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JKI Update 4 The BEK-Spec Ops Connection!

Originally posted on May 13, 2016 @ 6:53 PM

JKI Update Image Credit: fireye PD via annemaria48

JKI update time! If the extended title of the post caught your attention, it was supposed to. There has been a major change of plans by Karl and me on how we're going to run JKI, and I'm here to tell you about it. Please pay close attention.

But before we start, the below video update may be funny, but mine is serious.

JKI Update–What's Going On/Will be Going On & Why

Though it may not seem like it at all to our doubtless frustrated readers who pre-ordered, the very long in gestation US Spec Ops Revealed is still very much a live project, but in order for it to be born, we have recently decided that we need to jump the delivery queue and birth another baby first. Naturally, this one's barely conceived! Confused? Stay with me.


The purpose of this JKI Update is to let you know of this fundamental shift, why we're doing it and how we're going to handle things so that everyone is treated fairly. We hugely appreciate the extraordinary patience and forbearance all you who pre-ordered have exhibited to date.

Hard Realities

Except for a period early in this site's history, it has been a constant struggle to keep the site afloat. This has been true in a host of areas, of which money is but one. But it is money which, one way or the other, determines whether or not there is a JKI at all. When donations weren't really cutting it, we decided to put some of the content which we'd been giving away, at great cost to ourselves from the get, on a subscription basis. This is a path many sites have taken, but one we took reluctantly. That is why there is JKI/SA. We did this after giving up on ads as a viable revenue solution for us.

We don't like ads, we know you don't like them, and ad revenues were minuscule, so largely dropping them seemed a good idea. Besides, we'd found most of you had no interest in buying what was offered. We had high hopes for getting lots of subscriptions, which we had deliberately made quite affordable, but not only didn't we get the response we thought we'd get, but it also mauled us when it came to donations! We could practically hear people thinking: “Oh, they've got all those subscribers now, so they don't need my money.” We very much did and do!

Nor was this situation at all helped by my being out of commission so much, especially since I now had to feed two content streams and deal with everything else that entailed on my end. And though JKI/SA is a site within a site, so to speak, it unfortunately is not the same in terms of a bunch of its software, meaning Karl has had to design, build, maintain, improve, repair and rehost several times what are effectively two sites! Nor is this some run of the mill setup, for this operation is highly sophisticated, highly capable, SEO optimized and very fast loading. Vanishingly little of that is cheap. All this outlay with not a penny for either of us!

When we started JKI, our plan was to use the site to bring in traffic and from there sell E-books I would write. Next thing we knew, the blog part took over the joint, leaving the books a poor second. Since the books were to be the revenue stream, we were in quite a fix. Were it not for generous donations from some of you, we'd long since have been toast. Subscriptions help, but we are quite some distance to the crossover point at which we can cover the considerable monthly, quarterly and annual outlays. This brings me to what we believe will finally be a plan that not only keeps us afloat as a unique site but which will also, after years of killing ourselves, put some money into our pockets.

Why BEK before Spec Ops?

We have long known that BEK (in its various expressions) is the topic which really brings people here. Indeed, it is astounding how big a percentage of all search traffic we get comes here specifically for that. Understandably, Karl has several times built a fire under me to get me to write more on this hot topic. You can't write what you don't have, but I did what I could as the opportunity presented itself. Meanwhile, I was dealing with all sorts of breaking international military matters, Spec Ops as they happened, astounding technology and trying to get things out on the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces, Nazi black projects, covert ops, UFO crash recoveries, battles with demons, the receiving end of Black Magic, conspiracies, coverups, seemingly unending upheaval on, in, near and way beyond Earth–as experienced by this generally overwhelmed polysensitive and empath.

And with all that going on, I was and still am plugging away at the Spec Ops book, while receiving veritable rivers of information from my contacts. There is absolutely no doubt the resulting book will be vastly better as a result, and sources are certain it will have a huge impact when we finally get it done. The problem here, though, is that if I simply took what's already been done, handed it over to Karl and said “Run with it!” it'd probably take four months to get anything up on Amazon, which would be how we'd do our principal marketing for our E-book. Worse, in order to be able to deliver on the audio book exclusively available only through us, I'd have to wait until he was be done with the book as far as text goes. Then, I'd have to record the book, which is when he'd then go through a protracted editing process before the sound files were ready, the intro music done, etc. The conclusion from this is obvious. There's also the small matter of prying Mr. 17-Hour Days loose long enough to do the above. It was looking more and more like we'd have to resort to crowd funding.

Our New Product & New Plan

Unless somebody ponies up some fairly serious money and fast (“dark” readers, are you paying attention?) we're going to create, and rapidly at that, a BEK Threat Assessment (current short title) before US Spec Ops Revealed is published. It plays to my 11+ years as a Threat Analyst (military analyst specializing in enemy forces) back in my military aerospace days, will look and be authoritative, allows repackaging of current material and inclusion of new information as it becomes available. But the most important aspect is that this is a product exactly suited to our principal site visitors! Most of them won't have read the prior JKI BEK posts before coming here, and they'll arrive hungry for information and be, we believe, glad to pay for something way more substantial than a post. From a marketing standpoint, these customers will arrive here pre-sold. Exactly what we've long needed.

Karl and I are now in seclusion from (what should be) near fatal face palming  following our terribly belated “Eureka!” moment when we realized we'd been complete dunderheads by trying to get out a book some would like eventually at the direct expense of a book specifically responsive to what our visitors wanted, was a slam dunk sell and for which, since we'd  be exclusively offering it ourselves, we'd keep all the money! Frankly, we were astounded, not merely by our own stupidity, but by how long we'd been so stupid.

The Way Forward

Here's what we're going to do. In recognition of your bearing (not baring) with us and yet more delays in receiving your complete US Spec Ops Revealed package (E-book, high quality PDF and the audio book, voiced by me), we're going to give everyone who pre-ordered that book a free copy of the BEK Threat Assessment. This is our way of saying: “Thank you for believing in us and our US Spec Ops Revealed book enough to hang in there for years.” We know you don't like waiting further, neither do we, but we're sure neither you nor our general readers want to see JKI and JKI/SA capsize and sink. When you spend most of your time and energy bailing, there's little left for sailing, let alone a delightful voyage! It's time and then some, and what we've set forth is how we plan to get out from under, stop struggling, make money and finally have those boat drinks we've been talking about for years.


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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Neighbor Dave
5 years ago

Hello John, Hope this message finds you well my friend. eyes to the skies…seems we/our solar system has wandered/merged with another… images of celestial planets…some call the string of pearls… The Hopi Indian prophesy mentioned of the blue star followed by the Red Kachina (the cleaner) thought to be the binary twin to our sun. People world wide share photos of these occurring events (discernment advised) …reminded me of previous photos you have of Nibiru in the polar region, well now fast forward, the chem-trails are having a tough time keeping up…this goes pretty deep John, a suggested read. Take… Read more »

Muhib Awan
Reply to  John Kettler
6 months ago

I don’t know if your being nasty or racist but it seems you love ignoring me and my emails. Wtf did I do to you?

John Kettler
Reply to  Muhib Awan
5 months ago

Muhib Awan,

Until today, when I returned, following a long hiatus, to Commnets, I never heard of you. Suggest you stop attributing malice where none exists, let alone racism!

5 years ago

Hi John You wrote “One of the things which drives me nuts is when I give the readers what should be a sure fire story right down their alley and they don’t respond at all. I had the inside scoop on a saucer recovery in Mexico, and it was as though I never wrote it.Such incidents make me want to scream, cry, lead to funks and are real morale killers. They also lead to a lot of second guessing and wondering why I put so much effort and get effectively nothing as a result. Karl and I don’t get such… Read more »

5 years ago


I’ve been here since start.

Was not Sunray nut Sunfire.

5 years ago

Hey John many content creators often put out quality free content for years at a time before they ever become big. Some never become big at all. You need to work on your health and getting some rest. When you get healthy again go full throttle and start putting out content again on a regular basis. Building up a website and successfully making a living from it takes a lot of hard work and literally years of effort. This post is kind of whiny and annoying and a turn off for people to even visit your website. You need to… Read more »

Neighbor Dave
5 years ago

Hello John and Admin…
I’m reminded by the words…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix-it…
go back (a few years) when you were setting records for followers wishing to expand, and discover what has/is being with held from us…who we are, and our brethren from the stars…I can’t speak for all…but I have a gut/intuitive feeling that many, self included, would like to know more of your thoughts in this arena.
Any chance of returning to what made you famous…
ND. reader since 3/2012
Best Regards

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