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Interdimensional Special Operations By The Liberation Forces 1

Wormhole technology is the core of conducting Interdimensional Special Operations, but many more factors apply. Image Credit:

Interdimensional Special Operations in Context


Have never discussed Interdimensional Special Operations of the Liberation Forces (positively oriented ETs/ED (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals here to free planet and real humans). Time to do so, not only because it's important new topic, but also because it's an opportunity to reinforce concepts conveyed in previous posts. When traveling to this Earth, designated Earth 3.0, it's important to make sure those from higher dimensions have their transporter unit (something like the Star Trek™ system, but also able to work through Time and dimensions, too) properly calibrated, so that it puts the traveler/s in the right place, dimension and time.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that, since Time doesn't work the way we think it does. Times isn't really Time but Times. Ponder that well. What we perceive as linear is anything but, because there are ever moving timelines which, sometimes, having seen them myself while in the astral plane, look much like a ball of ceaselessly moving rattlesnakes in their den. Various events, including enemy action, can cause timelines to switch, sometimes profoundly affecting outcomes.

Y2K Teaches Timelines!

For example, it's fashionable to pooh-pooh Y2K (when most computers would time out their calendars and would stop working) as a nothing from the get. But the truth is that the Federal Reserve fully expected civilization as we know it to end. A family friend heavily involved in large scale computing told me this in confidence shortly before Y2K, after receiving a confidential study concluding this from the Fed. Technical experts said the chips would shut down (tests showed this time and again), there weren't enough legacy programmers (that same family friend couldn't get anywhere nearly enough, but was a millionaire), and there was the acute-fatal problem of such legacy chips being buried in millions and millions of systems, many not systems not accessible at all. These locations included banking systems and other related matters worldwide, ATMs, hordes of satellites, scads of military systems clear through nukes, critical systems in reactor hot zones, vast numbers in the power grid, in the catalytic crackers of refineries, in seabed cables, and underwater detection arrays, in aircraft, ships, trains, cars and trucks in air traffic, rail and ship control, and navigation systems, for starters. And don't forget a slew of medical devices, generators, air conditioning, heating, food processing and delivery, refrigeration systems for perishables and more.

In actuality, these were just a few! The very definition of a problem beyond fixing in the time and with the tech and personnel available. Nor could throwing money, in however vast quantities, have saved us. Let me be blunt. Modern civilization should have DIED when Y2K hit. Spent a year researching this in depth. If you think I exaggerate, the Navy had a cruiser under way go dead in the water, with no computerized systems working and utterly helpless, because some chips “thought” it was already Y2K and stopped working early. Took four hours to sort that one out!

Why, then, are we here? We're here because somehow we jumped timelines, but another Earth (of a slightly different dimension) stayed on that timeline. There, modern civilization did indeed crash utterly when Y2K hit.

Seeing through timelines with LOOKING GLASS


Now that you get the importance of understanding certain realities about time, you should also know that an ancient technology derived US black program called LOOKING GLASS exists, has been and is used to peer (with certain limitations) at what was and what might be. In the latter case, it looks at a bunch of possibilities in the multiverse of possible future events and situations.

Presuming your brain hasn't melted and run out of your ears or your head hasn't exploded, you are now ready to see how the above, and more, get applied to Interdimensional Special Operations pf the Liberation Forces. In the next post of this title, you will learn how difficult things can be when operating amid multiple instabilities, opposed by an endlessly ingenious and perverse foe, plus other actors not yet addressed. Nightmare!



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