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Horrible Maxillofacial Pain–Da’Shen Intervene!

Originally posted on October 20, 2018 @ 2:46 PM

This image looks a lot like a top view of the skull

and nicely conveys the desired state of

harmony. Not there yet, but the Da'Shen massively

moved me toward it.



Da'Shen Medical Intervention Goes Beyond Apparent Problems and Unmasks Something Worse!

Short course on the Da'Shen

For those unfamiliar with them, the mighty Da'Shen are former evil witches who for no apparent reason switched polarity sometime recently and became good. The price was very high, for they had to vomit for weeks on o end the vileness from within themselves and eat the pain from all the terrible things they did. But these days, they are highly valued members of the Liberation Forces, positively oriented ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/Extradimensionals) here to free planet and people from thralldom so monstrous and all-pervasive it would break most people if they got so much as a whiff of what we're up against. The Da'Shen are master healers (their role in this post), brilliant scholars at the Universities of Evolution (unique Galactic institution whose motto is “Evolve or die!”), and fearsome warriors, too.

If you took Glenda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz, made her badass, crossed her with a Valkyrie (no wings on helmet) and clad the result in shining silvery scale armor and conical helm like on the Bayeux Tapestry, with chain mail camail (neck protection screen hanging from the helmets) and armed the lady with longsword and kite shield, you'd have about the right effect. They are legion, numbering well north of a million and numbers rising daily. In the astral, I've seen a tiny part of them drawn up in battle array extending so far into the distance I couldn't see any more. They were tall, proud and fearsome, their eyes radiating utter determination and ferocity. Found the experience marrow chilling. These are the women who've time and again intervened in various health crises I was having, ever to strong beneficial effect. Such was the case early this morning, and oh, did I need their help!

Maxillofacial Misery Almost Gone & Unexpected Helpful Side Effects

For the last few days, I've at various times experienced, to one degree or another, pain to the lower left side of my face, sometimes extending beyond that. It's hit my saved by the Da'Shen (against every expectation of my crack dentist, mind) lower left backmost molar, above it, lit up my lower left gum, lit up my jaw hinge, raced up my left cheekbone to my eye socket, ice picked deep into my left ear canal and more. Loads of fun, at intensities ranging from annoying, through distressing, painful, really painful to gasp inducing agony. Right through meds, too. Adding to the confusion is that some of these are familiar to me because they are known symptoms of impending volcanic eruption, with the ice pick sensation leading the charge. Here's what happened.

Went to bed at 2 AM (early by my standards of late, what with many brutal nights) and was greatly dismayed to wake up at 5 AM. Hit the head, went back to my cozy warm bed and tried to get back to sleep. Had babied the left side of my face when I went to bed, and it was tender when I woke up. In short order, though, it went up the scale so far I would've screamed had I the energy. Couldn't, for the pain was so extreme all I could do was gasp. The Da'Shen responded near instantly to my inner cry for help, looked at what was going on, then showed me why I was in such terrific pain. In my mind's eye I beheld a dreadful set of gunmetal colored talons, about 1/4 inch in diameter and two inches long, stabbed into the back of my lower left jaw at the gum line, with the felt but unseen rear talon jabbed up under and behind my jawbone.

Tried to backtrack this to its oh so fell source, only to get nowhere. The Da'Shen informed me this was beyond my pay grade and set to work on extracting those ghastly talons. Could see the super sharp tips start to dissolve slightly, becoming a bit rounded. Also perceived some degree of retraction. Action thereafter switched to what I'll call guided self-healing. Was instructed to hold my left hand close to my face and circle over the hurt portion palm down. Didn't know what to do initially, so did this clockwise. Ow! Decided counterclockwise was the way to go, and it really helped! Could feel considerable warmth from my hand, but that's when I noticed a remarkable side effect.

My guts have been a mess, also a known volcanic indicator, and as my hand circled my jaw, I was astounded to feel my guts unscrewing, too. Could see what looked like a huge wood screw backing out in the astral, too. Kid you not. When I woke up today, my belly was practically drumhead tight, but with each turn, could feel it relax more. Thus, the pain dropped markedly in my jaw, and a considerable amount of strain was removed from my GI tract, too. Remarkable. Since I was also experiencing what I call a wedge headache (like a log splitter trying to cleave your skull into left and right halves, a known inbound quake indicator for me), thought I'd try the same thing there. Worked very well and saw another huge screw emerging. This inspired me to have a go on the right side of my skull, over and around the temple. This was the side of my head which had a high speed encounter with a wall corner, so hard that when I hit I thought I'd cracked my skull and ruptured my eardrum. My right hand was nowhere nearly as warm, and I learned that clockwise was a must on the right side of the head! Effects weren't a pronounced, but here I am, after days of being unable to do serious writing, now almost at 1000 words in this post.

Summing Up

Were it not for the Da'Shen's timely and loving intervention, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I'd be bedridden and in terrible pain. Instead, I was able to eat whole grain cereal in relative comfort shortly after the treatment, hit Walmart, shop and get in a long fast walk while doing so, eat a hearty hot lunch, do some educational and fun things on ebay and Etsy, including ordering some items to help my brain heal, and now, bang out and wrap up this post. If this doesn't qualify as a miracle, it sure as hell trends strongly in that direction–but only for those who have no understanding of other realms and our true capabilities!


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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