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John Kettler Announces Big Changes at JKI

Originally posted on August 4, 2012 @ 8:20 PM

John Kettler's Message To The Troops

John Kettler

John Kettler Announces Commenting Changes

After much consideration and conversation, we've come to the conclusion that major changes need to happen here at JKI (JohnKettler Investigates). The reasons? Chronic comment overload, consequences of recent injuries, and the loss (duration unknown) of the stellar services of Sunfire, who so beautifully and astonishingly handled the bulk of the comment load for quite some time. The simple fact is, the status quo is unsustainable – and it's killing me! Our Webmaster is and has been very concerned about all this, and he's now put his foot down (for our mutual benefit).

The New Commenting Model for

Here's the problem: it's simply impossible to to work seven days a week, for hours on end, answering comments which are often complex, detailed, and requiring close review (which can take upwards of an hour or more per comment) before approving – let alone answering coherently and in detail. Doing this while still putting out posts regularly, getting out the newsletter, solving member issues, writing new E-books for John Kettler Investigates AND recovering from utter exhaustion and the havoc wrought on me by my “unfortunate incident” (pesticide poisoning and brain slam) and it's consequences (side effects of new medication and adjustments to old) has pushed me to the limits of my ability to keep going.

I'm exhausted and approaching total burnout, if not total meltdown.

We here at JKI have no choice but to implement a new model, one designed to allow me to concentrate on critical tasks, heal properly and have some sort of life. We know this is going to make some (perhaps many) of you unhappy, but it is simply a practical reality that the status quo cannot continue.

How long it will be this way is uncertain, but effective immediately — all comment threads will be closing after 5 days! So yes, that means all the open threads you're used to posting to will be closing, too. And this will all start to happen within 48 hours. So please, be advised.

I think my long-time friend, business partner and the Webmaster/jack-of-all-trades for the site put it well when he said: “This is going to upset some of the regs, but how much more upset will they be if you collapse from trying to do the impossible, what with 50-100 comments per day and everything else you've got to handle?” And I think it is a very good question, is it not? Karl wanted me to pass this along too: “You weren't in good shape to begin with. You're recovering from a serious brain injury, and suffering from what's being done to treat it. Your memory and concentration have suffered, yet the demands on you continue to increase. Something's got to give.”

“Exciting Developments Are Imminent” — John Kettler

We are implementing big changes here at John, and I'm excited by these imminent developments! Those who have joined our Insider's list (always free to join) will be given a splendid, exclusive opportunity as we restructure the site so that it works for you and us.

In short, was intended from the start to be a successful business — not just an interesting (if expensive and all-consuming) “hobby” or public service. We certainly never intended that it be a more-than-fulltime enterprise. Consequently, changes are coming. As to our loyal visitors and readers, there's no need to panic! Nothing's being taken away. In fact, there will be more content than ever – in more forms! It's just that I simply must find a way to decrease the demands on my time, among other things.

The immediate tradeoff is truncated commenting. I'm sorry if that's going to make for some unhappiness. But if you prolific commenters are patient, there will shortly be an area in which you can run wild (the new forum, which Karl has been madly working on). As for other changes… be sure to catch tomorrow's post. Bombshells await!

— John Kettler

August 7 – After further discussions, we decided that cutting off comments after just 5 days would not leave anything but one post open most of the time. So, for the moment, we've decided to have the cut off kick in at 30 days. That means more recent posts will remain open for comments. To be clear, comments are not closing across-the-board. Only older comment threads are closing.

The much ballyhooed and delayed forum is in the works. For those of you who like to engage in open, unrestricted and free-form discussion, that will be the place for it. We also think it will be a darn cool place to hang out.

The “tomorrow's post” will now be in the next day or so. We've had to revise the revisions of our new plan, and John is working on something special. But rest assured, changes are coming…

— The Webmaster

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Roy-David Woodward
Roy-David Woodward
7 years ago

John you are being bombarded by all forms of microwaves and psionics. Use the WORD Banish against them and notice your strength returning. Use DEEP Yoga breathing,Prana. Put lots of Turmeric on Salads and green drinks. Take Red Grape Juice every other day with 1/4th tsp of Psillyum Seed with husks with each glass of juce for Colon balance and cleanse.Bless your body with good words and love. ROY

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