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John Kettler Status Report for Feb 6

Originally posted on February 6, 2013 @ 11:49 PM

I spoke with John at length yesterday and then again today. I'm happy to report he sounded a lot more like the “old John” that I have known for many years – better, stronger and at least significantly rejuvenated. I'm sure he will say more when he gets back, but he went through an extremely stressful period at a time when he was at a very low spot, and it took it's toll. Recovery has not been easy, but he doing much, much better.

He greatly appreciates all the love and support. It's good know so many people are concerned about one's well being, and that you have friends you've never met all over the world! Both he and I are grateful for the outpouring of concern. Please keep the good wishes, thoughts, prayers (and contributions) coming. It all helps.

It looks as if there are no permanent scars from the ordeal, and I'm happy to report that the prior head injury is doing much better and seemingly was not worsensed by all the sturm und drang.

John was released from the hospital yesterday. He is safely ensconsced in temporary housing for the nonce, and working on getting a new permanent residence.

The comp isn't up and running quite yet, but he expects to be back online shortly – we hope within the next 24-48 hours. He is greatly looking forward to getting back into the swing of things soon, and is excited about the ideas that are popping in his head. As ever, he has much more to tell.

Stay tuned!

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7 years ago

You set off my “Someone called Cannabis drugs” alarm! Damn you Karl we were such good friends! Heres to a speedy return for John, he was vindicated (UFO-WAR) in Tanaaths show with Vince, I was hating the dis-unity among those in contact with e.ts but that sexy voiced Jodie Foster sound alike dragon warrior cleaned things up nicely for me. No doubt cost John a lot of subscribers that whole debacle, and to think it could have been avoided just pisses me off we’re all supposed to be the meek. We aint inheriting shit if we cant communicate. No ones… Read more »

7 years ago

Welcome on the road back, John. I offer continued complete recovery prayers for you, and look forward to further reports. I share the theory of a big bang, you contribute to minds blowing at every turn. Peace-cubed, sir!

7 years ago

ha yh sorry mate i realized u knew just after i posted, stoner fuck that i can be lol

either way i’m glad,
the idea of someone having to go from sharing accommodation with such foul company to then having to live in former sexual predator relocation housing. i’d change my name to jobe kettler

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