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Important Announcement Regarding JKI

Originally posted on November 30, 2018 @ 7:47 PM

Karl's departure from JKI could lead to severe operational  storms here as a result.

JKI's in Trouble OR For Want of Karl!

For reasons as yet ill understood, if at all, Super Admin Karl has, barring some miraculous reappearance, left JKI for good. The consequences of this are dire. Without him, there would've been no JKI at all, for it was he who suggested to me that I do this. It was he who designed and built (and many times, in a host of ways, rebuilt it) this; he who has maintained it; he who has dealt with fixing, finding, testing, installing and too often replacing tempermental myriad pieces of special software which make this site what it is. He is the one who has dealt with a succession of web hosts of various degrees of competence and equipment capacities as the site grew. Don't know how many times he's gotten me back in after I managed to lock myself out, how many unintentional but fatal to the post errors he resolved, how many great ideas he's had and that we implemented. He's also had to deal with one dislocating Google algorithm change, some devastating to us and him in his own marketing pursuits, too, as well as Facebook. He has had to figure out how to save this site after those crushing algorithm changes, too.

Nor is this all site stuff, because he has provided guidance when I was floundering, encouragement when I was down and rejoiced with me when we beat the odds and made something work. He has turned my manuscripts into professionally laid out finished ebooks, with impressive cover art and my voice file segments into proper audio books.  His advertising expertise and diligence in software marketing forums got us press release software. He taught me how to write them, even source and vet, so help me, artists, some quite challenging to work with. He has guided me through the treacherous waters of suddenly having to be an Art Director–while not being any kind of visual artist! Fortunately, he's a pro, and enough of what he said got through to me, that with a fair amount of support, I did get usable finished art–from the other side of the world.  Karl's departure leaves the BEK book unmarketed (was working on some magic there), the Spec Ops book in major disarray, and two revisions of earlier ebooks in an uncertain state.

The above is but a partial list, and you need to understand that he's done that and more, for over five (5) years now for JKI, while typically working seventeen-hour (17-hour) days all week long, many times with hours considerably exceeding that. And, like many these days, he's also had years of elder care to contend with.

As you know, there hasn't been economic success remotely approximating his vast efforts regarding the site or mine in somehow getting out content. Not only have there been merely ordinary vicissitudes, but this site has time and again been the particular target of those whose secrets we've exposed, shining wholly unwanted and deeply resented light on them and their actions. Part of their response has been a bunch of cyberattacks, forcing Karl to become something of a cyber defense specialist and deploy and maintain a multilayered series of software barriers, without which the site would collapse, especially now that bot attack is at extraordinary levels. More outlays and tons more work for Karl! Something else he's been dealing with is providing most of the site's funding, since my economy was practically nonexistent, so another big stressor there.

What Now?

My understanding is that things are okay until December 1st, but I have NO idea how to handle things thereafter. The site can be moved to another host, certain bills will be due, but I haven't the faintest idea how to find the combined one-man band and Mighty Wurlitzer that Karl has been here at JKI. He and I used to talk about having Key Man insurance in case something happened and one of us went down. We could never remotely afford it, and here we are, with JKI in the balance because of what's known as single-point failure vulnerability. The simple truth is this: Without Karl, JKI as you know it is finished. You well know how hard it is for me to generate content because of health issues, and learning software is the very antithesis of what I'm good at, for it requires (impossible for me right now) sustained meticulous attention to each and every detail. Now, imagine me trying to generate content and master, say, forty  (40) separate and distinct software items which must play well with the others, but also become buggy, obsolete or both and have to be replaced, whereupon the new software has to be made to mesh properly with the old. A real recipe for success, right? Right now, this seems about as feasible as having me build the Stealth Bomber out of toothpicks and make it fully combat effective, too. Should be a snap!

To say Karl will be sorely missed would be the understatement of at least a decade. He has been my dear friend for many decades and my business partner, too. I wish him all the best in his future pursuits!



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Percy Farrah-Fawcett
Percy Farrah-Fawcett
2 years ago

Karl posted a farewell post in reply to your Qanon article which has now been deleted. From what I recall you royally pissed him off by taking him for granted. While you were playing computer games all night and sleeping all day he was slaving away keeping your website afloat with minimal renumeration. He was also in fundamental disagreement with you about Qanon seeing it as Trumpist supporting source of disinfo and that you were a gullible sucker for believing any of it.

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