ETs/EDs Reveal–The Downside of Ascension!


ETs/EDs Say Ascended Ones Abandoned Us! Image Credit: NASA via Wikimedia

ETs/EDs Say Enlightened Ones Ascended to Bliss & Abandoned Us!

ETs/EDs, in unraveling the gigantic, inconceivable mess of the upper realms, have made a fundamental discovery: Those from Earth who ascended individually now form a kind of group Rainbow Being which lives in a state of bliss, while we are in a carefully crafted, booby trapped hell. The ETs/EDs say this lofty group has now received a cosmic smack in the head, awakening it to the fix it's left the rest of us in. Consequently, it's had to figure out a way to get “down” here, so it can see/feel what's going on, so far, with limited success, according to the ETs/EDs interviewed/humans able to work in high dimensions.

ETs/EDs Explain How Good Intentions Yielded Disastrous Results

The metaphysical and spiritual desire to ascend turns out to create the power of the psychopath/sociopath/pedophile (hereafter, psychopath) and is why we're in this fix. Removing the “cream” from us, per the ETs/EDs, left evil extensive play room. And play it has and does! For a searing review of true state of affairs on Earth, as seen by the ETs/EDs, please see the FAQ.

The highest form of evolution is the ability to love, but the psychopaths noted, say the ETs/EDs, that those of moral integrity wanted to separate from the rabble, leaving plenty of room for domination and control of the weak. The argument, per the ETs/EDs, against such separation is similar to the one against having elite military units, in that taking the best soldiers automatically reduces the overall quality of the remaining force. In this case, the departure of the most evolved, opine the ETs/EDs, left the rest of us wide open to attack, control and domination.

There is a place to where all these ascended beings went. They live in a rainbow configuration and have not evolved (who would, when blissed out all the time?), while evil gained a foothold and then took over. The problem is now so extensive, all of creation could fail! The righteous,  who left because they were better, fell for the psychopaths' ruse and ascended into the Light. We became lunch!

The ascended ones woke up and are returning, say the ETs/EDs. We cannot assume the ascended ones' power will suffice, for they have a harsh learning curve ahead. These are the true drug addicts, for they chose bliss and turned their backs on the “lesser.”

Having been disconnected from grounded reality for so long, in the ETs/EDs' view, makes the chore of configuring to meet this challenge difficult. Even though the Light’s first foray into this mess has been successful, per the ETs/EDs, it does not mean we will get the balance needed.

 ETs/EDs Detail Our Plight

The people of this creational matrix are being eaten alive, and it doesn't take ETs/EDs to realize this. Pedophilia is for creating a fear elixir, a delightful substance in other realities where emotion is not just a feeling, but an actual liquid. Off world entities eat people, report the ETs/EDs, while others, useful to the Dark Ones, have their souls ripped from them and are turned into controlled clones. And there is little left of creation to stop them.

With the “cream” gone to live in a concoction of light and bliss, there was absolutely no way to get our situation under immediate control. Considered by the ETs/EDs probably the biggest error in the trillions of years creation has existed, this situation is now being rectified.

ETs/EDs Detail the True Cost of Ascension

Ascension has long been standard practice, and many in the metaphysical and UFO communities have heard about a planet's ascending. When it isn’t the whole planet, the ETs/EDs say, but a group of people, those ascending literally abandon the others.

This is the true source of abandonment, say the the ETs/EDs. The result is pure evil. This unholy ascension process, per the ETs/EDs, leaves the less evolved behind to become the servants and prey of those who want them: the psychopaths.

This is the crime of the Light, and we are all paying for it.


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