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Important Notes About Last JKI/SA Post

Originally posted on June 30, 2017 @ 10:31 PM

Do I have your attention now?  If not, please watch the video!  Image Credit: Unknown

Since there are severe limits on headline length, I have to put out the word here. Please pay attention. The post to which I refer is Disappearing Cockroaches! A Royal Affair? Part 2.

Liberation Forces Inadvertently Portrayed Incorrectly–Fixed!

Feedback I got from the person who wrote the letter explained and analyzed in that post revealed I inadvertently, probably from being momentarily distracted, forgot to include an all-important phrase having to do with the mission of the much-discussed Liberation Forces (positively oriented ETs/EDs here to free people and planet). Unfortunately, the net effect of my oops was to fundamentally alter what I was trying to say. As a result, it made the Liberation Forces look like monsters when in fact they were and are doing wonderful positively oriented work. Deeply regret this dreadful error! Additionally, I obtained information which showed a discussion of giant cockroaches (yet another reason to subscribe to JKI/SA!) had gotten crossed up in my head, causing me to write the passage in such a way as to incorrectly convey the notion that all cockroaches discussed were giants. No need for public panic! The only giant cockroaches are queens. Here and elsewhere cockroaches are the same relative size as the familiar pests. Have fixed all identified mistakes, starting with the worst. Have also added new content which shows real progress has been made as a result of seizing a vital piece of Dark technology!

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