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JKI Update 5 BEK, Spec Ops Progress, and I Borg

Originally posted on August 22, 2016 @ 5:21 PM


JKI update time!  At times, I can get a post out really fast, something like, in relative terms, the speed of that UFO above.

Before we commence this, the fifth JKI Update, time for some sorely needed levity.

JKI Update–Where Things Stand

I Am Becoming Borg

JKI Update 4 laid out the grim situation we face on JKI and what we're doing to fix it. There have been some developments you should know about. For starters, resistance was futile, and I'm being assimilated by the Borg as I write this.

What? You don't believe me? What would you say if I told you I have 24 electrodes attached to my skull, a yard of colored fine wires emerging at the base of it and that they feed into a mysterious recording device. Further, as I sit here I'm under the unblinking stare of red LEDs, resembling a spider's eyes, which are part of the continuous video surveillance with cameras which can see in the dark. They, in turn, are linked to a computer. Who knows what it talks to? And did I mention I have scarcely any hair visible? In fact, I look like one of those classic cartoon characters after an accident. Head swathed in bandages down to the ears and under the chin. Terminology varies a bit, as does technology. My setup, for example, lacks the signal amplifier shown taped to the back of the boy's head, so that must be in the rather hefty electronics pack slung from my shoulder. Adding to the creepiness factor, my cameras are solid black and sit atop spidery black tripods, resulting in having what look like the Martian tripods from War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. The video looks so clinical and innocuous, but this experience is anything but that.

Since the electrically conductive paste which attaches the electrodes is water based, you can't shower, sweat or otherwise get them wet. But your head is hot, since you can't radiate heat, and itching is your companion for 72 hours in my case. T-shirts don't work because of the cabling, garments snag, and the whole thing is a confounded nuisance. It's rather like being a lab rat which has to document what happens to it on the fly, for you have to keep logs, too.

How did I wind up in this sad state, looking ridiculous and feeling embarrassed? My EEG revealed some neurological glitches, and this fabulous rig is designed to make a kind of brain wave film franchise, rather than the mini movie produced by a conventional EEG. Am just past the halfway mark on this “delightful” process. Compared to this, the hammering of the MRI machine on Thursday will be a blessing. At least it's quick!  Shall be most interested to see what is/isn't found, since my last MRI was years ago and much has happened since.

And still, the endless joys of being an Earth sensitive, empath and dweller, willing and unwilling, in the paranormal realms continue. Barely held together by the Liberation Forces' converted evil mighty witches, now breathtakingly beautiful warriors and master healers, the Da' Shen, I've had to deal with various other dimensional attacks, upgrade my UFO knowledge and researches, uncover suppressed history of every sort–meanwhile watching not a conspiracy but nested conspiracies come brazenly into the open and operate unashamedly while the media drone on with lies, we wait in breathless anticipation for the latest Instagram on Kim Kardashian's butt and the sheeple mostly sleep on.

Additionally, am dealing with what seems the systematic destruction of practically everything that keeps me going, to the extent I can claim I do so. This ranges from huge drama over my government benefits, humongous delays in “feeding” (receiving money) so I can do critical things like replace this could-die-at-any-time  iMac, sleep in a comfortable bed and get my mouth fixed, through pest infestation, (up to and including rats!), a lying, cheating, uncaring landlord arguably trained by Satan, key data vanishing from the Web, completely overturned sleep patterns (nothing to do with the bed), plus much else. And I still have to drop my 9/11 bombshell! Bizarrely, though, I also stand on the threshold of almost totally unbelievable success and somehow manage to be optimistic.

Planetary and societal upheaval remain my bane, and the Sun has been unquiet, too, wreaking havoc on me and my altogether too fragile computer. Nor must I neglect cryptozoology or the crpytids: Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Mokele Mbembe and so many others. Nazis and the occult, black programs, covert ops, oh my! But let's not forget the books and the simply astounding article series on the Ark of Covenant series underway on JKI/SA. the next post is going to be cinematic. Missed out on the serial so far, did you? Here. Let me help you with that.


After taking one squarely in the kisser when the computer suddenly burped just before I could Save on my last attempt, I was able to get back on the project the other day and get some solid work done. The new writing concerns the incomprehensible to me views of military-intelligence and others of that ilk when it comes to BEK. It also takes a look at a truly upsetting case from California law enforcement, presents several new cases obtained via spook sources and searingly analyzes a case which gave me an electric shock of fear when I read it. I work on the book when I can, but since I can't this particular day, you get this post instead. Once done with that chapter, I plan to look at BEK in a cultural context: urban myth, depictions in media, film, games, how people react and such. This chapter will be research heavy and a real learning experience for me. As I start incorporating links and videos into the BEK book, I shall have to deal with various clearances and releases, too.

US Spec Ops Revealed

In fruitfully searching for evidentiary material relating to a super spook in my third and big time delayed and disrupted (someone stole key evidence, and it took big strong men on the west coast to get it back, etc.) book project, which covers perhaps the best documented, most protracted and all but completely unknown case in paranormal history, I came across a bunch of links I'd squirreled away in (gulp) 2015. Now comes the task of figuring out what did and didn't get incorporated into the manuscript when Karl and I last were able to do changes and expansions.  Ideally, that work and what I plan to do would occur with text only, but that would be too easy. There's no way to make the changes without brute forcing the process. Also, a wealth of exciting new material and  methods to present Spec Ops issues has come my way.  Further, I've discovered I've had some killer books on SEAL Team Six and Delta Force  all along–somehow forgotten on my Gen One Kindle, together with a simply phenomenal physical book on the Night Stalkers by one. These are broadening my information base and will be in the recommended reading section of US Spec Ops Revealed.

The above is only what I'm prepared to report publicly. It in no way begins to fully describe all the balls I have in the air while juggling one-handed with only partial function in the off hand!  Could really use a fully rebuilt and radically upgraded brain right now. That, real sleep and abundant energy.


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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