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John Kettler Sighted (In Mirror)!

Originally posted on March 14, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

John Kettler Returns!

John Kettler returns, according to a highly credible, attributed source. Himself. Domestic assaults aren't fun, but then, neither are death threats. He's alarmingly familiar with both!  Add acute IWS (Internet Withdrawal Syndrome), coupled with maddening failures once an anemic 4G connection's theoretically obtained (didn't work for days on end, then abruptly started–at strength 1 on a 5 scale) and you have a recipe for frustration. Only the beginning!

“Now, What Was That Password?” John Kettler Asks

“For that matter, what was my Username? John Kettler wonders aloud. Let's just say that a month or so away from the blog wars tends to garble such items beyond recognition, leading perfectly good passwords from other sites to fail here, a mistake compounded by botching the Username, too.

Then, there are the particular joys of being repeatedly locked out of his own site.  This turns out to be, first, a combination of his own errors and, later, security system settings, once John Kettler's major gaffes had been fixed.

All these were done through the direct, extended intervention of Karl the Great and Powerful. He reset John Kettler's brain, bringing forth all manner of  useful information, though seemingly forgotten and beyond retrieval. He then waved his magic E-wand and lo!  The recalcitrant Admin Login software did finally yield and grant passage. Great was John Kettler's rejoicing, tempered by the justly deserved chastisement (for various and ongoing E-sins) delivered by Karl the Great and Powerful.

John Kettler–Grateful For The Support & Thrilled To Be Back

“I'm deeply touched by all the love and support from you all during my recent ordeal, love and support first relayed to me by Karl, but later, read personally when I could on a dead slow Internet connection” states a practically overwhelmed John Kettler. He's still pinching himself in sheer wonderment of being back here, never mind doing a post!

John Kettler Vows Stunning Revelations!

As Karl noted, John Kettler has been pounding away on a wholly new kind of E-book. One which embraces the capabilities of modern technology and should find a broad and fascinated/stunned/shocked/intrigued readership cum viewership. “There's NEVER been a book on SpecOps (Special Operations) and Special Operators like this one!” he proclaims.

“Where else can you be thrown headlong into highly classified operations by Navy SEALs, Army's Delta Force and Marine Force Recon, operations which hardly ever see the news; learn how vital SpecOps were to the creation of this country; see how war's really waged these days and be blown away by weaponry of the most exotic technology (un)imaginable? All conducted by people who never quit and can and do die trying.” John Kettler then observes:

“Theirs is a most arduous service, one conducted for an oft ungrateful nation and its so-called leaders. The Special Operators' successes go almost totally unheralded, but their exposure, via failure, operational compromise or even betrayal, is the talk of the world” he declares. “America, behold your deadliest, strongest, toughest, bravest and most devoted offspring!”

Eclipsing the mind-warping revelations of his two prior E-books  will be hard, but John Kettler is absolutely convinced this E-book will take readers on a breathtaking, yet eminently readable, ride of the most astounding proportions.



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7 years ago

I asked nicely the first time….

7 years ago

🙂 Humor is the best “lifeboat”. Been there….

However, let me try again. I hereby ORDER calm waters in John Kettler’s life. All approaching storms and waves are ordered to stand down! I said NOW!

7 years ago

Erik, I don’t know about the Malachy predictions well enough to know if it has been tampered with. A lot of people have the view that it is for real…and have lots of evidence that these are the end times as forecasted in the bible. I have a nice link for that (if you like it). Perhaps I’ll start a thread on the forum for predictions of end times….mmm.. Not that I am that concerned….in fact, it is sort of welcomed news (oddly enough). I am sort of tired of all the issues that plague the Vatican and would rather… Read more »

Reply to  eileen
7 years ago

Eileen, Always many rumors on the Internet. For instance the Nibiru/brown dwarf rumors. Okay, I will say this, which is my opinion: Bunk, all of them. Internet going down? Pull the other one, turn the page. Here’s what I think is real…. As you know, for decades ago the seismologists/geologists warned of “the Big One” to do with earthquake prediction in California, namely the San Andreas Fault. But, it never happened. The reason? In their hearts and minds, all those millions of inhabitants in the region didn’t want it to happen. In fact They are the ones who stopped it,… Read more »

7 years ago

John……….so glad you are back! wow, I thought we’d never hear from you again, that maybe TPTB had disappeared you………so much has been happening out there in the big world and no JK to give us special insight …it’s been too long!
My question is this…chemtrails every late afternoon so that sun is always setting in a haze….what’s that about….something they don’t wnat us to see/ or just the normal trying to change the planet to the desert they prefer?

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