Extraterrestrials in Reptoid Markings–Strange Connections

Extraterrestrials–Four Baleful Reptoid Influences

Reptoids--Negative Extraterrestrials

Reptoids–Negative Extraterrestrials    Image Credit: Kesara via Wikia.com


Extraterrestrials. As discussed here, we usually talk about ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces. Not this time. this time we're talking about extraterrestrials who have four modes of interaction with us: killing us, enslaving us, raping us or eating us. These are the decidedly hostile extraterrestrials with whom we are at war. Though they are also extradimensionals, for the sake of avoiding confusion with the Liberation Forces, they'll be called “extraterrestrials” only. Turns out, though, these profoundly negative Service to Self extraterrestrials have had impacts on us all but a handful know nothing of.

Extraterrestrials–Crime's A Reptoid Invention!

According to the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces, the Reptoids, through their influence, have created crime as we know it. This is probably difficult to wrap your head around, the writer finds it so, but crime as we know it simply doesn't exist throughout the Positive and Neutral (not influenced by the Reptoids) interstellar races. Why? Beings are born with a built-in moral compass because the Veil of Forgetfulness isn't present, allowing them to access every bit of learning from past lives. Their basic needs are met, removing the need to, say, steal in order to eat. Further, since their needs are met, and anything else they want can be manifested easily in the higher dimensions, there is a major lack of materialism, a concept based on the notion of scarcity, which is wholly an extraterrestrial Reptoid thing. Engineered scarcity is a tool of the negative extraterrestrials' domination and control, keeping those who rule in power and the people divided and weak. It's also important to point out that the current cocaine epidemic is driven less by human demand than the extraterrestrials'. Cocaine acts on Reptoid extraterrestrials like super catnip and angel dust combined.  Bad juju!  They become super excitable and unbelievably violent when on cocaine, and they're already terrors! They also love rape, particularly the rape of children, whose fear, feelings of violation and terror are as sweet as honey.

Latin's From Extraterrestrials!

Unfortunately, the extraterrestrial source is Reptoid. According to the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces, Latin is very close to the mother tongue of the Dracos and the Hydras. Reptoids all speak Latin! As someone who took Latin for four years in high school and excelled in it, and was born and raised a a Catholic, the writer is now looking at Rome, Roman history and that other Roman institution, the Roman Catholic Church, in a whole new extraterrestrial light–roughly equivalent to seeing the world after decades of having cataracts. All kinds of pieces now fall into place. Rome, seen properly, is unmistakably Reptoid and extraterrestrial in outlook, structure and behavior. Most of what characterized Rome is also true of the Roman Catholic Church, which for much of western history, effectively controlled the world and used every imaginable method to sustain its power, to include slavery and genocide. Those who pay attention will quickly note that classic Reptoid extraterrestrial type structure and behavior pervades the organization from top to bottom, to include a bunch of varieties of rape, now so prominently in the news. And nowhere is the Reptoid extraterrestrials' obsession with dominance and control better reflected than in the three-tiered papal tiara, which symbolizes control of  Heaven (access to), Earth and Hell. Was anything missed?

Human Trafficking & Organized Pedophilia–How Extraterrestrials Fit In

While there is much breast beating over how much we love and care for children, and missing children DO populate our milk cartons and highly searched databases related thereto, this isn't reflected in our television coverage, where there is an unremitting emphasis on addressing animal cruelty, NOT finding missing and exploited children. This is because the traffickers in humans for pedophilia, child porn, prostitution, slave labor, human sacrifice, medical experimentation and let's not forget, Reptoid meals, consist of intelligence and government agencies, black ops, Satanists, certain Catholic prelates, and organized crime–all ultimately supporting the extraterrestrials' agenda and protected by their mainstream media.  Readers with strong stomachs are invited to read Agent Buried Alive, by James Casbolt, The Dulce Book, by Branton, The Franklin Coverup, by DeCamp and to visit this site and this one. Discernment recommended!

Extraterrestrials' Property Markings–Tattoos!

The ETs/EDs “tell” us that the origin of tattoos lies in property markings used on humans belonging to specific extraterrestrials (Reptoid and Reptoid clans). As Tanaath of the Silver Legion rather bluntly put it, “It's not nice to eat another Reptoid's cow.” The cow analogy is apt, considering the extraterrestrials not only eat us directly as food but also feed off our fear! Readers doubting this viewpoint need to take a look at what's said in “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars,” in which those who refuse to use their brains are likened directly to cattle and fit only to be eaten as steak!








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