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9 years ago

Sunfire, don’t get to exausted, it was raining this morning around 3 or 4: a.m. it was cool this morning but now it is getting hot and there is pressure from the atmosphere. Yesterday I was listening Drake’s show, and he talks about the UN that they are going to take away the fire arms, every body who carry arms. He sounds very upset, because the UN is taking away our constitutional rights. I am waiting for him about the collateral accounts, but Neal Keenan will refile the doc. he most do it before July 27th, he said, and this… Read more »

Reply to  Melb
9 years ago

We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

9 years ago


Do either of you have any information about the Large Hadron Collider from the ETs/EDs? Is this a potentially negative technology that could be used against humanity’s well-being? And if so, would the ETs/EDs be able to neutralize it if needed? I’m unable to find much info on this such as who the scientists are or where exactly funding is coming from so I am unable to get a good read on it, Maybe I am just looking in the wrong places. Thanks for any info you can give.

Reply to  Sean
9 years ago

AFAIK, the intent was/is to open a HUGE portal with it. And, yes that will be prevented. If you look up more on it, they’ve had tones of mishaps and such. Which has been from various Benevolent ET/EDs interfering. I don’t think that will change, and am sure that any nefarious intentions with it, will be prevented. You might want to look up Duncan O’Finioan, he seems to know A LOT about the LHC. And, would likely be your best resource regarding it. He’s a bit rough around the edges, but a really great intelligent person and always willing to… Read more »

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