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JKI Update 7 Spec Ops Book Status & ET/ED Developments

Originally posted on September 27, 2016 @ 3:40 AM

U.S. Spec Ops - Revealed

JKI Update time! U.S. Spec Ops Revealed book status, plus pending posts on biowarfare assassinations and the latest developments–from the macro to my own experiences– on the ever popular ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces will be the subjects.

But first, since there are so few videos on the topic of update, let alone funny ones, and some of what follows is grim, I'm going to go with the comedic classic I have.

JKI Update–Where Things Presently Stand

This JKI Update, depending on topic covered, consists of news ranging from awful to splendid. Shall start with what I consider awful, which will allow me to end on a high note!U.S. Spec Ops Revealed Book Status

From an editing standpoint, there is nothing quite like plunging into a manuscript after being away from it for a considerable time. In this instance, the experience is akin to being abruptly flung naked into an ice water bath whose surface is covered with ice cubes! Simply put, while the manuscript reads very well, at the proofreading and text emendation level, the thing is a nightmare writ large. Not only are there frightening numbers of typos, many of which wouldn't be caught by a spellchecker, but there are homophone errors (also spellchecker immune) of the sort I rail against when I encounter them in the writings of others. Would you believe I found “site” (a locus or place) in the same line as “sight” (weapon sight) when I was explicitly talking about only the latter? This is precisely the sort of thing that turns off the pros, the grogs and the grammar police. Not good. Frankly, I'm embarrassed, but in fairness to myself, TBI-related issues are in play now to a much greater degree than when I a) wrote the manuscript and b) last did corrections on it with Karl.

But things are worse than that. How? My brain and fingers were on the outs, resulting in screwed up corrections–which I a) have to catch, then b) fix! Nor is that the entire list. You see, I've belatedly realized I failed to address certain things in the Glossary, which means I have to write carefully worded new copy. Then there's the both exciting and vexed matter of incorporating new material. Have tons! How do I make the trade off between covering these important new topics and freezing the book so I can  send my final version  over to Karl for his ministrations and our text parsing and corrections? Recall, too, I can't start recording the audio book until we finalize the text. It should therefore come as no surprise that I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed by what I'm facing. It is far easier to write a book, such as my also in edit paranormal book, than it is to go into the excruciatingly minute military technical stuff, notice every defect in the multitudinous entries, then fix them.

Nor is the situation improved at all by being unable to work directly on the manuscript. Why can't I do this? I can't because Karl has the book already substantially laid out. The prior illustrations and links are in, which causes all sorts of cascading effects when text starts being tweaked, never mind adding a bunch of new material. I don't have the book layout software he does, and even if I did, I'd have to learn it from scratch!  By contrast, the BEK book is trivial to work on, since it's mostly text and I can work on it directly at this stage.

Biowarfare Assassination Posts Pending

Work is well underway on two new posts regarding the above vileness. These  will be covering the sort of thing I do extremely well and from perspectives you're highly unlikely to encounter otherwise. When I say “two new posts” I mean the now customary informal abstract here on JKI and an in-depth analysis on JKI/SA for subscribers only. Why should most of you care about a disgusting topic normally the purview of professionals and buffs of black ops, covert operations and espionage? Simple and ghastly, too. US citizens have repeatedly been the target of what appears to be biowarfare assassination! Yes, you read that correctly. Moreover, those targeted fall far outside of the usual victim parameters and were hit with a never used before (that I'm aware of) bio-agent of truly staggering lethality.

ET/ED Developments

ETs/EDs, specifically items on the Liberation Forces, are what my core readership always wants to know all about and what I'm now finally able to deliver. It's 6:17 AM, and I've been writing almost nonstop for many hours (probably as a substitute for the manic cleaning preceding a major upheaval), so those not familiar with the names and terms used in this section will need to look them up on my site. Haven't got the energy or desire to find and set up all the usual hyperlinks.

There have been things happening of immense significance, which I'll be delighted to report when I get the chance.  These are macro level events. Something I heard about decades ago from a practical mystic (for want of a better term) has occurred. It involves a polarity (not a pole) shift, and for once I had a perceptual leg up on my trainer in Ground Contingents. This relates directly to one of those developments. The particular one I have in mind has markedly improved the combat power of the Liberation Forces and has already been used to great effect.

At the micro level, my own life, I have had yet another demonic attack, but sussed out the situation and resolved it in a way I've never used before and left both me and my mentor member of Ground Contingents proud. You might say I no longer need training wheels (at least in this area) and have been able, at last, to do for myself what I formerly could never do unaided.

The formerly evil witches now great, benevolent and fearsome when need be Da'Shen in their millions promised miracles to me, and there have been some doozies–wholly unanticipated events which blew me away, especially against a backdrop of pretty much everything falling apart on this end–including me! Information I never expected to have fell into my lap, and pieces are appearing from nowhere to help me assemble a coherent mosaic on a spook project. Am currently experiencing a lot of cognitive dissonance over a personal situation. My conscious mind is saying one thing, but the Da'Shen are emphatically saying the opposite and have been doing so for days now. Logic vs Da'Shen's impressive track record! It's very hard, but I've plumped for the Da'Shen on this one.

Have spent days in bed as a result of, well, practically incomprehensible higher order repair work on me. You could think of it as having simultaneously had a stack of major surgeries, which then require gobs of recovery time.  Weirdly, with pretty much everything disintegrating around me, I feel strangely optimistic. That's it for this JKI Update. It's 6:39 AM where I am for now, and I'm going to crash!






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