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JKI Update 3

Originally posted on June 4, 2015 @ 8:36 PM

JKI Update Image Credit: fireye PD via annemaria48

Update time! I'm being kind (to myself) here, but it's more than fair to say my productivity, for weeks now, has been practically nil. In my defense, I'd observe that it's hard to use a desktop computer while bedridden, brain befogged, having vision issues, hands trembling (once hit the same key four times near instantly) or otherwise having issues (all-important left index finger is very unhappy as I hunt and peck this), in horrible pain and many more, alone or in combination! Nevertheless, there have been a few miracles along the way, such as the last posts on both JKI and JKI/SA. I learned long ago that when able to write, to run with it, never knowing when it'll happen again!

I'm delighted to report there has been real progress on several fronts, including one some of you in despair may find uplifting. But before we start, the below video update may be funny, but mine is serious.

Update of Progress

Planetary Upheaval and Me Part 3

Following enough challenges to drive the legendarily patient Job past mad, I finally managed to get going on this latest installment of my current JKI/SA series. Before running out of brain steam and the required high levels of concentration, I made a very good start. I estimate I'm somewhere between 20% to 50% done. But as you know, I'm the guy who doesn't have the time to write short posts! This one may well explode into several thousand words. Has happened dozens of times before, making it the safer way to bet. Still, it's shaping up nicely. Whew!

US Spec Ops Revealed–Yes, I Really Did Say That!

Am sure many of you were wondering whether there'd ever be word again on the near mythical book which promises so much in the way of breathtaking revelations. Frankly, I myself was beginning to wonder whether the stars would again align and let me make some real headway.

Please share my delight, then, in getting almost 2000 words of new material done for the book. My original plan was to write a longish new weapon entry for the burgeoning glossary, but Fate dropped a stunner into my lap. What? A Spec Ops story so hot I fully expect to hear of various conflagrations, eruptions and lightning strikes in the Halls of Power when I publish it. That needs to be understood in the context of all the other explosions triggered by the book!

What happened and how it was done is so incredible that I still have trouble grasping it, for it flies in the face of pretty much everything I ever learned about warfare, a subject I've been immersed in since I first learned to read. This account will revolutionize the very concept of what is possible through Spec Ops, and it makes the Bin Laden Raid seem like nothing by comparison. All respect to those involved. Pretty huge claim, right? When you read the vignette, though, if anything you'll likely believe I was guilty of understatement.  Intrigued? Excited? You have excellent reason to feel like that!

BEK Post

While it's not going anywhere nearly as fast as I hoped it would, I can feel the intellectual churn which precedes the almost complete at emergence post. My best posts aren't the grind it out sort but are instead practically channeled, springing forth from my mind in such a way as to all but effortlessly write themselves. The BEK post is well on its way. This one will be a synthesis of material already on the internet, but I shall be addressing it from the perspective of the single most viewed JKI post ever–BEK Information Pours In–Why You Should Care!!! and my own knowingness. There are things I've read lately I found downright terrifying. Talking whole body goosebumps–a real frisson of terror!


I don't want to spoil it, but I've got a real blockbuster 9/11 story I'm working on. So important will it be that the whole thing shall be run, in its coverup demolishing entirety, on JKI for all the world to read. And I do mean the world. Suffice it to say it will obliterate one of the Big Lies of 9/11, enrage many and cause those responsible to run for cover. If they can find any.

ETs/EDs, UFOs and Such

Simply put, I'm in overwhelm. Am massively backlogged on all sorts of amazing stuff. In some categories, months if not pushing a year. Yes, it's that bad. There's also the continuing quandary of what to say, how much to say and how to say it. This is compounded by a very dynamic situation in which something I learned of last week has frequently now been supplanted. By “now,” it might well be today!

Black Programs and Covert Ops

These are perennial favorite topics of mine, and there's much to come. Incredible info has surfaced in the unlikeliest of locations, just where I won't say just yet, and you already saw how Tesla's work joined SF to revolutionize naval warfare. There are many more things cooking, including a revelation which may induce lots of broken jaws via their sudden uncontrolled falls onto hard surfaces!

Paranormal & The Occult

I've previously written on my unsettling experiences with apports, but I've now been made privy to an ongoing mass apport case which could legitimately be called a siege for those affected. All manner of things are appearing out of nowhere and whizzing into a hospital room, some endangering the patients therein! Further, this seems to be the fulfillment of a threat made by a truly awful man who was a nightmare of a patient there while he lived.

I'm seriously considering doing a review of sorts on a book on Nazis and the occult. Weirdly, there is a curious connection between some of the subject matter and Karl and myself. Another one I recently read is somewhat related and has to do with a trance medium who was too damned good at her craft–revealed military secrets in wartime, entirely unbeknownst to her and most of her audiences!

Update Conclusion

The above is by no means a complete description of what's pending, but it's more than enough to give some sense of what I'm up to and what I hope/plan to provide in due course. YMMV as to exactly when! In looking at it all written out, I must say I'm astounded at how many creative fires I've got going at once. Would say this is a strong argument for having myself cloned! If possible, they should be vastly more functional than the baseline model!


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