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Originally posted on November 15, 2012 @ 4:54 PM

AWOL. It's an old military acronym meaning: Absent Without Leave. It's a nice way of saying somebody has run off without permission.

Not that JK needs my permission – or anybody else's for that matter – to do what he needs to do.

On the strong insistence of friends and family, John has gotten the hell out of the increasingly unpleasant domestic situation he's in and fled to a place of refuge. At least for a while. He's getting some much-needed love and support. I hope. That's what supposed to be happening, anyway.

Besides still being in a slow recovery from the head injury reported here, and dealing with the many unpleasant and unpredictable effects of being an earth sensitive, and all the stress and drama that his recent work has created, he is now having non-stop contretemps with an OCD housemate. This fellow, who among other things has very strong and untreated Aspergers presentation, has chosen John's work schedule, sleep cycle and lifestyle (such as it is) to obsess over. He has decided it is his mission in life to “fix” John – in nearly every way. Worse yet, if John doesn't go along with the program, this fellow becomes agitated and confrontational.

He's now demanding that John “shape up or ship out,” when all John wants is to be left alone to do what he needs to do. The other housemate –  a very nice young student – has “tendered her resignation” because she has no patience left for Mr. OCD. He's managed to run her off in less than 2 months!

As if it's not enough to be struggling along on disability, John's had all this additional crapola heaped on his head. It would be a bit much for a 100% hale and hearty person! Anybody who's ever dealt with somebody like the housemate knows how utterly draining and debilitating it can be.

They say you don't get dealt anything in life you can't deal with, but hoary old platitudes – whether true or not – don't make the situation any better or easier.

Frankly, John is a more than a bit of a wreck after dealing with the housemate's wildly fluctuating behaviors, increasing demands and never-ending “issues,” on top of everything else. So, I would ask that you think good thoughts for John, and pray for him if you feel it's appropriate.

I will keep you posted if there is need for updates. Hopefully, John will be “back on post” before this is necessary.

– Karl, The Webmaster



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