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How The Da’Shen Saved Me From The Cold

Originally posted on February 26, 2019 @ 4:07 PM

Hard to Call A Locksmith Without Your Phone, But the Da'Shen Operate 24/7 And Are But A Telepathic Call Away

The Da'Shen, who look much like the Valkyries (video above), and about whom I've written so many stories on JKI, especially regarding various medical interventions on my behalf, two weeks ago expanded their repertoire by becoming locksmiths when I somehow managed to lock myself out. My general rule, and have slipped once since the incident am describing, is that I never go out of the house without my phone, my house key or both. Yet, when I couldn't find any of my housemates inside, I stepped outside and closed the door firmly behind me. An absolute necessity in a house with four dogs, some of whom are fond of dashing out. Either the twist knob on the door handle was close enough to locked that the slam to close the recalcitrant heavy metal door then locked it or, through sheer force of habit, I simply locked it without thinking before exiting.

No one was there, and when I went to go back in, I found I couldn't. Worse, I had walked outside devoid of both house key and phone!  It was 42 degrees F, with a cold rain coming down at variable rates and times. Dress was a typical hoodie and a pair of sweat pants, too little by far for a sustained cold soak, being exposed to cold for an extended period, while inadequately protected. Mind, the eaves of the porch sheltered me from almost all the rain, but the garments were not enough to provide comfort, so discomfort grew as time wore on. Tried several times to get in, even attempting to deal with the lockout by using higher dimensional manipulations through the Third Eye. Not as crazy as it sounds, for I have several times done ethical healing,  under carefully controlled parameters and halfway across the country, as a result of the Graduate Lecture Series of Silva Mind Control™, a system for learning applied ESP. My astral plane locksmithing effort wasn't crazy; it just didn't work. There I was getting colder and colder trying to get those tumblers in the lock to fall, when the Da'Shen started talking to me.

They certainly sounded like the Da'Shen, but having been burned very badly over a period of months years ago by an incubus (yes, real) fronting as a loved one in telepathic conversations, I always check first. There is apparently a metaphysical law requiring the Dark beings to identify themselves when challenged. It's tied to Free Will, something the Dark subverts, twists, end runs and more at every opportunity. My attempts continued to fail, but when they called in and learned from me what had happened, the door yielded immediately and to my great relief I was in from the cold. While I certainly wouldn't have frozen to death in the classical sense, an extended stay out there could've put me into not normally expected hypothermia because my brain, post-injury, is highly temperature sensitive. As it turned out, it was a good thing I got their help, since my housemates didn't come back until an hour later. Shuddered over that realization. Could easily have been in a far worse plight if I lived in the vast majority of the country then buried under heavy cold weather, with hundreds of thousand having no power, either.

If you're wondering why I didn't go to the neighbors, there was no guarantee anyone was home (saw no cars), I didn't know them nor they me, and I'm practically the only not black person in the neighborhood. Call the situation fraught on both ends. Have had both a male and a female black housemate, and I regret to say their common experience with racism both subtle and in their faces, decades after Martin Luther King, shocked me and definitely affected my actions in the story I'm telling.

But all's well that ends well, as Shakespeare observed, and as it happens I finally met one of my neighbors just two days ago, a young black woman who was polite and friendly. Were I to lock myself out again and forget to call the Da'Shen for help, now I'd have physical place to seek help. Best, though, to simply always have the key, my phone or both on me any time I step out the front door. Thanks, Da'Shen, for saving me from myself!


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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2 years ago

So glad you are ok John I too have locked myself out but get a second one just in case and hide it. When the Valkyrie are there it must give you a sense of total relief. I too got help but never got to thank them or you for spending heartfelt hours on creating this website. The weather is about to break just know it it was 73 in Ohio today it must be hot in Texas.??

2 years ago

There is an English saying “Colder than a Witches tit”. I imagine the same saying can be applied to Valkyries.

You have mentioned the Silva Mind Control a few times. I tried the basic home study course briefly, although I never finished it. I do that a lot. After reading this post, perhaps I should.

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