. Now, a few lines of text, a damning pic or video clip could generate global uproar and even bring down governments, though happily for the elites, most people confined their SM use to obsessively documenting their personal lives, talking to friends, posting selfies legal and not, contacting colleagues and building their brands for marketing purposes, to name but some.

Of course, the technology was neutral and worked just as well for setting up criminal deals and meets, targeting and grooming certain people for terrorism, making it possible to seduce children for pedophile encounters and worse. As long as none of the criminality affected the elites' control or financial interests, it wasn't merely tolerated but allowed to flourish unless and until irretrievably exposed, whereupon it was still ignored, downplayed, denied, distorted and every other technique to make the problem go away. The elites themselves were and are eyeballs deep in this sea of criminality. Just as the internet was taken from its creators and repurposed for the needs of the People, so too was SM. Nowhere is this more true than Facebook. Did you know that Facebook was originally called something else and was a creature of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)? By the most amazing, ahem,  coincidence, after LifeLog had been outed, it was dropped, then Facebook appeared that same day, supposedly the product of software wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg.

So much more to tell, which is why there will be a Part 2 and maybe more!

END Part 1

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