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John Kettler Will Be On–“The Bob Charles Show” 12/30/12 12-1 p.m. CDT!

Originally posted on December 29, 2012 @ 6:46 PM

John Kettler To Make Unexpected “The Bob Charles Show” Guest Appearance!

john kettler

John Kettler to appear on “The Bob Charles Show” 12/30/12 12-1 p.m. CDT Image Credit: Kettler Family

John Kettler is the unexpected fill-in guest tomorrow afternoon on “The Bob Charles Show” at 12-1 p.m. CDT. This appearance is IN ADDITION TO John's scheduled January 3 appearance!

John Kettler–Set to Expand (Or Shatter) Minds

Since the most recent plan was to have John Kettler appear on  “The Bob Charles Show” on January 3, ushering in the New Year, this unexpected hour-long guest slot creates the opportunity for a kind of intellectual and metaphysical one-two punch. This punch will be given to the consciousness and fundamental perceptions of radio listeners in 20 countries, together with a global Internet audience. So, instead of one hour, all told, those who catch both shows will hear almost two hours (a few commercials in the one tomorrow) of astounding information, views and experiences presented by the highly controversial John Kettler.

John Kettler Warns the So-Called Rationalists “Evolve Or Die!” Is the New Rule.

“Business as usual, reality as you've understood it, is over. Finished. Never to be seen again. You are going to have to either adapt to the emerging new reality, or the stupendous cognitive dissonance, massive energy influx and resulting astronomic stress on every level of your being will ultimately kill you. Some will likely first go mad. That's what the decree  “Evolve or die!” from the Universities of Evolution means. This is how things are, and the decree applies to everyone, with no exceptions, Certainly, there is free will here, but the choice is limited to a simple, yet fateful, binary decision of the greatest import.”

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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8 years ago

Just have a curiosity about this Black Knight satalite we found in the early space program. (15 tons) doubt if anybody here had the capability of launching something that big. Be interesting to know if you or your friends upstairs have anymore info on this mysterious craft that has supposedly been orbiting our planet for apprx 13,000 years! I bet that would make a dang interesting controversial ebook on its own. I only heard of it recently on coast to coast. Who knows maybe it had other uses like moving things like megalithic stones or pyramids down here on the… Read more »

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