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JKI Update 8 Moves & Movement

Originally posted on October 29, 2017 @ 4:13 PM


The Update in Detail

JKI Update 8 is so long overdue it needed a suitable audio notice, but part of that was caused by enormous uncertainty as to who was where and what was happening. In fact, only hours ago (or was when I wrote this on October 23rd and thought I published it!) did I learn where Karl, our esteemed Webmaster, actually is!  He won't be there more than a few weeks until moving to an undisclosed location in another state! To say he's been and is hyper stressed would be the grossest of understatement. On top of that, there were days on end in which he had no Skype, either, and that's our principal communication means.

On my end of the Update, the situation is threefold: 1) I have been pulverized by the seemingly unending Earth, solar, and geomagnetic upheavals, not to mention the manmade havoc and horror; 2) to this was added over a week of some sort of highly debilitating and ensconced in my lungs and sinuses respiratory bug which pretty much left me bedridden, brain dead and exhausted for days on end–the super cold; 3) in the last few days, I have finally pulled out of my seemingly unending power dive to neither caring, still less doing, and am finally getting some work done.

This post is one such thing, and I need at least two more posts before this month ends, with one each on JKI and JKI/SA. May or may not be able to provide Living Pterosaurs Part 2 (short title) this month on JKI. Part 1 is here. If not, there's something fermenting in my brain on esoteric matters and serendipity.

As for JKI/SA, am contemplating discussing the higher dimensional aspects of mass shootings( which I later did). “As above, so below.” Remember that? Another possibility is describing a Liberation Forces' close combat engagement which would be head warping even in a comic book. There is other good news. It concerns that book.

Yes, it's true. Since the last Update, in fact, shortly before I came down with that awful bug, I was able to really get into the far too long in gestation U.S. Spec Ops Revealed manuscript. Let me just say that proofreading for typos is one thing, but scrutinizing a manuscript as a whole is something else altogether. Suffice it to say my high school English Comp teacher would've first had apoplexy, then chucked me out of her class. It was that bad. Couldn't believe what got missed!

Fixing the above requires two things which I find difficult to combine: energy and acute sustained focus, and major deficiencies in these while swept up in getting what I wanted to say written were doubtless what led to the mess in the first place. But the repair job on the manuscript is somewhat secondary to a far more important issue. In engineering it's called freezing the design. At some point, if you are ever going to complete the design and get something built you have to stop tweaking it or, worse, adding to it. The truth of the matter, though is this: The Spec Ops field is exceedingly dynamic, with new developments of one type or another being very much the norm. Thus, the agonizing question for me is where and how to stop? This situation is in no wise helped by having various tasty morsels find me! Just a few days ago, for example, in the unlikeliest of places (a Dan Brown novel) I got a pointed unexpected reminder to put in a real insider's view of Navy deep diving technology. Call it drowning to dive! This sort of information is what I believe really helps flesh out the story of the Special Operators.

There has been another development, something I believe will be exciting both as news and as a reading experience. What's the development? I'm working with a freshly fledged graphic artist to create custom illustrations for U.S. Spec Ops Revealed. He has already provided me a preliminary sketch, to which I responded in detail, and we are seeing where things stand tomorrow when I call him. Frightening as it may sound to those trained to do this, Mr. Never Went to Art School is the art director! This isn't art for art's sake but art to help you readers grasp weaponry so advanced as to make SF writers weep, if not suicidal. Not an exaggeration! Went around dazed for days myself and had to have a veritable class so I correctly described what was told me.

In summation, this Update should leave you with a) some understanding of the howling chaos Karl and I have been dealing with and b) a clear understanding that despite those formidable obstacles, we have persevered and are progressing!


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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