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Extraterrestrial War Vignettes!

Originally posted on August 26, 2012 @ 1:30 PM

Extraterrestrial (Extradimensional, Extratemporal) Warfare



Extraterrestrial? Image Credit: CIA via Wikimedia Commons

Extraterrestrial warfare has nothing to do with that cute little guy in the Spielberg movie, E.T. Rather, we are talking about an extraterrestrial war sometimes raging in dozens of dimensions simultaneously, of Dark Forces of staggering size, unparalleled ferocity and determination, of Liberation Forces coming from different timelines,  different universes and places so much better off than we are they have trouble even fathoming how bad it is here. This extraterrestrial war  features not only the usual combat maneuvering, but involves such exotica as strikes from other dimensions, timeline jumping and even attacking from the super distant past.


Extraterrestrial War? Real–With Real Casualties!

“There's a war on!” How many times have I ringingly stated that in reply to comments and interview questions? “Why don't the ETs/EDs(extraterrrestrials/ extradimensionals) do this, solve that? Please tell us the races involved.” Some are quite insistent, but I can be remarkably intransigent when I need to be. ” I don't give out Order of Battle information in the middle of a war.”

I'd hoped to present a detailed discussion of the mechanics and dynamics of an extraterrestrial space battle, but my interviewee (a senior commander) just got back from one and is whatever lies beyond utterly exhausted. Instead, I'm providing a series of vignettes or snapshots of some recent extraterrestrial combat by the Liberation Forces. In this way, I can convey a real sense of what's going on–all the time–while protecting all manner of sensitive operational information.

In a recent battle, the Liberation Forces sustained 15% losses from ~1000 ships and “hundreds” of casualties. Happily, these were major hospitalizations and not fatalities.  Let me put that number into perspective. Any force intending to sustain combat operations can't stand ongoing, per battle losses of more than 3% per engagement. The World War II  Schweinfurt-Regensburg second mission took over 20% losses! The daylight air campaign over Germany was suspended for five months as a direct result of these staggering losses and nearly ended daylight bombing by the U.S. altogether.

15% losses are by no means as bad as it's gotten in the extraterrestrial battles, for there's been one in which it was more like 40%, with fatalities in the hundreds. Now a fatality there isn't quite the same as a fatality here, in that the extraterrestrial/ extradimensionals of the Liberation Forces have the technology and means to bring back the dead, but it's a very involved and long process, so better not to take the losses in the first place. Further, time passes faster on their end, so a critical injury which takes months on their end to recuperate from, is over in about a week here. Good news for our side!

And what of the extraterrestrial Dark Forces? They have sustained single battle ship losses as high as 80%, and in other extraterrestrial operations have lost as many as five motherships and 75,000 Reptoids in a solar nuclear ambush, previously chronicled here on JKI. Yet, in recent battles, it's taken  over 1000 ships of the Liberation Forces to hold off 400 Reptoid ships. In that extraterrestrial battle, it took 60% losses on their end to get them to withdraw. This is an implacable extraterrestrial foe who will not stop until forced to, to which end operations of astounding daring and leverage have been mounted. That will be the subject of another post another time.  Here's how the Ground Contingent of part of the Liberation Forces characterized the Reptoids' ships and their attitude:
“Being bullies, their ships are not designed for maneuver, but for crushing, destroying and stomping to effectively stop evolution. They, too, have evolved, though. Over time, they downsized their ships so they can move more swiftly, but have not had any concern about our pipsqueak forces ever stopping them. All our battles gain us is the right to live. We only stop them; we have never defeated their enormous hordes.”

Maybe it's time they had concern, for the tide has slowly begun to turn since the above was written. Victories are being won in the extraterrestrial war.

Extraterrestrial War–The Good News!

Given the losses the Liberation Forces have sustained, it's a splendid thing that extraterrestrial allies have arrived from all over, bringing fleets of ships, whole armies and technology so advanced I won't even try to describe it. By all over, I mean from different timelines and even from an unimaginably distant past. Creator Beings, some only recently restored to relatively normal functioning, have contributed mightily to the war effort. They have made possible the impossible, folding the Space/Time continuum to help bring in enormously powerful allies and wreaking havoc on high tech occult forces–hitting them where they live.

Extraterrestrial War–Summing It Up

So, now you know more than all the governments of the world put together about the ongoing extraterrestrial war (until their people read this, at least). Perhaps now the UFO secrets seem trivial to you, but it's all of a piece. “As above, so below.” We can't sort out our problems here until the causes extraterrestrial, extradimensional and extratemporal are addressed. Sorry, but that's how it is.


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Larry Cox

The wild thing about this is: We on earth can’t tell at all that it’s happening. So somebody can accuse John of being a nut, and we don’t have any way of proving his data is good. Right now, it’s all a matter of trust or distrust. Some people are still trying to fight against the idea of ET. For me, that’s a lost battle. ET is real. The question is: How in control of the situation is ET? Can ET control the information we get about itself and about the planet sufficiently well to totally control our perceptions and… Read more »


I don’t know what to think of all this ET stuff. Every ET contact has his own version of what’s happening out there and none of them agree. I’ll have to wait until they contact me I guess. 😉


Thank you John, and Karl.

John, Tell your senior commander A Thank You for what he is doing.


May we know a bit more about these attacks from the super distant past? Are we talking about tactics like those used in the Terminator movies where they try to assassinate strategic people in the past?



Another extremely interesting post; you never cease to amaze us. Continual thanks for all you do! Now I’m even more looking forward to the sequel.


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