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JKI Instituting Major Change! Moves to Modified Subscription Model!


JKI Rollout of JKI/SPECIAL ACESSS Imminent! Image Credit: Stock Photography

JKI is getting with the program and moving aggressively (or is it kicking and screaming?) into the modern Web. Very real technical limitations on JKI from the previous Web theme, hosting and other Karl issues have been addressed with our beautifully designed (thanks, Karl!) new site, slick theme, better hosting and hugely improved site functionality. That was Step 1. Step 2 is what some of you (in several cases now long gone but perhaps lurking) have been begging for, pleading, wheedling, coaxing, cajoling, even demanding for years!

JKI is now going to a subscription model, but as noted above, a modified one. This won't be “You don't pay, you get nothing.” This'll be more along the lines of there will always be some free content; there will be teasers, which might be (big hint) an entire post to attract potential subscribers desiring to read the whole series, be it the latest plans by the positive ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the LF (Liberation Forces) for freeing Earth or how John got into UFOs and what his experiences have been. There will be important announcements of things like a closely pending move by, say, DHS against the American people, as well as such coverage of black projects and covert ops as John chooses to share, not to mention cogent analyses of other topics of interest, such as never addressed details of the now unleashed campaign to destroy ISIS (Anonymous is in the fight!)

and a truly horrifying development in Ukraine which people around the world need to know about. That exclusive will be on JKI shortly. John has absolute discretion as to what appears on the JKI you variously know, love, fear or hate–depending on your interests, orientation, organization, even bosses–and what appears on the subscription only, paid members only JKI/SPECIAL ACCESS site whose rollout is just around the corner. Karl's been working like a man possessed to get the seemingly unending technical and software stuff sorted out, and John's been, despite lots of wellness issues, working away on something right down the core readers' alley specifically for that critical first post. Okay. It'll be the second post, just the first one on JKI/SPECIAL ACCESS!

Karl and John have big plans, including an extensive podcast series with a top UFO researcher–who's already agreed. John plans to devote more attention to the ever burgeoning and increasingly mainstream cryptids, such as the apparent Bigfoot at 6:27 below.

Very reasonable pricing for JKI/SPECIAL ACCESS is set, and there will be special incentives for those early subscribers who wish to lock in their rate by paying for a complete year up front. Karl and John are happy to do this because it rewards those who really believe in JKI and provides much needed stability and predictability in establishing the vital underpinnings of the new business model. And yes, this is a business–which presently needs work!  The point of this exercise is to provide the means, after years of struggle and sacrifice, to make JKI and its projects self-supporting at first, then profitable, so that Karl and John can finally reap real reward from what they've killed themselves to create and keep going.

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