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How to Subscribe to Site/Blog with RSS Feed

[Revised: 11/16]

It's come to our attention that many folks out there don't know how to use RSS to subscribe to this blog. So, please take a second and learn how to do it.

Subscribe RSS MailboxOnce you have subscribed to our RSS feed, you will get automatic updates of new content. In fact, many browsers can even “flash” or “blink” to let you know there is new content ready to be seen. NOTE: this depends on the specific browser and version thereof in question; your results my vary.

RSS stands for “really simple syndication.” It's a way for site owners to “send out” their content for syndication. Other sites can then pick up the content. But it's also really useful for individuals. As I said, you can receive site updates automatically, and links to the new content.

The first thing you do is go either or both of the RSS FEEDS links at the bottom of this site. When you click, your browser should give you an option or series of options on subscribing and notification. Again, I cannot say exactly how it will look on your browser, or the exact process of subscribing, because browsers and versions vary. But it should be a fairly simple and straightforward process.

Here is a very good tutorial on the process for IE and Firefox users:

If the above does not help, simply go to Google (or your search engine of choice) or YouTube and search for something like: “Subscribe RSS [Browser Name + Version]”. The brackets would be filled with “Firefox 4.0” or whatever is appropriate for you. You should find many “how tos” specific to your browser, and from there it should only take a few minutes.

Unfortunately, we do not have time to individually coach every person out there who does not know how to use RSS. Hopefully this helps.

If for some reason you cannot make your browser do the job, there are dedicated news (rss) feed readers available. Click the link to find one that may suit you.

The RSS Subscription options that used to be standard in Firefox (through version 3) have been removed! Yeah, that's right. This was brought to my attention by one of this site's loyal readers (thanks Ginger!). You now need to add a Firefox extension in order to subscribe to RSS. That is a simple operation in and of itself. Once you're setup, you can then subscribe to as many different blogs and sites out there as your heart desires. Click here to upgrade Firefox and use RSS!

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Joseph de Vastey
9 years ago

Impressive information, One of a kind

9 years ago

No matter how much tutorial help you offer, 99% of the people will never get how to use RSS. I’m a techy and I still have trouble getting RSS to function with my life. The problem is, I have to remember to check an RSS reader and that kind of defeats the purpose. You talk about a webmaster. How about just an email that sends a short blurb about there being a new post (and a link of course)? I’d be willing to write you a script that you can give your web guy that can be run on a… Read more »

John Kettler
John Kettler
Reply to  Vizzle
9 years ago


Passed your comment to Webmaster.

9 years ago

Would like to read ALL your posts from the beginning.
Have a NOOK will your site provided book “work” on NOOK ?

John Kettler
John Kettler
Reply to  Jubal
9 years ago


All my actual posts, as opposed to tests and such, are here and free to read. Will check with my webmaster on your second question.

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