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Invited To Join The Illuminati!






Want to Join the Illuminati?

Last week was brutal and mega weird, with the weirdest aspect being receiving an invitation from the blue to join the Illuminati! But first, a bit of background. Elite power groups operate by invitation only. Someone must sponsor you and provide a good reason/s for said invitation. You might well be a nobody, but someone saw something in you which would benefit that secret society later on, such as academic brilliance, a natural gift for politics, a super devious mind, superb inventive skills, etc. You could be a legacy, too.

It matters not why, but what you do when given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join. At Yale, that invitation is extended via what's called tapping, referring to the soft knocking on your door on the appointed night when those who hope to join it learn whether or not they've made the cut. Upon answering it, you'll find someone neatly dressed and who establishes your identity before posing one fateful question: Skull and Bones–accept or reject? Hidden camera recorded the exterior portion of one such tapping, so the discussion of what happens is solidly based on direct evidence that I have personally watched.

Skull and Bones at Yale is the American branch of the German secret society Die Orden (The Order), which is the Illuminati. Then Hoover Fellow Antony Sutton wrote the seminal work on the Order. As camouflage, the Order calls itself many names and has hidden itself in the upper echelons of various secret societies down through the ages. This is directly stated in Illuminati documents reportedly recovered in 1784 after a courier got zapped by lightning and was killed.

Illuminati Outside Recruitment by Seduction


If you accept, and can survive the soul-searing grueling initiation process, you will have the world at your feet. If you reject, that's it, and the subject will never be raised again. But there's another way to get into a secret society, and I'm not the first to get an invitation. Milton William Cooper, commonly known as Bill Cooper, when a friend of mine and I saw him speak in Hollywood in 1990, talked of how his occult studies, writings and public lectures got him talent spotted, as someone who understood the Mysteries, the esoteric truths hidden from humanity in general because they were meant for the elite controlling the cattle, which is how they characterize most of us.

His took the form of “Brother, you understand. You get it. Come join us.” Bill Cooper, a staunch Southern Baptist, wasn't having any of this invitation by phone and emphatically rejected it, as did I when mine came last week by Facebook Messenger. If the sent date is correct, then I really need to visit Messenger more often!  Frankly, when I opened this shocking message, I didn't notice the date at all, for the message was overwhelming. Notice the seduction attempt.

In Bill Cooper's case, it was an intellectual seduction attempt and an appeal to vanity. In mine, it was about achieving all that I desired in my heart. Now, it takes no genius at all to understand that anyone who reads my posts, especially on SM, knows full well that my life is and long has been practically decks awash in anything and everything I don't want and absolutely don't need. Hell on Earth all too often! For some, this approach of offering me precisely what I haven't had would be irresistible, but well do I know the true nature of the Order: unfettered evil in the ruthless pursuit of power and wealth, sometimes celebrity, too. No way, here or anywhere else, would I choose to join such a ghastly group, one which brags about global genocide on huge granite slabs and has tried time and again to ignite World War III to obtain that objective, including a nuclear missile strike on Hawaii which was intercepted and shot down. Of course, the public was told it was a false alarm. Though a number of possibilities as to whose submarine launched the strike were posited, the true answer is enemies domestic!

On the off chance I may've given this approach more credence than it truly deserved (which I do NOT believe to be true), I've elected to suppress this person's identity, which could well be false. Note, too, the way I'm addressed, invited to join a brotherhood and still called brother even after I resoundingly rejected his (name was male) invitation. Have also redacted an icon which traced back to his FB page. What I will say, though, is that the person who approached me specifically referenced the site explored by the crazies in the first video.

Why Me?

Why was I selected? My working hypothesis is that through my  years of writings in a number of places, especially social media and occasional interviews, I've shown a deep and ramified understanding of how things really are, who pulls the strings, in what ways and to what ends that makes me dangerous uncontrolled and potentially extremely valuable if made into a willing ally. Untold Freemasons think they know what they're in, what it's about and whom they serve, but they've been tricked, lied to from the start. Have read the Freemasons' authoritative discussion of this vital matter and sounded off loudly what Freemasonry's carefully hidden innermost, and damning, secret is. Have also exposed multiple hidden history aspects of nuclear warfare which made then CIA Director Jack Brennan (the one in big trouble now) flip out when published on JKI. These two things show how damaging a foe I can be.

It's much better to recruit someone like me than it is to have to expend time, money and effort to prevent such a person from reaching a mass audience and waking it from its black magic induced slumbers. My site's been attacked many times, witnesses and myself attacked by a government disinformation agent, site traffic shut down to a trickle, once dominant Google positions in a bunch of important subject areas demolished, and I've been viciously attacked on SM, hacked by NSA and had my SM reach acutely reduced, for example, Twitter impressions averaging 200,000/day to next to nothing by comparison–a bit over 12,000 in the last 28 days, in round numbers 429/day. Mind, this doesn't reflect all the attempted posts that have been blocked from the get. The problem with control is precisely this: The greater the need for extreme control, the more dangerous and potentially devastating anything said that's not controlled becomes. Though my online voice has been reduced to a veritable whisper, it's still a whisper that has real power.


Lives in San Diego, California

Went to San Diego State University
Lives in San Diego, California

23 weeks ago

Are you interested in joining the illuminati brotherhood to achieve all your heart desires in life
Sep 22, 2020, 1:22 AM
You sent

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No! Hell NO!!!

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Alright brother


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Either sheep or wolf, both are still animals.

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