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John Kettler Investigates–What You Need to Know & Why (Continued from Home)

Russian documentary on Nazi secret base in Antarctica and Operation High Jump. Has English subtitles, is deadly serious and has two doctorate level  (military studies) Russian colonels in uniform, as well as a civilian academic, also with doctorate, on camera repeatedly. Prepare to be shocked.

Three UFO videos in one segment and dating from practically the beginning of 2014. These have not been analyzed , but are provided to show UFOs are not merely some Cold War mass hysteria, but are ongoing phenomena.

A real ET recording shot inside an ultra secure building within the already black Area 51 and smuggled out at mortal risk to the person who felt we the people deserved to know not only that we are not alone, but the government has lied hugely; has met ETs and communicated with them. Some get to stay without asking to do so! DNI stands for Department of Naval Intelligence and is not to be confused with ONI, the Office of Naval Intelligence. Bob Lazar's paycheck was tied to a classified DNI contract. Hmm.

A dying CIA officer tells of his own direct experience of UFOs and ETs. He was in it clear back to Roswell.

The NWO alone, the ultimate goal of the farcical-to-the-uninformed Illuminati, never mind conspiracy issues, is covered, directly and indirectly, by what must surely be thousands of sites. John Kettler Investigates frequently goes straight at the various NWO branches, exposing their nefarious plans and doings, forcing them to back off or at least trim their sails. Time and again, JKI has uncovered the real message, exposed the Big Lie. These acts have brought both the site and John Kettler a lot of grief, but it goes with the job. CIA. NSA. DHS. All and more have been on the receiving end of withering blasts from this site. Mind control. Engineered disease. Blocked evolution. Humans tagged as cattle. The downsides of our cell phones. These are but a few of the matters the site addresses. Below is a small part of an interview with the woman Svali, who was born into the Illuminati and spent 30 years in it, much of it as someone who practiced harrowing mind control on Illuminati children and trained others to do so. Ignore her at your peril.

Then, there are the people acutely interested in bleeding edge military aerospace developments, black programs and covert operations. John Kettler Investigates has published considerably in these areas. Whether it be the fruits of US overhead reconnaissance, craft that don't exist, ops that never were, boots on the ground or invisible soldiers (a la “Predator”), this site is all over it.

Invisible Soldier. Watch starting at 2:00. Not responsible for sanity loss.

Aurora. It has an SR designation (Strike/Reconnaissance), but it's so classified even John Kettler Investigates hasn't been told.

Those of you who believe it doesn't exist may wish to ponder why this “JAG” episode gave highly cleared Air Force types apoplexy?

The TR-3B is not only real, but the site has published details of a family of such aerospace craft,but of varying sizes. The lineal descendant, Edgar Fouche, of a great French spymaster reports on what he knows about the TR-3B–via six people in black programs.

This video may (note conditional) be showing TR-3Bs.

And if you want a real covert operation, how about stealing 200 Davy Crockett tactical nuclear weapons from the US, together with ~15 Jupiter MRBMs (Medium Range Ballistic Missiles) from your great ally the United States. Now, upgrade the 100 ton yield warheads to 7 KT kilotons–half the yield of the Hiroshima A-Bomb and build some as deep penetrating bunker busters? Illegally test several enhanced Davy Crocketts in the Negev Desert, modify the guidance on the Jupiters and nuke Syria, including one A-Bomb attack via F-15E Strike Eagle. Not only did the perfidious Israelis do all these things, but because Syria wasn't about to admit any of it, Israel certainly wasn't talking and the US, having been had in every sense of the expression, was very much involved in suppressing even the dead giveaway seismic records, Israel got away with it! How's that for an exclusive?!

For the record, John Kettler personally knew and consulted for an Operation Paperclip scientist named Dr. Hans Mauer. He was the Chief Technology Officer at Hughes Aircraft's Missile Systems Group, where Mr. Kettler worked. Additionally, John knew innocent people whose lives were upended because of the infamous Falcon and the Snowman case at TRW. One such was a woman who honchoed a black satellite program there–receiving successive funding increments of $100K in a shoebox placed in her mailbox! During his Hughes and Rockwell days, he got to listen to and meet FBI Counterintelligence Agent (real spycatcher) David Majors and handle one of the most iconic pieces of spy gear ever. He worked with former (and not exactly former) personnel, operators and analysts from CIA, Agency proprietary Air America, DIA, NSA, Air Force Intelligence and more. After leaving military aerospace in mid 1989, Mr. Kettler found himself in the remarkable situation of being in the same room with KGB officers about whom he had once held classified files! This was in a panel discussion with their former US opponents. On a different occasion, he was greatly fortunate to be able to attend a gathering in which the former Undersecretary General of the United Nations (CIA agent in place while in that job) and highest ranking Soviet defector ever, Arkady Shevchenko spoke. John Kettler got to meet him and managed to get his copy of Shevchenko's book autographed. Shevchenko had used the tradecraft goodies and techniques that are the stuff of spy novels and films.

Top 25 Covert Operations.

That brilliant bug in the Great Seal story linked to above was created by this man, Leon Theremin. You may not know his name, but you almost certainly know the music from the instrument he created.

Some of the sorts of things Mr. Kettler was exposed to from practically when he could read. How many other kids understood microdots while in elementary school?

Here, John Kettler brings a lifetime of studies in military history, military thought, weapon technology, espionage and covert ops to the table, having grown up as the son of a cutting edge defense engineer and been around TOP SECRET CODEWORD programs, not to mention over eleven years as a crack military analyst (in-house expert on Soviet and Warsaw Pact militaries) for two top defense contractors, Hughes (now Raytheon) and Rockwell (now Boeing), during which he worked on a string of missile programs (AMRAAM, Maverick, Phoenix, etc.) guided bombs, air defense, B-1B strategic bombers, AC-130U gunship, Stealth,DEW (Directed Energy Weapons), antisatellite weapons and more, culminating in the military versions of the NASP (National AeroSpace Plane).

X-30 NASP was the basis for a range of planned hypersonic vehicles–endoatmospheric, exoatmospheric and both. Other than saying there were military applications for the NASP, everything else was classified. John Kettler was one-half of a two-man Threat Analysis team geared toward identifying and countering NASP threats from the ground to on-orbit.

AC-130U Spectre is the best friend troops in contact can have. Rockwell defined the sensors and armament. John was part of a two-man team which defined the threat environment for the heavily armed aircraft. So good was the work that he and his colleague were told that,had the customer validated it, it would've exceeded program classification!

AIM-54 Phoenix was developed to defend the Fleet. In its time it was peerless. John Kettler helped perform numerous Fleet Air Defense analyses and was the go-to threat person who kept track of Russian advances as they affected the Phoenix missile program.

He almost became a field spook for the CIA (could say who interviewed him, but it's a federal offense), and twice was nearly recruited by Army Foreign Science & Technology Center (aborted because of budget freezes there). Because he knows his stuff, John Kettler Investigates has been blessed with sources and deep truth the likes of which even CNN's Pentagon correspondent can't begin to imagine. And those shocking revelations wouldn't be permitted to air. Exclusive stories, rich in insider detail, of “things that never happened” frequently grace these pages. Both the highly sensitive, not-for-attribution sources and John Kettler are at grave risk because of this, and there have been death threats. People have been gruesomely killed, both principals and loved ones, for making such bombshell disclosures! Those super brave, patriotic sources and John Kettler emphatically agree: the people of this nation and, by extension, the world, have a right to know what's really going on, what it means and why. Sometimes, the who emerges as well.

In any event, John Kettler and this site embody these wonderful Thomas Jefferson quotes. Isn't it time we took back control of the careening Ship of State?!

“I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.” –Thomas Jefferson to William C. Jarvis, 1820. ME 15:278

“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree.” –Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia Q.XIV, 1782. ME 2:207

Secret history and suppressed science and technology keep entire publishers going, and the Web reflects this interest. An uninformed populace, as noted above, is an exploitable populace unable to make intelligent decisions. We Americans are, both relative to Europe and absolutely in terms of our overall level of societal awareness, dazzlingly ignorant of the true history of the country and of the world. Bluntly put, it bears vanishingly little resemblance to what we've been taught was the truth. Be it the history of the founding and expansion of the nation, the true nature and size of some of the inhabitants (giants, hundreds of whose skeletons the Smithsonian has made vanish) or even which Europeans got here first and when. and that pales when compared to the official archaeological view that the Clovis culture dated back only 20,000 years when no less than five different tests conclusively showed the real number was around 250,000-350,000 years! Nah, no secret history here. Did you know this country is still living off the wholesale looting at the end of World War II of Germany's Patent Office?  Did you know the Nazi A-Bomb program, deemed a joke in the standard histories, was real; that several were made and tested and that two were detonated in combat? This site fully outed the use by SS General Kammler, of a German prototype A-Bomb, at Kursk, Russia in July of 1943–causing the then Director of Central Intelligence to start screaming when John Kettler Investigates broke the story and thereafter ran with it. Few realize what really happened; what was really created, used and flown during the war. Consequently, it's impossible to understand where the technology is now and what is possible.

Documentary investigating information encoded in Knights Templar sites in America. The Knights Templar structures were here before Columbus arrived.

When it comes to encoding information in monuments, called, by him, archaeocryptography, here is the man–Carl Munck. His theory is so elegant it even allows us to find the locations of ancient monuments which have been obliterated. How? Their locations are built right into the structures of other sites!

And who could forget the cryptids–Bigfoot (for which we now have DNA results which will astound), Nessie, Mothman, mokele-mbembe, Thunderbird, the Loveland Frog, chupacabras and more–including whatever monster (not kidding) made this?! How about pterodactyls? Dragons? What would you do if you crossed paths with the critter in the second photo here? Lots of other things have needed his attention, but John Kettler is quite interested in those things covered under the rubric “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Bigfoot is now known, from expertly conducted DNA tests on a variety of samples (hair, flesh, feces, blood), to be a primate-human hybrid.

Bigfoot screams have been analyzed by a former Navy linguist who has stated Bigfoot screams, recorded all over the country, are a formal language, not mere vocalizations. The implications of this are obvious.


Someone who apparently encountered it and lived to tell the tale.

Recently, John Kettler Investigates has begun taking apart the almost fatally limited coverage in the mainstream media of events in Ukraine and Iraq–including what really happened to Flight 17 and the Russian Army's presence in Ukraine–making more enemies in the process. And just yesterday and today, John Kettler took a searching look at the ISIS situation–including an exclusive disclosure of a “didn't happen” joint US/UK commando raid into Syria to retrieve US journalist Steven Joel Sotloff–so he could keep his head if the US kept bombing ISIS in Iraq. If you want the stories before they break, read John Kettler Investigates!

Buk M1/SA-11 GADFLY SAM of the type which shot down Flight 17. The US has ironclad evidence this is the case, and John Kettler Investigates has thoroughly examined the specifics. Expect to see material far beyond what it's already published.

Summing Up

The above is but a taste of the breadth and depth of what John Kettler Investigates has covered, covers and will cover. This is why this site is read avidly–or by order–in lots of known and unknown places and groups (alphabet soup agencies, for example) here, at the Pentagon, at the White House and in foreign capitals such as London, Tel Aviv and Moscow. The CIA has, because the information here at JKI's often way over the clearance level of its already highly cleared personnel, blocked most of the Agency computers at Langley. Security officers go nuts trying to figure out how JKI gets the precise deep black information that makes them incontinent on the spot. And it keeps happening! It keeps happening because there are truly gutsy people who value truth; who take, in deadly earnest, theirs oaths to “protect and defend the Constitution” and whose loyalty is to the American people, rather than those who deliberately foment war for power and profit and use Silent (not silenced) Weapons against us.

This site is absolutely, positively the worst place to be for those who believe that what they see; what they are told–is real and true–and are not prepared to change their perceptions. This is a place where the curious, the Standard Model challengers, the risk takers will find a home and enormous mental stimulation. This is a multidisciplinary site which is devoted to the truth–however scary, mind-shattering or horrible it may be. This is a place of controversy, heated debates and strongly defended views. A fair number of readers have gone and continue to go toe-to-toe with John Kettler himself! This is a place where contrived memes and propaganda lines are exposed to merciless light; where what governments, organizations and individuals have tried to keep from us is laid bare. Where over and over again the clarion call rings through the very heavens–“WAKE UP!!!”

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