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Ft. Bliss (El Paso, TX) on War Alert, Multiple Sources Say Learn The Shocking Reasons Why!

Originally posted on February 26, 2018 @ 6:46 PM

Ft. Bliss, a mere handful of miles from the Mexican border has, based on multiple accounts, gone to maximum readiness posture and is ready, or close to ready, for war. The sprawling facility, home of Army Air Defense, an armored division and more, reportedly now has Patriot missile launchers clearly visible from the highway in ready to fire condition (missile canisters erected). Eyewitness accounts speak of lots of Patriot missile firings being visible in the sky, which is consistent with live fire training before battle, much as the US did before the commencement of ground combat in DESERT STORM in 1990. As if that wasn't enough, there has been a massive influx of tanks into Ft. Bliss, with the descriptions being of Army heavy trucks (HETT) towing lowboy trailers with tanks on them. Though not directly mentioned, in addition to the Abrams tanks, it would be rerasonable to expect Bradley IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) and CFVs (Cavalry Fighting Vehicles). But the real clincher lies in the reported two week near total shutdown of the highway running outside the post's main gate. Eyewitness accounts state that cars were allowed to transit in front of Ft. Bliss only one at a time after being searched by both soldiers and dogs. This was apparently tied to the mass bringing in of what one source called “live warheads.” Since armor and heavy stores are normally moved by rail, there is a message being sent, but to whom and why? Must be serious, since numerous black people who work on post have  reportedly concluded a decision has already been made to go to war, are openly talking about it and are stocking up as a result. Buckle up your seatbelts. This ride is about to get bumpy in a hurry!

The Ft. Bliss War Readiness & Show of Force Are All About Antifa–And Its Ballistic Missiles! Yes, Really!

If your idea of Antifa is a raging crowd of black clad from head to toe “peaceful” (utterly intolerant, fire-bombing and head-breaking) anarchists consisting of criminals and dwellers in their parents' basement types, you are definitely going to need to sit down. Whether you consider it a Soros, or as some do, a highly counterintuitive Mercer family paid operation, doing what it does for any number of nefarious reasons, Antifa is a far bigger threat than you can imagine. Why? The word I get is that Antifa has an army of sorts. More on that below. No, it's not white-decapitating supersoldiers, at least, that I've learned, nor the wannabe armed warriors sounding off on Reddit and 4Chan, but El Paso, a major US city, is right on the Mexican border and is about as vulnerable as it gets in consequence. El Paso is the perfect target for a cross-border Antifa attack and offers the kind of cover which results in severe targeting problems for recon means and guarantees enormous civilian casualties and propaganda coups in consequence.That is where highly trained and motivated (in this case, fanatical) cadre can go damage grossly disproportionate to their numbers and fan out from there. We're talking shock troops armed with chattering AKs, RPGs, light machine guns, maybe even worse. Since it takes big money to put such a force together, it would be stupid not to expect ex-miltary mercenaries of the most hardened sort to be involved, too. Plenty of those around–if the money's right.

From this, it logically follows that the blatant show of military activity at Ft. Bliss and, presumably, nearby military installations is a kind of Hulking out, one specifically intended to intimidate and deter. But there's a whole lot more going on than that, for there is apparently combined military action taking place in South America (evidently Paraguay, if I understood correctly) to neutralize yet another ballistic missile attack threat from the region! Readers may recall we've been down this ugly road before, in the form of the NWO's Hugo Chavez of Venezuela armed with North Korea-supplied Masudan Mod 1 IRBMs  (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles) equipped with nuclear and biological warheads.  If you refer to that link, you'll see that the Liberation Forces, the “good guy” ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) here to free planet and people were then involved in military action against the IRBMs and associated equipment.  Though it wasn't said in that breaking story, I will say now that US SOF (Special Operations Forces) were also involved in eliminating that dreadful threat. Given this bit of deliberately suppressed history, it would be prudent to expect history to repeat itself! A senior official within the Liberation Forces, speaking through a Member of Ground Contingents (people with a direct familial connection to the Liberation Forces) informed me joint operations were underway; that whatever support was needed would be supplied, and that the Liberation Forces were closely monitoring the situation.  Should also say that some parts of the US Government are well aware of the Liberation Forces and their activities. Beyond that I'm not prepared to go at present. Paraguay (or whatever the correct country may be) is apparently also where those shock troops were training, and you can bet wiping out their facilities and terrorist occupants is part and parcel of what's going on.

Putting the Ft. Bliss Puzzle Together

Let's review. Ft. Bliss is not only now gearing up for or already postured for war, but is in full-on air/missile defense mode. That makes eminently good sense in the face of the claimed IRBM threat from South America. The PAC-3 version of the Patriot (and we probably have something better than that) is designed to deal with ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. If the US Navy just happens to have one or more AEGIS-equipped cruisers or destroyers in the Gulf of Mexico near the Mexican/US border, this would further support the IRBM attack scenario, since such vessels have demonstrated the capability to shoot down full-blown ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles), which are much more demanding targets than IRBMs. By the way, “aegis” is the ancient Greek word for “shield.” If the sword (combined military attack) fails, the shield must hold.

While it would seemingly be a reasonable expectation that  the hostile missiles would all be destroyed on the ground, in reality, finding and destroying such weapons is a tough thing to do, requiring the commitment of considerable-enormous resources and in an environment which negates a lot of our overhead surveillance and targeting capabilities. Contrary to what TV and movies keep asserting, thermal imagers can't see through house roofs, closed windows or even tents! Nor can they see through tree leaves. Just think about the havoc and opportunities a successful missile strike on El Paso by even one IRBM would create for Antifa and anybody else determined to destroy the US. PAC-3s and the AEGIS ships are great and all, but having your BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) supported by the far higher tech Liberation Forces greatly improves the odds El Paso will come through the current major crisis, for that is precisely what it is, intact. But as noted, the best BMD is the capture or destruction of the missiles on the ground. Without missile strikes paving the way, no conventional armed force can hope to beat the Army and any other forces massed in opposition. Nor is this the only military action unfolding, for the source from the Liberation Forces marvel that a war rages, of which the American people know nothing. When I get clued in, perhaps something can be done about that!

In closing, it's important to point out that this post needs to be viewed from the larger perspective of the recent false flag attack on Hawaii, a matter addressed explicitly by the high level source know as QAnon. Make no mistake, people, whether you call it the NWO, the Deep State or the Cabal,  those involved in ongoing gigantic crime at every level, including space,as documented by Michael Salla and others,  are in panic because they are finally being exposed as the monsters they are and brought to brook. They can, will and are doing anything and everything to shift the pitiless spotlight (and alleged mass arrests and free Gitmo trips) from themselves to some carefully chosen patsy, a problem to be solved by starting not just war, but a nuclear war. Such an action is wholly in accord and consistent with the NWO's longstanding and pitiless goals for global depopulation down to an easily controlled under 500 million! If you think I made that up, I refer to this systematic analysis of the fell NWO monument called the Georgia Guidestones.


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3 years ago

This is not true:
house roofs, closed windows or even tents! Nor can they see through tree leaves.
I personally know thermal images can see through walls. I caught the CIA scanning me from one of their White Vans, and saw my own image on their screen just as I woke up from a disturbed sleep. I rushed to the window to see the van, as it whipped out of the back alley.

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