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John Kettler Status Report

Originally posted on January 25, 2013 @ 6:25 AM

There's a hoary old chestnut that goes something like: “You aren't dealt anything by life/God/fate/etc. you can't handle.”

Well, for those of us who have walked a long, hard road in this life, it's an expression that can be both a comfort – and a source of exasperation!

Railing at one's lot in life is a “tradition” as old as man, but it does seem as if some of us are dealt a lot more knocks than others. And quite often, it seems as if the universe delights in making life increasingly difficult for those who are already dealing with too much. Many of us have friends and family members who have had to deal with extremely difficult situations – sometimes of their own making, other times due to circumstances beyond their control. It's never fun, regardless, whether you be witness or party to it.

Those of you who are friends and supporters of this site and it's namesake have witnessed the roller coaster ride we've been on over the last year and a quarter. We've had incredible highs and incredible lows, but we've tried to keep an even keel throughout – and continue on with the work. John is compelled to do what he does, but it's never been easy.

From non-stop interference to seemingly endless technical problems, through health and money issues to various domestic upheavals, John has tried his level best to provide the kind of information only he can provide – and answer all the questions of those who have sought him out – with singular and tireless dedication.

This from a man who is usually bone tired due to lack of sleep!

Those who know John well will tell you that he has not been the same since he experienced what can only be characterized, in retrospect now, as a nervous breakdown – or possibly more than one  – brought about by a combination of increasing levels of empathic (earth) sensitivity*, extreme stress, a radically evolving mindset, mounting environmental pressures and who knows what else? Though the breakdown(s) occurred over 20 years ago now, it's probably fair to say John never fully recovered, despite the fact that he went on to hold other jobs and get on with his life.

One of the many ironies here is that, as an employee of a major defense contractor, he had first-rate health insurance. IMHO – and with the benefit of hindsight – he should have been treated for stress-related disability then and there. Of course, back then, in a “macho he-man” type industry, men didn't have stress-related problems, did they? You sucked it up like a man and drank your bottle of whiskey every night. Just ask John's late father about that, if you can find him in the afterlife.

In recent years, John has dealt with several significant upheavals, moves to three different states, a changing (and some would say declining) health situation and then, recently, a severe blow to the head that could well have caused serious brain injury – and perhaps did! On that score, we may not know anytime soon, if ever. When a brain doc tells you he came within hours of cracking your skull open due to internal hemorrhaging, it's no laughing matter.

Snide comments from the haters aside, it seems as if John avoided the worst of it. We can only hope and pray that's the case. Still, revelations in the world of professional sports have not exactly been reassuring on this score.

Just the other day, John told me he is having more problems with his physical coordination – to the point he nearly amputated fingers attempting to cut a lemon. This particular instance may have just been a transitory incident. Such things have happened before. We can only hope. Then he went on tell me he has to see his doctors stat, because of this incident in particular but in large part due to increasing symptomatology. Treatment may be as simple as an adjustment in his meds. Let's hope this is the case.

Between the Asperger's issues he deals with, the constant pain and discomfort of being an earth sensitive, and the unrelenting joys of being on disability, it's probably a wonder that John is functional to any degree at all.

As if the foregoing wasn't enough, John's domestic situation has deteriorated to the point that he has been forced to find a new place to live – sans automobile – and vacate his current digs by month's end. Things with the “crazy housemate” have reached a head. John was very nearly assaulted and the local constabulary called in to council his nemesis. All this in spite of the fact that John's doctors prescribed peace, quiet and calm as necessary to recovery from the head blow.

Another old expression: there's no rest for the weary. It would seem as if that is truly the case.

Please think good thoughts for John. Send your prayers if you are of a mind to. Contribute to the kitty if you can.


* NOTE: Some critics have suggested that John's “unusual ailments” are simply “normal illness” that has not been properly diagnosed or treated. This is simply not the case. On more than one occasion, John has been under the care of doctors who have spared little expense – and subjected John to batteries of test – in an effort to get to the root cause of what he believes is the symptomology of high earth sensitivity. Despite all the efforts over the years, not a single traditional allopathic practitioner (i.e. medical doctor) has ever come up with a cause. No obvious physical malady has been identified. They are happy to proscribe pills for the symptoms, of course.

Alternative healers such as acupuncturists have opinions quite different as to what ails John – and more in keeping with his own beliefs. More than one holistic doctor has agreed that John has a condition that is unrecognized by Western science. Yeah, I can hear the haters snickering right now. All I can say is, karma is a bitch.

Critics have dismissed what he goes through blythely by saying “it is all in his mind.” Well, there is no doubt that some of it is in his mind – but not in the sense  they mean. The symptoms are real.

I have personally witnessed John go from perfectly happy and fine to being in extreme agony in a matter of minutes. I've seen him go from hot to cold to hot to cold in a room everyone else is comfortable in. I've seen him lose mental focus and physical coordination so fast, it was as if a switch had been flipped. Anyone who says John is exaggerating his symptoms, angling for sympathy or lying about what he experiences on a daily basis has never seen what he goes through – or probably never been around someone with a serious, difficult and unpredictable health issue.

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7 years ago

Thank you Elizabeth for posting the above link about Salt.

There is more help, or at least information, on the site that readers of this blog may find useful:

7 years ago

Thank you John for your generous and compassionate service to humanity. I’ve appreciated your blog for awhile but have never commented before. It’s NO FUN to be a highly psychic – sensitive – targeted spiritual-warrior and thank goodness its only temporary in the grand scheme of things. ;-D) Mystical people such as yourself used to be protected and taken care of. That is the way it should be, but alas, Darkness and its denizens have been allowed one last romp before they are felled for good…and conditions have been allowed to deteriorate…so…what do we expect? You and those ETs/EDs/Terra-insiders who… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

Elizabeth is right John has made great personal sacrifices just for reporting about the true nature of the war between the Light and the Darkness.

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