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JKI & I Back Online!

JKI Returns!

JKI is back, because a) I'm up on the Internet, b) have a reliable connection, c) am in a far better living and work environment, d) have dug out my new office area, doing much of the putting it together work, and e) finally have a comfortable chair to sit in! Overall, this is by far the best set-up I've had in years, so expect good things, starting with, say, posts, which have been altogether too few.

This is something of which Karl and I are painfully aware. You will be happy to know, then, that not only do I expect to shortly resume my #QAnon Black Project Aircraft series, but we will be debuting a whole new way to get content to you without my having to write War and Peace as a post each time. This will make you happy, because you'll have more content to devour, but because the new approach will delight the dread Google monster, which punishes sites which don't post frequently. Karl will be happy, too, for Google will again send us the greatly prized organic search traffic, which is free advertising for JKI and how we'll help it grow. Again. It's perverse, but we are trying to please the very same Google which demolished our site traffic with an algorithm change which wrecked many, not just us!

Reduced Stress, Improved Productivity and Having Healing Fun, Too

Since things are so much better here than before elsewhere, and I'm not dealing with rats, cockroaches or someone crawling all over me, instead of leaving me in peace, I expect that not only will my productivity improve, but that my brain will start working better, too, since I won't be under the multiple stressors of before.

Also helping reduce the stress is the fact that I now live close to the home of a man deeply involved in wargaming with miniatures and whose game room is awesome in the original sense of that word. It's healing for me to play, not only because it exercises the brain and provides safe release of aggression, but because it involves so many senses (known to improve recovery from brain injury) and provides welcome social interaction with fellow gamers, something not there when playing complex tactical sims solo or by email on my computer. And the reality is that I, to my stupendous frustration, simply haven't had enough of the right neural circuits working to do this in many months. Nor can I play such video games as Call of Duty or Halo because they mess up my head and rapidly cause me severe headaches. Thus, my new location is a real bonanza for someone who before got to wargame with miniatures not even once a month on average. Now, I can do so almost every weekend if I desire.

Since I know you'll ask, one way or another, we are going to get some books out. This is greatly facilitated by the fact that this very day I managed to finish unpacking, organizing and shelving my entire research library. One of the great features of my new place is that it came with a wall length, ceiling high bookcase. As a result, I have everything out there in plain sight and no longer have to dig through boxes and check multiple smaller bookcases. This will save me both time and aggravation. Have radically improved the lighting here with super bright, low wattage LED bulbs. This makes it easy to read book titles and removes distractions from the process of getting a post written.

Time to Celebrate (But Let's Not Go Crazy Just Yet)

Therefore, be of good cheer, for great things are to come. Expect to see posts on UFOs, ETs/EDs, hidden history, covert ops, conspiracy, suppressed technology,#QAnon, cryptozoology and more, as I subject these matters to my own unique analysis. But in an effort not to get carried away, I thought I'd help the celebration first start somewhat low key, in the form of some cheery Renaissance music!



John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.


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