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JKI Update 9 Moves & Movement

Originally posted on December 15, 2017 @ 6:24 AM

This JKI Update in Detail


JKI Update 9 is, shockingly, timely. Let's start with moves. Karl caught a huge break, for had he not decamped when he did, he would've been breathing a lot of smoke from the California wildfires!  Instead, he left the area two weeks before that, not to mention a crummy hotel he'd been staying in while a whole series of things were done on the other end to (theoretically) make the new place ready for habitation. If you've ever moved, especially in conjunction with important timing critical deliveries at your new abode, you probably have some sense of what can go wrong. Multiply that by ten and you'd be in the ballpark of his move! The worst of that ordeal is now over, and I'm delighted to report he's now in a safe, quiet area in another state–with lots of fresh air and natural beauty, too.

Museums, Antiques and Games

But Karl's wasn't the only move, for with one of my brothers and his wife, I moved through many states, en route to a veritable miracle for me–a major holiday with my family. It was a very long drive (with them at the wheel, since I don't yet have insurance–or a car, either)), during which, while most of the family members were off at Hogwarts in Harry Potter World, my brother and I (once with a brother-in-law at an aviation museum) hit several fabulous flight museums and the amazing Navy SEAL Museum in the video above. Saw some truly historic aircraft, including a C-47 which flew three paradrop missions on D-Day and the PBY-5A Catalina amphibious aircraft which found the Japanese fleet at Midway, enabling the US to score a crushing strategic victory there. Aviation buffs would've lost their minds and/or levitated in ecstasy, but my real quarry was the SEAL museum, a visit in the maybe category right up until my brother told me to saddle up, because we were leaving at 9 AM. Not only couldn't Harry Potter compete with them, but I was physically unable to attend, because of long periods standing (bad for back), crowds and noise (tough on nerves) and especially the inability of my brain to tolerate various visual FX, so a no go anyway.

Ate lots of good food, mostly homemade, did a lot of walking at the oft sprawling museums and deliberately ran up and downstairs where we were staying (hosts on ground floor and us on the 4th), so wound up lighter after Thanksgiving than before! While the museums were guy heaven, I also spent some time with my two sisters and my brother's wife while antiquing. Love seeing all manner of goodies from a time when things were made to last and it was wood instead of plastic.

Saw a beautiful clipper ship painting or print of unknown age (was up really high so couldn't see it well), old iron and tin toys and some cool vintage tools. Got to ring real sleigh bells (delighting my inner child) and snagged a 1950s cheese grater built like a tank. Am ever eyes peeled when it comes to kitchen utensils, which were solidly built back then.

Only a few days after getting some cool spring loaded clip on sunglasses from my brother, I found a staggering earlier version for pince-nez  and shortly thereafter abruptly found myself facing something way off the antique beat. Would you believe quad chess–four way chess?!  For a mere $12.99, I picked up a nicely boxed set brand new game (thought at first it was some failed game project), which had a large and substantial foldout board and four sets of good sized weighted plastic chessmen. But the amazing part is that, before I left, I played and didn't lose first! Losing first would hardly have been shocking, since I hadn't played standard chess in a long time. Was also able to play the latest version, Ixalan, of Magic: The Gathering™, a card game which is now vastly more complicated than when it first came out.

Taken in aggregate, I  dared hope these wholly unexpected cognitive events presaged a general improvement, but instead came the sad subsequent discovery that, as has happened several times before, this was a high functioning blip, not a lasting situation. Am presently taking several specific brain boosting products and am about to embark on some online brain building exercises. Have by no means given up hope!

Book Projects

Now, let me fill you in on what's happening with U.S. Spec Ops Revealed. One thing I can say is that a nephew of mine who's an artist is working on a special piece just for the book. It will cover a weapon so exotic as to make SF writers scream in frustration–after getting over the immense initial cognitive and technological shock. If you want a real challenge on your art project, try getting the artist up to speed on specific design concepts while in the midst of many enticing things going on at once. This artistic war effort, executed in the face of a slew of distractions, was ultimately doable only a handful of hours before launch at 4:30 AM for the long drive home. Am now eagerly waiting to see what I get after carefully coaching him on both the weapon and desired visuals. Also, in order to finally get the book done, so I can start doing the audio book, I'm doing selective surgery to excise some great recent material which isn't essential to the primary story. We'll let you know later how we plan to handle these insight producing items for a book we see as evolving and most assuredly growing over time. But that's not the only book in play.

Before U.S. Spec Ops Revealed is released, as I announced before, BEK: A Threat Assessment (short title) will hit the (digital) stands–not least because we need to make some money! Though Karl and I are still sorting out the logistics, rest assured those super patient readers who pre-ordered our Spec Ops book will shortly receive complimentary copies of the groundbreaking BEK book. Further, since Karl's trying to catch up after losing two weeks of work time–while dealing with the flu–am about to embark into the terra incognita of having the BEK book made ready for Amazon, which perversely has its own specific digital book format, instead of the standard ones! Sigh.

My Situation

As for me, I was so out of phase with my body, from travel and nervous overload from the intense family environment, including a a newly met smart precocious 14-month old who discovered she could roar like a jaguar (nearly put me into orbit when she suddenly let loose close by), that I woke up feeling the entire mostly wonderful week had been a dream! Took me three days to get back to my usual self. Had barely done that when I was “treated” to several days of debilitating (as in my energy field ripped apart and me largely in bed a wreck) geomagnetic storms and then “blessed” for a time with them and the overwhelming psychic load attendant to the California wildfires, major eye irritation (empathic experiencing of the smoke there?) and several terrorist bombings. Productivity since my return has been damn near zero, but being able to bang this out gives me renewed hope the curve will continue to ascend. With this one done, my next task will be to put out something provocative for JKI/SA subscribers. Believe I'll talk about some things most of you don't know the Vatican's been doing!





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