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ETs/EDs Report Massive Energy Influx!

Originally posted on March 18, 2013 @ 8:24 PM

ETs/EDs Report Influx, But Don't Understand It

ETs/EDs & Earth Stabilization

ETs/EDs & Earth Stabilization

ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/Extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces are all excited about, but by no means fully grok, the arrival, in their dimensions and now showing up here, of enormously powerful energies. They seem to be tied to the unprecedented solar anomaly recently reported by NASA and sent out as an alert to numerous subscribers. Beyond that, the gigantic solar feature seems to embody both promise and peril. Information from the ETs/EDs, one Ground Contingent and a few other sources indicate the feature is tied to an easy dimensional transition on one end and disaster on the other. Since the world's still here, or I perceive it as being so, I'm fairly sure we weren't all wiped out!

ETs/EDs & Other Sources Note Strong Energetic Oscillations

And well do I know it, having been lashed by ferocious energies which bring joy one day, then two, only to veer into one disaster and debacle after another. In my case, after trying everything I could from an intermediary's E-mail (no Internet here then), I got an unexpected call from a new friend, and this person, who's highly phone call averse, made quite a bit of time available to really talk to me. Wonderful, and all the more so because I'd just come off a an emotionally rocky patch. That was followed by a wholly unexpected call from another mutual friend, someone I'd tried beyond everything to reach. Of course, it helps to have the right last name! Even my contacts can do only so much when hamstrung thus.  Wunderbar! Which is when the wheels fell off the trolley, as the Brits put it. In short order, I had a business colleague to whom I'm senior running amok, resulting in acute stress, hours on the phone, stacks of memos and more. Such Internet as I had (pathetic signal strength one of 5 on a 4G hookup) collapsed, my computer went wonky, etc. When I got that sorted, numerous tries and retries failed to get me into my site. Gah!  How that ultimately got resolved was in the last post, but it runs from okayish to stone cold dead Internet.  Today, it was dead, but I somehow revived it. Settings keep changing on their own, or so it appears. But that's nothing compared to having nearly 900 words of almost completed, saved repeatedly, post vanish while doing a Save Draft! Nor do my E-mails leave copies anymore in the Sent folder.

Meanwhile, my friends were going through the same whipsawing. One manifested a recent model car–without credit or a job–yet is in an all-out effort to get support, to include for children. Another's doing much better, but is so far in the hole financially that job opportunities are being lost because of the debt load. Another, who's recuperating, has had a siege of crazy and/or dangerous roomies, other patients and hordes of visitors, plus some amorous staff on the adjacent bed, with nothing but a privacy curtain in place!. This person has not only been slammed like cars in a pileup, but had a pet nonprofit decertified by the government and was pretty much stopped dead on a huge book project when key research tapes were not to be found. And my E-book was dead in the water, too, stymied because certain material simply wasn't showing up and also  in danger of losing credibility because I couldn't reach a primary source to check a provocative but likely dubious set of claims.

The pendulum's since swung back to the good side. Sort of. The ETs/EDs have done yeoman work to stabilize all sorts of dangerous situations, but are baffled that while everything's changed, pretty much nothing's changed here in external, mass consciousness reality. That awful (shielded pedophile priests) Ratzinger/Benedict XVI's been replaced, after he was apparently forced out by behind the scenes legal pressure, only to be replaced almost instantly. By a Jesuit! The word is his cassock may not be clean, either, for there are assertions he was involved in the “Dirty War” in Argentina, when torture and disappearance were the order of the day for those opposed to the junta. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is dead, and there are some who are looking for other suspected clones to follow. This is theoretically to be expected, given multiple reports the clone regeneration facilities have been destroyed.

Several people in my diverse circle are now doing better. A room change resulted in nicer and sane roomies for the recuperating one. People who were down are both more balanced and chipper. Various interventions may yet save the nonprofit, and the tapes, thought to have been thrown out, are now known to be squirreled away in a packrat's house.  The book project is going full bore, which is potentially lifechanging good news. For several people. I've given up waiting for the chunk of data to arrive and have done, elsewhere,  substantial pruning of what's presently unproven speculation. Mind, this doesn't make putting together a standard and visual glossary (pics and hypermedia) any easier! I, too, am in better shape, with some of the worst stressors now under at least a semblance of control and at least relative calm once again appearing. Whew!

Are you,  my readers, noticing anything like this radical shifting from things going one way, then abruptly shifting direction? So far, it seems to be affecting the same people who've been fighting an uphill fight to survive, while the sleepers simply go about their (oblivious) business. For those awake, this process seems to bring all the emotional dreck boiling up from our innermost recesses, enormously complicating merely coping with all the upheavals!

Per the ETs/EDs, one Ground Contingent and some other means, this whipsawing detailed above is the result of the instability of the inrushing energy, and it's also manifesting itself in the ley lines, complicating all sorts of operations here. Further, sinkholes are appearing all over the place, providing alarming evidence of our planet's becoming less cohesive by the day.  The ETs/EDs are no better off than NASA. In no way do they have this figured out.

ETs/EDs Say “Watch For Purple Plants!”

What we do know is this. The shift, whatever it ultimately turns out to be, will be heralded by the mind-boggling appearance of purple plants or purple's infusing into the current color palette of our flora. It has been happening on other worlds, but the ultimate result remains unknown here.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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7 years ago

I have also been on an emotional spiralling in and out of depression. It seems to me at the moment that the depression is taking hold. My computer also plays up. The lights are flashing on and off frequently.

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