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Ring in the New Year with John and Bob Charles – JK Radio Appearance!

Originally posted on December 22, 2012 @ 9:29 PM

KineticHiFI logoSo, the world did not end on December 21st. At least we believe that's the case. We're still here. We think. Perhaps it is yet another Illusion.

Anyway, because we fully expect to survive the rest of the non-apocalypse until early in 2013 (and we hope you do too), we are happy to announce that John will appear on the Bob Charles Show to discuss his latest stories, UFO-related subjects and more! It should be a rousing discussion, and we invite you to both listen and participate.

January 3, 6 P.M. Central Time.

Bob Charles' show is heard in 20 countries on four different networks, and he has had John Lear, David Sereda, Jay Weidner and other well-known experts and luminaries of the UFO and paranormal field on as guests – so John will be in good company! It's one full hour of interesting, cutting-edge chat with no commercial interruptions!

Ring in the new year by chatting about your favorite subjects with John Kettler and Bob Charles. Make a note, and be sure to call in with questions. The number shown on the site is: (843) 225-8292.

John hopes to “see you” on the Bob Charles Show.

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Bob Charles
7 years ago

Hi John
If anyone wants a copy of the 12/30 Radio Show on & The Bob Charles Show all they have to do if they have any problem is send me an E-mail at [email protected] and I will send a copy right out !

John Kettler
7 years ago
Reply to  Bob Charles


Many thanks!

Bob Charles
7 years ago

A Recording of John Kettler on The Bob Charles Show is NOW available by sending an E-Mail to [email protected] with a working e-address and we will for FREE send you a copy of the SHOW immediately !!!

Jason Ramsey
Jason Ramsey
7 years ago
Reply to  Bob Charles

Presume this is the same as the download you can get by going to the show archive? Happy New Year!

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