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Reviews for Extreme UFO Crash Recovery

The Quest for Extreme UFO Crash Recovery:  Did The U.S. Obtain A Dinosaur-Era UFO? By John Kettler 

Review by Maurine K. Terry

Excerpt: Michael Cremo has written, in his books and elsewhere, of rock formations in which human and dinosaur footprints alike occupy the exact same stratum . . .

With this thought in mind, John Kettler takes the reader on a wild journey to discover the origins of a crashed UFO. In his standard, meticulous fashion, he digs under mountains of information, connecting events through his extraordinary contacts, to reveal a convoluted tale. The facts unfold to display the extent the Powers That Be (PTB) will go to cover up any inkling that other realities exist. This includes ensuring we do not know there are technologies that could free us from our dependency on oil and Earth’s one electric, plug and play system. Going to a time when dinosaurs allegedly ruled the Earth, we even find involvement of the alien-abductee descriptions of “little grays” somehow involved in this fantastic adventure.

The facts reveal either time travel is a no-brainer, or much more went on in our ancient history than our educational system allows us to know. With the facts presented in this e-book, the latter must be the truth. To cover up this crashed UFO, the list of dead scientists is long. I found the efforts to bring this recovered ET ship to the USA extraordinary, but more important, what is the real game? Why is it so important that not only the general population be kept from this level of information, but even military leaders. Who is calling the shots? Who is really in control? It is a quick read, with many links to feed the mind and supply ample background data. A well referenced collection for any library.


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