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Originally posted on November 28, 2013 @ 2:41 PM

JKI: Progress On Multiple Fronts!

JKI has made some real progress because I've made real progress lately. The entire moving process is inherently highly stressful, but is much worse when doing it on a shoestring constitutes an improvement! Even so, following many fruitless weeks of hunting for an affordable domicile, finally finding one, packing up as the weather disintegrated, then relocating (via brother Ed) in the rain and cold, culminated in a successful move to a splendid place with great company. Since I'm now relatively stable in key areas, though my critics doubtless disagree about the cognitive side, this likewise restores some measure of stability to the rather upheaved prior JKI situation.

Though the Internet's not sorted out here (sharing a slower than my last abode hard line back and forth for now), my real connectivity has skyrocketed, reducing my cybernetic stress and enhancing productivity on JKI in general and the long delayed U.S. Spec Ops Revealed in particular. Karl surfaced long enough to send me the latest version he'd put together following our last editing session, I've gone through our chat threads collecting the various chunks of research I'd unearthed, and am now organizing things here so that we can incorporate both the new research and the various corrections into what will be the third JKI E-book. I have to say that, having been away from it for months, I'm quite pleased by what we've created. It's content rich, thought-provoking and reader friendly. A tough combination to pull off! Once we've got a review copy put together, I can start work on the audio book. So be of good cheer those of you who advance ordered the complete package. You will get what you paid for!

Unfortunately, Karl's not yet got things sorted out on his end, so we're in a sort of halfway there state at present. He's beavering away on a bunch of projects, most of which I know nothing, while working a schedule that'd fell an ox. During this, he's had to deal with a bunch of JKI site issues. Little things like page frames with no text, beating recalcitrant plugins into submission, adding new analytical tools, plus raising JKI from the dead–a death whose causes remain uncertain. Was it natural, or did we get pushed? My jury's out, and I can't speak for Karl regarding this.


My last post was designed to bring public attention to NSA's latest outrages and to inform the circles of power these foul deeds weren't going unnoticed, and I think I succeeded on both counts. In the former case, it didn't go viral or even threaten to (112 Likes and 5 g+1s). But that post got a) quite a few eyeballs here and on Facebook and b) got the quiet attention of the cause of that post, the NSA, which is playing hob with our social networks, not merely data mining them and tracking our activities, but actively shaping our perceptions of reality! Given what I know of the wholesale NSA alteration of anything and everything on our social networks, I strongly distrust those numbers for my post, too.

What I can say with confidence is that my post stung NSA badly enough that my FB page was repeatedly altered almost immediately after I mainstreamed the post to my standard FB page in addition to my Fan Page. This is not merely my view, but that of highly sensitive contacts and fits perfectly with several comments on FB in which people said they'd seen my post and were about to respond when poof! My post simply vanished. Now, some may say “Oh, that's just FB policing your site.” FB has but one way of policing a FB page. Banning! Therefore, it must be a force not FB, and which one's nose did I publicly bloody? Which force, which agency, has extraordinary technical acumen, vast monitoring and intrusion resources and over half a century of doing pretty much what it wants to, the laws be damned?

Given that NSA thought nothing of directly, publicly and repeatedly screwing with my FB page, I'd be a fool not to entertain the strong possibility that NSA might also be responsible for recently knocking down JKI. Of course, strong suspicion isn't the same as knowing. Such NSA shenanigans fall entirely under the legal rubric known as pattern and practice. What would otherwise be excludable before or during a trial as prejudicial becomes admissible if it can be shown there is a pattern of prior bad acts of the same kind. NSA's pattern and practice cover decades.

JKI & The Long-Legged Posts!

While waiting for new software for site stats to come online, I discovered lists were available, going clear back to the beginning, of the top posts. Boy, was I surprised! I suspect you'll be, too. The top post since this site began is Urgent Warning!!!, a relayed to me insider's account of the lethal perils of whistleblowing on covert ops and a clarion call to readers to wake up, now, and begin to take back the country. Though initially poorly received, this post has built a substantial head of steam (over 60, 000 views) and has, in the last few weeks, displaced the former top post, BEK (Black-Eyed Kids) Exposed. The second was and is a post with extraordinary legs, or longevity as a viable story. It's not flashy, but it keeps attracting viewers, ever since the initial splash it eventually made after being published October 10, 2012. To date, it's got over 45,ooo views total. And what's in some ways even more surprising is that the third of the top three is the explosive post I did on the Colorado Fires. This last of the three drew upon both terrestrial and ET/ED (Extraterrestrial/ Extradimensional) sources in the LF (Liberation Forces) to paint a truly unique picture of what really happened in Colorado  and why. So far, it's well north of 30,000 views.

JKI's Global Reach

Please  understand that not only are the view counts highly suspect and probably way low, but the true reach of JKI is simply not calculable from this end. Not-for-attribution contacts tell me, for example, that a single post may be photocopied in a Pentagon office, put on distro, then sent out to be read by 100 people. In another  case, the CIA illicitly copied ten of my posts and sent them out to 26,000 employees at Langley, causing a huge security breach in the process as analysts filled in silly security redactions by going to my site and seeing what they weren't allowed to read (not high enough clearances) at work. That happy condition lasted until practically every computer in the building was blocked from accessing JKI!

And while JKI has a very low overall profile, the oft shattering posts are attentively read, willingly or unwillingly, in the halls of power in key places all around the world, at times causing all manner of reactions there. If you have high level contacts at State, you can verify this for yourself. You see, several Secretaries of State have received diplomatic nastygrams in response to my posts, while other interested parties were and are quietly pleased to see some travesty exposed and, pehaps, corrected either internally or via outside persuasion and pressure. That pressure can even take the form of dire threats, coupled with the iron will to execute them if necessary.

So, while we have no idea how may eyeballs are really on the content here, it's evident, from reader feedback, what's happened to this site and matters related thereto, as well as what sensitive contacts say, this microbe of a site is having a real impact. That, after all, is the whole point. Stay tuned!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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7 years ago

John, How does doom lies in the sidebar, in what way? Is it time to reveal the doom? I feel like we are blind, once again. But, I do not want to jeopardize anything just for the sake of knowing. What ever is this doom and if you can’t reveal yet, thank you, for letting us know of the University of Evolutions existence, some of us are comforted by the thought the grey ‘s soul traps apparatus has been taken down. Yeha! Best Christmas Present Ever! I have to go wrap presents for those who will not be getting much… Read more »

7 years ago

This song is to send you and Karl much needed appreciation.

Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong

Wishing you both a Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas

7 years ago

John, In my dream last night, I was surfing in the ocean with a bunch of tigers. I rode along side them, their heads large, very large, water were rough seas. They were all swimming the same direction to the left while I tried to stay on my board next to them trying not to hit any of them I cared about their well being. The last time this happen, Julian Wells was discussing a reptilian battle was in outerspace 11/11/2013. Hmmmm. Makes me think I may be having this dream when something is up. With the older dream I… Read more »

Reply to  Grateful
7 years ago

Every dream I had the cats were going in the left direction. Why is that important?
Well, the heart is on the left side of our chests.
The heart is the way we need to go. Not just me but, I think all of us can win this if we use our hearts 1st.

May your holidays be filled with Heart

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