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JKI Update 2

Originally posted on April 12, 2015 @ 11:25 PM

JKI & JKI/SA--Simultaneously excited and calm?! Image Credit: PD photo.

JKI & JKI/SA–Simultaneously excited and calm?! Image Credit: PD photo.

Time now for a JKI Update! Since increasingly stories start here and continue over to JKI/SA,  JKI/Special Access, this will, of necessity, apply to both. Part 4 of my own story of UFOs & ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) goes forward, but as is usual in projects, the last 20%, in this case 25%, takes 80% of the effort. As it happens, there was a lot of chaos going on in the period I'm attempting to reconstruct. I'd just moved, was phasing in at the new place, learning to live with a bunch of other people in a fairly good sized house that was sorely bathroom deficient. Sometimes, it's good to be out of time phase with one's housemates. JKI was barely hatched, and the list goes on from there.

While the current writing process is considerably faster than carving the text in stone with a hammer and chisel (oh dear, the letter carver's caught up), it's a slow and difficult process. One not facilitated by a brain insistent on a very long lunch! Nor have the extreme weather, including several tornadoes already with multiple fatalities, and such issues as the equipment failure which knocked out power in much of Washington, DC, helped. The bow waves of all that fear and upheaval have kept me in bed most of the time for days on end. Being multiply sensitive and an empath is not conducive to high productivity. Or even mediocre productivity, for that matter. Accomplishing anything lately takes many times the usual effort, and there have been all sorts of unexplained technical issues as well which further slowed down an already glacial process. Hard to write when you press the keys and no letters appear on the screen! In fact, it's amazing this post is getting done at all.

JKI & JKI/SA Good News!

Information continues to pour in, and I do mean pour. I am currently putting together material on a Navy system that's so exotic it truly would appear to be SF. I've got another great dollop of info on something else you'd expect straight out of Star Trek™, to name but one familiar reference point. My sources have also provided me with jaw dropping Spec Ops material which is going to delight many, freak out quite a few and enrage some powerful people. Of course, they may not notice, given everything else that'll be in  U.S. SPEC OPS REVEALED! The book has taken forever, but will, I believe, be richer and fuller as a result. Also, because we don't want those who pre-ordered the book to feel misused, we've arranged to provide them all with a free one-year JKI/SA subscription.

Area 51 is arguably the name to conjure with in UFO circles, and Karl and I have managed to obtain a true expert on the matter. He will be our guest very soon in a series of interviews (first access to JKI/SA subscribers!) as we venture into terra incognita aka podcasting. This has the potential to really put JKI and JKI/SA on the map, and we've already completed out technical tests and have a very motivated and enthusiastic guest just itching to begin.

Speaking of being on the map, okay, simply being, we're delighted to report that we got a donation from a whole new segment of our readership, a segment still unheard from in Comments. We continue to gradually obtain subscribers and are deeply grateful for all donations as we seek to make JKI and JKI/SA self-supporting. Doing so would be a huge relief for Karl and myself, and would allow us to shift our focus from bare survival to getting this information train rolling again and at speed. Wouldn't that be nice? Unless you're the opposition!


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