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Originally posted on October 5, 2013 @ 9:05 PM

JKI–Current Status

JKI readers, I think it's a good idea to issue an update, so that you can understand what's happening, why, and why other things Karl and I'd planned aren't yet happening. The overall situation is this: Both Karl and I are heavily involved in locating and arranging new housing, and Karl faces an unknown, but sooner rather than later, deadline, whereas I know mine.

Given the massive flux on both ends for us, it's been pretty difficult to do much of anything, yet I keep putting out posts  on all sorts of topics, many highly controversial, while Karl somehow manages to keep the site going–by doing the juggling act of the ages.

The realities of survival issues have wrecked not one but several plans, but we soldier on. U.S. Spec Ops Revealed has arguably suffered the worst in continuing delays from all the chaos, but these unfortunate delays have affected other projects, too. “But is there some good news?” you ask. “And it is?” While the delays have frustrated us no end, we now have wonderful new material for the planned revised editions of UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas and Mystics, as well as Extreme UFO Recovery. It's the sort of information likely to cause apoplexy in a number of powerful circles.

JKI & The Criticality of Karl

Speaking of the site, regular readers and new visitors have NO idea how bleeding edge the JKI site is. In fact, Karl's doing what many WordPress experts consider outright impossible. He's staying atop something in excess of 40 internal-to-JKI WordPress programs (plug-ins), each of which handles some specific site function and may or may not play well with other plug-ins.

And once Karl somehow attains bliss/reduced angst by finally getting them all working together, some become obsolete and aren't supported anymore by their creators, thus he has to find new plug-ins, insert them and painstakingly test them. Meanwhile, other plug-ins become crotchety and cantankerous. Every time WordPress institutes an update, all bets are off. Generally, though, he can count on one or more plug-ins becoming issues or even failing outright. Then, there's the plethora of issues associated with site hosting, site migration, technical support for the site by the hosting company, interface woes and oh so much more.

JKI, Heavy Flak & Donations

From time to time, Karl and I profoundly miss the halcyon days of yore in which we had some serious financial support for JKI, but we weren't about to stop saying what needed to be said about the adamantly and repeatedly stated views of certain popular figures in the alternative/metaphysical/UFO community. Recently, we had a shot at some heavy duty support from overseas, but that didn't work out because JKI was “too weird” for the potential donor. Consequently, we need your much-appreciated donations more than ever!

This principled position of not following the “gurus” has cost us much-needed money, site traffic, personnel, good will, interview opportunities and many personal attacks by people who could and did hurt us. Still, we endure, despite tons of flak from every direction, be they readers who want only stuff on ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/Extradimensionals), others with no interest in the Nazi A-Bomb, others who want way more on that topic, those wrapped up in imminent societal collapse, both in the U.S. and overseas–and on and on.

JKI & The Halls of Power

Unsurprisingly, lots of JKI posts lately have caused consternation in the halls of power both here and abroad, whether intelligence agencies, military circles or  national governments, alone or in combination. The outrage in such quarters over revelations about the long-suppressed Nazi A-Bomb at Kursk, Russia in 1943 during World War II (a multinational nuclear conspiracy of carefully hidden history) and Israel's four covert nuclear strikes against Syria using stolen U.S. nuclear weapons and missiles has stopped just short of outright death threats, but it's led to some really angry messages sent to State, which has received  nastygrams before as a result of my posts.

But while some groups would gladly see me muzzled, deported, maybe even killed, others are thrilled such vital topics are getting the proper coverage they deserve. As hoped, word's been received that exposure of these matters is causing both national and international effects, with the happy outcome being to publicize and thus check behaviors quite likely to trigger World War III. There will be more such posts in the days ahead, for there's much to be told.

JKI–Summing Up

Things are far from wonderful at JKI, but we carry on regardless. We fully intend to get out U.S. Spec Ops Revealed and, later, the revisions for the other two E-books, as soon as we can. In the first case, we can't move forward until we get the review edition done and proofed, for only then can I start doing the time intensive audio book, which Karl will have to edit. This presumes I don't have to go back and fix problems in my voice over!

I shall continue to put out the best, most informative and provocative posts I can, consistent with what we do here and numerous security concerns. And hats off to Karl for the collection of miracles he's wrought which have kept and keep this site alive!

We recognize that times are tough, and may yet again have to assess our funding model, but we most urgently need your donations!!!

Thank you for your kind words, encouragement, understanding and all the love and support (many types) you've provided us since we started this site way back toward the end of 2011. We wouldn't be here without you!

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7 years ago

Hi John, “Comet Ison” seems to be a hot topic at he moment, are you picking anything up?. Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, has made everyone who read his latest posting, sit up and take note. Its titled “What Can Be Told”.
Looking forward to your comment.
Yours Sincerely Peter

Mr Eyeball
Mr Eyeball
7 years ago

Mr Kettler your sources know anything about this,,,, ^ Obama’s attempt to destroy Charleston, South Carolina in what military intelligence analysts state was an attempted “ false flag nuclear attack.” Tuesday (8 October) at 01:58:11 GMT/UTC an atomic device was exploded in the seabed off the US Atlantic Ocean, barely 1,000 km (620 miles) from Charleston, causing a 4.5 magnitude earthquake measurement that SMF experts equate to being a 1-kiloton yield, which is equal to the power of 1,000 tons of TNT. Previous warnings about Obama’s planned false flag attack on Charleston had been leaked to numerous global organizations including… Read more »

7 years ago

John, Thank you for being one of the only people that covers this type of vital information, and who ever they are you refer to in your post, they are not allowed to muzzle you or hurt you right Karl, Sunfire, and Tanaath. Your sight has given me what is necessary to fine tune my discernment and that I am eternally grateful. I never would have known there was a Liberation Force and some of the operations sometimes surgical weapons to free this planet. You connect sooooooooooo many dots for us, just to tell ya, John. You have gifted these… Read more »

Reply to  Grateful
7 years ago

John, Thank you for putting up with my sometimes strange responses to your posts.. I want to at least say I tried in my own way to be free. Writing frees us somehow. I have really enjoyed learning all about the protections in place and feel quite comforted the masses are waking up and other beings to the importance of being here at this time as the world changes for the better thanks to John and the Liberation Forces and/or Silver Legion. I will continue to phone home to ensure there is a way of it. Happy Evolution John and… Read more »

John Fu
7 years ago

I like to present a very worthwhile challenge herewith. See if you can manage to keep on reading to the very end of this report. It is like being forced to keep on staring in the mirror & hold on to your sanity, yet we all have succeded sofar & i do so very much admire everyone for that. . Its all very self evident. Our good intentions are used & abused into self destruction. Once you will see their rules clearly you can start on the road to self preservation; we need ingenuity & ET help. . .… Read more »

Reply to  John Kettler
7 years ago

Are these rogue Rothchild’s the House of David or House of Dan?
Norse Mythology discusses one of these House’s having special genetic inherited gifts.
Being gifted is one thing but trying to kill off and control everybody like they describe in these articles needs stopping. Thank you for reminding us about their need to control our money/food/ families of all kinds. LOL

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