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ISIS Smacked Down in Syria!

Originally posted on September 30, 2020 @ 10:01 PM

ISIS Soundly Thrashed on Its Own Turf! JKI Exclusive!


ISIS NRS (Night Ruining System)–the (notional) 160th SOAR Stealth Hawk. Rendering does not show F-117 type flat plate RAM reported on version used to deliver Red Team of SEAL Team Six in the bin Laden raid. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Bzuk.

ISIS received a massive organizational trauma when” ten Stealth Hawk helicopters” crewed by  the supremely skilled “Night Stalkers” of the 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment), bearing a force consisting of “mostly Navy SEAL Team Six,” “some SAS” (UK's Special Air Service) and “one Delta Force guy,” came softly fluttering out of the darkness on the night of August 18-19, 2014 and and took down no less than three ISIS camps in Syria–in a regrettably unsuccessful search for a second American journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff, in acute risk of having his head savagely (in several meanings of the word) hacked off. JKI was exclusively informed of this triple raid, in a story which will not subsequently be released publicly. So stealthily did the raiders arrive “they (the ISIS guards) didn't feel the downdraft until they (the Stealth Hawks) were overhead; they  looked up to see men coming down the ropes. Fast.” JKI was given further information: “…there were at least a couple dozen killed before the shooting started.” Highly sensitive, not-for-attribution military-intelligence sources provided the above and other information. In describing the nits and grits of sentry neutralization they averred “Either a KA-BAR™ or a neck twist–both get the job done.”

If President Obama does not bow to ISIS's will and stop the airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, Mr Sotloff will have a “no return” meeting with a specific ISIS member, the executioner,  who reportedly hails from England and whose identity determination is the subject of concerted effort by international authorities in general and British authorities in particular. The last person to face such peril was James Wright Foley,  whose grisly death by decapitation, following a failed, recently disclosed rescue attempt on July 4, 2014 (JKI not told then, even on background, because of planned follow-on ops), was broadcast round the world by ISIS.

Sadly, Mr. Sotloff was not located or recovered, but the elite raiders hit ISIS where it hurts, killing everyone in the camps who was not taken prisoner. ISIS operators are walking, talking intelligence gold mines and usually fold “when confronted.” JKI was deliberately not hold how many prisoners were taken, who they were or how many ISIS fighters and other personnel were killed. JKI was told the camps were “obliterated.” Raider casualties? “One wounded Night Stalker.” ISIS may confidently expect other disasters, for though the mission codename was not released to it, JKI was informed “Big Surprise” was a good representation of the actual one!

ISIS–Using Our Best Qualities Against Us!

One of the greatest virtues humankind possesses is the fierce love and devotion to its offspring, but it can be, has been and is a source of acute vulnerability when facing ruthless opponents who recognize no boundaries whatsoever. This is exactly what we have seen happen here. First, we had the impassioned pleas of James Foley's family (to whom JKI offers its condolences) to US President Obama to stop the airstrikes against ISIS, in order to, they fervently hoped, save their son and obtain his release. That was by no means a guaranteed outcome. These days, where such pleas can easily be sent out worldwide, in a host of ways, some instant, the political and moral pressure that can be applied to the government which supposedly can prevent the death is stupendous.  Obviously, ISIS wanted the airstrikes stopped for military and religious-political reasons. Not so obviously, there were also marketing reasons. Yes, you read that correctly.

ISIS had faced almost nil effective military opposition, so it was quite the shock to experience even a taste of the pain the US could dish out, starting with demolishing the ex-US artillery with which ISIS planned to shell our Consulate General in Erbil, Iraq, part of the semiautonomous Kurdistan Regional Government.  JKI covered that first batch of combat reality therapy in two successive posts, with the second providing the strike videos which confirmed what JKI's super sensitive sources had told it the day before the Pentagon went public. This was the first major rebuff ISIS ever got, and it went downhill from there. Since ISIS had no direct counter to US airstrikes, it sought another way to remove the threat–take hostages! That is the military aspect underlying the kidnappings of US journalists.

The religious-political aspect lies in the humbling of the Great Satan (the US) before Allah by the ISIS Muslim extremists. They view the US as weak and acutely corrupt, mistakenly prizing a single individual over the infinitely more important and greater Cause. The initial capital in the last word was not accidental, because that is exactly how they perceive what they are doing. They believe–fervently–they are doing Allah's will, His work. They aim, first, to fully establish their new Islamic State, encompassing Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel, operating under strict sharia law. But their real goal is nothing less than taking over the world!

And the marketing aspect? Day in and day out, at considerable costs in people, resources, time and money, ISIS markets itself to the world. It is, in fact, by careful and deliberate marketing positioning, an unforgettable international brand. It markets paralyzing fear, which is why those horrific videos and stills are everywhere. ISIS paraphernalia has also appeared and is being heavily marketed through social media. All of these have been stunningly effective in creating a word of mouth ISIS ad campaign of global proportions. It markets to prospective recruits (pretty much “Join ISIS Today! Accepting jihadis and martyrdom operators (code for suicide bombers) now!”), who might join some other Muslim extremist group or, Allah forfend, no group at all!  It markets itself, quite successfully, to other Muslim extremist groups. It markets itself to a range of sponsors. It markets itself to extreme and moderate Muslims, both lay persons and clergy. Most important of all, it markets itself as being the all-triumphing Army of Allah, the very sword of Islam.

Given the above, US airpower is, from a marketing standpoint, a deadly threat to the very survival of the ISIS brand. As such, it must be addressed swiftly, decisively and in the highest profile manner possible. Make no mistake. This is very much more than a war of bullets, bombs (aircraft delivered or field expedient) and missiles. It is a war of competing ideas–and ideals. It is a propaganda war. It is a public relations war. One ISIS is utterly determined to win and by any and every means it deems necessary. ISIS knows full well the US was not driven out of Vietnam by military defeat per se, but by  inadvertent and, later, deliberate erosion of the US popular support for the Vietnam War.

ISIS Walloped by New Special Operation Helicopter Type

As noted in the SEAL Team Six link above, the Stealth rotor wing portion of the bin Laden raid was to have been composed not merely of the two low radar cross section Stealth Hawks which did see action, but of two acoustically stealthy Ghost Hawks, which became unsurvivable when Obama pulled the planned air cover and so, saw none. JKI can now report there is a new Stealth Hawk, one which looks very much like the still not publicly revealed original, but which successfully melds radar stealth, infrared emission suppression and acoustic signature suppression in one highly capable, more or less normal appearing helicopter which is flat black, operates exclusively at night  and drops in, uninvited, into all sorts of interesting places, many of which we may never learn. All three helicopter types cited were brought in from the near-mythical but very much real Area 51, arguably the black program capital of the country–if not the world.

ISIS–Too Successful?

Success, in any number of fields and endeavors, frequently breeds enemies, and ISIS has assuredly not followed the precepts of the renowned Dale Carnegie.  Its enemies are numerous and growing. The hideous beheadings it so gleefully celebrates; the throat slit or gunned down women; the rape and sexual enslavement of women of multiple religious persuasions; the crucifixions; the mass execution of nearly 2000 handcuffed Iraqi Army POWs; the forced conversions imposed even on fellow Muslims; the  extreme interpretation of sharia law even imams decry–the Great Leap Backwards to the time of Muhammad–all have thoroughly alarmed whole countries, used up all available warning flags and set millions of sets of teeth on edge. But now, ISIS has, as they say, “gone nuclear” and without necessarily even realizing it. It was one thing when it was a “not our problem” Arab-on-Arab matter, however awful. It is something else altogether when ISIS directly threatens US citizens and US soil in Iraq (Consul General, personnel and the  Consulate General proper) with artillery and  beyond the pale when it grabs US citizens, threatens their lives on camera and even gruesomely executes one, while cruelly threatening the life of another, but immeasurable levels beyond that when it starts posing a direct threat to the US, in the US, as JKI exclusively detailed, as declared by US intelligence officials and by the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

ISIS has made lots of enemies, some positioned to wreak untold havoc without ever firing a shot. Something as humble as an ancient World War II battle rifle can, at the tactical level, fundamentally alter the military equation. The Turks have begun quietly supplying the Kurds' scary peshmerga with that war-winning weapon, the semiautomatic M1 Garand rifle. Called by US Army Lieutenant General George S. Patton “the greatest battle implement ever devised,” the return of the M1 Garand to the battlefield is significant because it considerably outranges the AK-47 assault rifle and similar weapons. The Army deemed the effective range of the M1 Garand to be 440 yards. By contrast, the AK-47's effective range is of the order of 200 yards. When it comes to killing the opposition, there is nothing like delivering a well aimed shot when the foe cannot effectively reply, and Kurdistan has excellent fields of fire, further improving the M1's performance vs the more down and dirty AK-47. The M1 Garand is a true rifle and fires a full power cartridge. By contrast, the AK-47 fires a significantly lower power intermediate cartridge and with much greater round-to-round dispersion. Here, the loose tolerances that make the AK-47 practically immune to environment and wielder alike work against it. The M1 fires a hotter cartridge and is far more accurate, to over twice the range. A trained, motivated shooter, especially in a target rich environment, can score hits with an M1 well beyond that. World War II US Marines, for example, routinely trained to hit targets 500 yards away. With iron sights. Turkish-supplied M1s are but the tiniest expression of growing international displeasure with ISIS.  The inclusion of the justly vaunted SAS in the still unnamed commando mission is another such; one ISIS would do well to heed. The SAS is one of the ways Her Majesty's Government expresses displeasure. Lethally.

On the US side, here are three such expressions of displeasure.

Navy SEALs go after al Qaeda in Somalia and Libya

Delta Force snatch team in Libya dealing with a purported terrorist annoyance–who gets to go on living.

Night Stalkers when seriously annoyed and with their heavy firepower in play–not just the door-mounted miniguns on MH-60s and MH-47s. (Very earthy and NOT for kiddies!)

Things do not look pretty from ISIS's end of the telescope. The US and Britain have sent in commandos. The US is delivering punishing airstrikes via piloted and unpiloted aircraft. Muslim Turkey is arming the hated Kurds, who are now receiving other covert/overt military aid from the US, as well as, almost certainly, ISIS-imperiled Arab states. France is planning to supply arms, and Germany has just announced it will also. Despised Shiite Iran has the elite Revolutionary Guard Quds Force in-country, as previously reported by JKI. Israel, despite the unending rocket pelting from Hamas and Hezbollah and now, stuck in the bloody Gaza Strip mess, is certain to be doing its own quiet methodical assessment and target analysis of ISIS–where to hit and whom to kill when the time comes. Quite possibly extending to those whose invisible support keeps ISIS a going concern! Rest assured, Israel has zero intention of being part of ISIS anything–except maybe MOSSAD‘s operatives covertly attending funerals for the ISIS leaders MOSSAD's Kidon offs or are otherwise dealt with by Israeli targeted killings!

And how bad is it for the ISIS brand when the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia (the top Muslim cleric there) publicly labels ISIS “enemy No. 1 of Islam” and goes on to quote the Quran/Koran to the effect it is justifiable to kill Muslims who divide Muslims. Without formally declaring it via a fatwa, the Grand Mufti has just declared de facto jihad against the ISIS jihadists!

ISIS has now royally torqued off those “insignificant players” in Islamic history–the Christians. Anyone ever heard of the Crusades? Attacking the helpless Yezidis and far better connected Christians in Iraq may well prove the dumbest thing ISIS ever did, for by doing so, it has set in motion forces it simply cannot begin to grasp, starting with the exceedingly powerful and influential American Religious Right. The Religious Right has already begun to, pardon the expression, raise hell. The awareness of what not doing something about ISIS might consequently mean to all of Islam is, doubtless, one of the reasons behind the Grand Mufti's astounding declaration about the profound evil and danger ISIS presents to Islam. And, now, a push here in the States has begun to obtain nothing less than a US declaration of war against ISIS.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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6 years ago

The last ISIS post closed before I could answer you about Put-In-Bay Ferry. It is a Bay on South Bass Island, Ohio.

Please keep us updated about Karl. I am really really really concerned, wondering what else I can do. Bridge? Oh, Hell No, not lettin that happen, Karl. Doing the subscription as soon as I can.

Love and Gratitude

6 years ago

Thanks for the reply Mr Kettler,,,, your comments are in “quotation marks”. I will respond,,,,, My new ones have an * in front of them. I had a much more hefty response written before, but it vanished the other day as a result of some unholy confluence between WordPress issues and Internet connectivity problems. ^ “I haven’t seen any MSM, as MSM, embed a reporter with ISIS. Vice started as a free magazine for the younger crowd, covering–wait for it–sex, drugs and rock and roll, hence the name. Obviously, you didn’t do enough research to get that.” ^ Mr Kettler,,,,… Read more »

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